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Pandora Productions 2020-2021 Season Subscription

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Henry Clay Theatre

604 South 3rd Street, 3rd Floor

Louisville, KY 40202

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Welcome to the 2020-2021 Season - our 25th Anniversary

Experience Powerful, Provocative Theatre at Pandora Productions’ live theatre performances with a Subscription Package that offers a savings of 20% off single ticket prices.

Subscribing with Pandora...

  • gets you 5 amazing, cutting edge, regional premiere productions on our mainstage

  • is Easy and Convenient,

  • is the lowest pricing, and most economical way to see our productions,

  • makes exchanges cheerful and free

  • makes you one of our most valued patrons, you are our life-blood!

Subscribers enjoy special offers and discounts to other events such as:

  • Sing for the Roses,

  • New Year's Pajama Party,

  • and special co-productions for our 25th Anniversary (descriptions below)

A Queer Tale: Midsummer Night's Dream, with Drag Daddy Productions

Shakespeare's R & J, with the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival.

Packages & Rates

1) New & Renewing Regular Mainstage Subscribers: $100.00.

2) Seniors (65+) and Student Mainstage Subscribers: $90.00.

You may also call 502.216.5502 for questions regarding our Subscriber program or your purchase for more information.

We'd be most appreciative if you would consider adding a donation to your subscription order.
The Covid-19 virus and subsequent shut down of social events has seriously impacted our business causing us to close La Cage aux Folles before it had made budget. We still plan to bring La Cage to those who didn't see it (stay tuned). We are still planning to have Southern Comfort on our stage in May as planned. Contingency plans are in the works if that can't happen at that time due to continued government mandated social distancing.

Our business has been impacted, and continues to live under the threat of impacts and further loss of business. We depend heavily on our ticket sales so that we don't have to ask for extra donations but these trying economic times call for extraordinary measures. Your donation added to those of other subscribers will assist us in continuing our mission to transform lives, educate, enlighten and entertain.

Our Subscribers are always the most generous of our patrons and we truly appreciate your consideration of increasing your regular donation or making a donation if you never have before. Thank you, as always, for your consideration at this time of uncertainty!

Your 5 Show Mainstage Season Package includes:

September 2020

conceived by + original book by Jeff Whitty,
adapted by James Magruder, music + lyrics by the Go-Go's

Sept 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19 @ 7:30 p; 6, 13 @ 5:30 p & 20 @ 2:00 p

With a plot containing usurped kingship, unlikely lovers, and gender-fluid disguises and featuring the songs of The Go-Go’s and based on The Countess of Pembroke’s Arcadia. It’s a story of unconditional love and acceptance told as the royal court of Arcadia is threatened by the mystical Oracle of Delphi with the loss of its “Beat,” the divine power that ensures the kingdom’s prosperity. King Basilius, whose own title is at stake, forces the members of the royal family and court on a journey to the woods in an attempt to escape the Oracle’s seemingly unavoidable prophecies., and uses some of the greatest pop rock hits of the late 20th century.

November 2020

by Marc Acito
Nov 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21 @ 7:30 p; 8, 15 @ 5:30 p; 22 @ 2:00 p

When are penguins — those adorable, tuxedo-clad flightless waddlers — the stuff of controversy? When they're in a same-sex relationship, of course. The true story of Roy and Silo, two chinstrap penguins in New York's Central Park Zoo who bonded, hatched a spare egg from another penguin, and raised the chick as their own became the subject of a children's book, "And Tango Makes Three." The book became one of the most frequently challenged titles in libraries and schools, according to the American Library Association. Toss in some birds of prey. Pale Male and Lola, a pair of red-tailed hawks who took up residence in a nest at one of Manhattan's most hoity-toity Fifth Avenue addresses (becoming a cause celebre when residents led to the destruction of their nest) and you’ve got a charming anthropomorphic tale.

