Paris-Learn Hindi & get Certified for college admission & success

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Paris-Learn Hindi & get Certified for college admission & success

Learn a new language for life- Hindi and get certified in 25 classes and build profile for college admission and success in career.

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Online-Zoom Zoom Link in Ticket 75000 Paris France

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  • 1 hour
  • Mobile eTicket

Why Hindi Language?

Hindi opens door to new world of opportunities. With right coaching and guidance you can get certified in Hindi and use it to build your profile in sometimes as little as 25 classes.
And to make it even better the trainer Pooja also adds cultural consciousness and extempore speaking skills element to classes so that you get much more than language knowledge.
Hindi is spoken by 340 million people and understood by another 700 million. You will not find a global workplace not having a Hindi speaker. Further, if you travel to Mid-East or South East Asia and if you know a little bit of Indian Bollywood movies , you can easily strike up conversation with locals.

Why Learn from trainer, Pooja?

Pooja has trained many students from all over world and her students excel in Hindi and have achieved perfect score in Hindi assessment test that involve speaking, listening, reading and writing. Pooja makes classes very interesting with appetizer riddles that she records and sends before class and uses plenty of role play scenarios to give realistic teaching that students can apply in real life. As a responsible and well planned teacher Pooja sends reminder before class and provides homework and activity. For listening practice she records audio specific to student level. Students love her classes and there have seen fantastic results and parents completely depend on her to take care of their children. Watch below a video of adult Europeans who learned Hindi and meditation from Pooja and are now able to converse in Hindi and guide meditation sessions in Hindi. Pooja is native Hindi speaker who spent 8 years in US and other places outside India and fully understands cultural context and learning cultures in different places.
As parents and children love her classes, students tend to stay on long term, well after certification. As such Pooja has very limited slots as she likes to maintain standard and quality. This demo class is free for you to decide if Pooja is trainer for your child.

Any other benefits?

Language knowledge never gets outdated and keep paying back entire life. This is unlike any other education. As you network better you will see better business success and as a non-native speaker you get a lot of adoration for your effort. Socially your life will be highly enriched.
Language is also carrier of traditional wisdom and culture. So if you have higher spirituality pursuits, Hindi knowledge can support. There are few unique words with no equivalent in English and knowledge of same opens mind to new realms. For example- 'Chitta Nirodha' which approximately translates to 'resist the attention'. That is the technique used by great sages to control their mind.

What happens in this workshop?

1. Learning

Hindi roadmap- pitfalls, tips and tricks for spoken language, building vocabulary, right time and way to improve grammar, most common words, expressing emotions in Hindi and survival kit for absolute beginners.

2. Guidance

Hindi learning resources- app, books and private tutors. Ask any questions related to curriculum or otherwise. Questions related to getting good grades in Hindi, specific to certification.

3. Practice

Spoken Hindi practice and some fun activities to learn language. We will have some fun role play- You landed in New Delhi Airport and your friend supposed to pick you up fails to show up. You are on your own now as undertake adventurous navigation.

Who can attend?

Anyone age 9 years and above regardless of language background can attend. No prior knowledge of Hindi is required.

How to join?

Please register to receive ticket with Zoom link

Who is training?

Pooja Chandna is an experienced Hindi language tutor with vast experience of teaching Hindi to international students, from beginning to advanced level Hindi. She is passionate about promoting greater usage of Hindi to enrich our lives and cultural understanding.

She is teaching variety of students- Indian kid in Singapore learning CBSE school Hindi, a German lady with Indian spouse and looking for more family bonding with in laws, New Yorker looking to develop social media presence and building Hindi skills to attract traffic to social media channel, an Aussie- Indian kid whose parents want culturally and heritage conscious upraising, middle schooler in Texas looking to develop foreign language competency to help with college admission and more.

Besides Hindi education background, Pooja is also certified in dramatics and child psychology and uses that skill to navigate through challenges of learning a language from scratch and getting emotionally bonded to language. Once the learners become capable of expressing their emotions in Hindi dialects they achieve major milestone of self development in their life.

Here is a poem by trainer Pooja on the 'Hindi' for students of this language.

Pyar kee, Shanti kee, sohard kee hai asha

Jan jan ke dil ko chuu jati hai Hindi bhasha


Love, peace, camaraderie is what we hope

The one that touches hearts of people is Hindi language

Fees ?

No fees for this session. If you like to get individual guidance to meet certain learning goals, please WhatsApp or email to for hourly rates and availability.

For more details:

WhatsApp: +917507776520

Below an introductory video by Pooja and also a group class video in which European learners guide a meditation session in Hindi as part of culturally conscious classes. The European learners had zero Hindi knowledge when they started 8 months ago before they became self sufficient.