Paradise Found - Sacred Tour of Peru
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Paradise Found - Sacred Tour of Peru

Paradise Found - Sacred Tour of Peru

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Every spiritual tour starts with an intention. We will tour sacred Peru to find paradise within. We will channel the energy of the ley lines that meet at Machu Picchu. The earth’s sacral chakra at Lake Titicaca (for those on the extended tour) is also part of our adventure. Our Peruvian shaman will conduct a traditional spiritual ceremony. This will help you see the barriers to your joy and illuminate the path to move them out of your way. If you don’t start this journey full of joy, don’t worry. It will find you along the way!

Oct 2 – Oct 10, 2016     $2450

Oct 2 –  Oct 14, 2016    $3060 

 land only/double occupancy

Site Highlights

  • Cusco – the ancient capital of the Incan empire and Unesco World Heritage site
  • Sacsayhuaman – see amazing architecture that rivals that of the Great Pyramids of Giza
  • Pisac – location of the famous Sun Temple
  • Ollantaytambo – also in the Sacred Valley, this ancient Incan fortress is unlike anything else
  • Machu Picchu – a Unesco World Heritage site and one of the wonders of the world. This site has long been known by new age travelers as having powerful spiritual energy. It is on one of ley line meeting points!
  • Lake Titicaca (extended) – this spiritual site is home of many UFO sightings and the earth’s sacral chakra. The sacral chakra holds the energy of sexuality, sensuality, creativity, and emotions. If you have problems of co-dependency, addiction, overindulgence, being overly controlled, lack of desire or motivation, or feeling stuck, this is the place for you!
  • Amuru Maru (extended) – called “the gateway to the land of the gods,” this site is steeped in legend and mysticism
  • Island of Amantini (extended) – the floating islands are unlike anything else on earth! Be among the few who get to experience this wonderous place

Tour Highlights

  • 8 days of touring (12 on the extended tour)
  • breakfast daily
  • welcome dinner
  • farewell dinner
  • site entry fees
  • San Pedro ceremony (included, but optional. Not for minors or those who are emotionally unstable)
  • 8 nights double occupancy hotel (12 on the extended tour)
  • air conditioned vehicle with driver
  • experienced, English speaking tour guide with knowledge of spiritual Peru
  • sunrise ceremony (with extended tour)
  • all the joy your heart can contain

Who Should Tour Sacred Peru?

Physically fit, adventurous souls with an interest in history, culture, spirituality and a desire to explore sacred Peru are welcome. We’re going high into the mountains, close to God and into the navel of the earth. If you dare, you’ll also see into your own center.

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“This was way better than going on a commercial tour. I felt like I experienced everything and got to connect with the land and the people. Unforgettable. Go, and have a great experience too!” ~ Lisa, Rhode Island USA ‘04

“Touring with Laura is like touring with a well-connected native. Seemingly effortlessly, Laura pulls together the sights, people and places you want to see. “Tourist” destinations are included, but most everything has an “off the beaten path” perspective you won’t often find on crowded buses with overworked tour guides.”~ Samira, VA ’06

“The most informative, life changing tour I have ever experienced! I was given all the head information that was required, and had not realized the extent my heart would be moved, changed, uplifted and shifted into a new reality. Everyday in England was a shock to preconceived notions. I spent so much time processing and allowing the changes to flow. It is difficult to explain all that went on during this tour. I just know I am changed for the betterment of my heart, my spirit and all phases of my health!” J.E., MO, ’15

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