January 2021

by Bekah Brunstedt
Jan 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23 @ 7:30 p; 10, 17 @ 5:30 p; 24 @ 2:00 p
With cake so good you could take a nap in it, a surprise lesbian wedding, and a reality show announcer whose narrative style can get a little too personal, this sweet comedy just might make you laugh until you cry. Frosting will fly when Della, a North Carolina Baker and devout Christian, is asked to bake a wedding cake for her best friend’s daughter. Her joy is short-lived when she learns that the intended is another bride. She struggles to reconcile her deeply-held belief in “traditional marriage” and the love she has for the woman she helped raise, Della finds herself in strange new territory as she tries to figure out how her faith and her love for family can co-exist.

March 2021

by Del Shores
Mar 19, 20, 25, 26, 27 & Apr 1, 2, 3 @ 7:30 p; 21, 28 @ 5:30 p; Apr 4 @ 2:00 p
It’s 2015, and seventeen years later, the sordid saga continues with all the same crazy characters we love. After a chance meeting with a dangerous criminal, Brother Boy, who has added Loretta and Dolly to his repertoire, is forced out on the run. Ty has a new boyfriend and is coming home with him for the anniversary memorial service in honor of Peggy at Bubba’s Bar. The Southside Baptist Church is planning an “Anti-Equality Rally” to protest the advancement of same-sex marriage. Both events are to take place on the same night, so the cast of colorful characters are all on a collision course for shenanigans and fireworks, and a surprise wedding!

May 2021

book + lyrics by Lee Hall, music by Elton John
May 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22 @ 7:30 p; 9, 16 @ 5:30; 23 @ 2:00 p

Set in a depressed working-class town during the history-making 1984 miner’s strike, the show follows Billy, the youngest child of a blue-collar family that has recently lost its Mum, as he stumbles out of his boxing class into a ballet class only to discover his unlikely and extraordinary gift for dance. While Billy’s father and brother take to the picket lines of the violent and life-changing strike, Billy secretly begins to study the art of dance with the help of a hard-drinking, chain smoking local dance teacher. As Billy blossoms and thrives, the world and lives around him continue to wither. His only escape may be the prestigious Royal Ballet School, a place no working-class boy has ever gone.

Subscribers can add the following at significant discounts:

August 2020

A QUEER TALE: A Midsummer Night's Dream
a co-production with Drag Daddy Productions;
adapted and directed by Tony Lewis

Aug 21, 22, 28, 29 @ 7:30 p
“The course of true love never did run smooth.” This fresh and thought-provoking twist to the Bard's well-known story is sexy, current, and even a bit heartbreaking. This adaptation by Tony Lewis flips gender on its head as our star-crossed lovers are re-imagined as LGBTQ couples fleeing a society that no longer deems them or their love worthy. Along their journey, things go a little off-course with the introductions of the fabulous drag Queen Titania, leather daddy King Oberon, his lover Puck, and their fairy minions causing mischief all the way. This live-sung, jukebox parody musical version of Shakespeare's timeless tale celebrates love in all its forms and fights back against the oppressions our queer community still faces today.

January 2021

a co-production with Kentucky Shakespeare Festival;
by Joe Calarco, directed by Matt Wallace
Jan 28, 29, 30, Feb 3, 4, 5, 6 @ 7:30 p; Jan 31 @ 2:00 p
Four young prep school students decide to vary their very governed lives. After school, they all take turns reading Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet aloud. The Bard’s words and the story itself are thrilling to the boys, and they become swept away, enmeshed in the emotion so much so that they break school rules in order to continue their readings. The rigidity of their lives begins to parallel the lives of the characters in the play: roles in the family, society, and gender soon seem to make all the sense in the world, and then, suddenly, they seem to make no sense at all. Two eventually emerge playing Romeo and Juliet exclusively, bringing a whole new dimension to the proceedings. Perceptions and understanding are turned upside-down as the fun of play-acting turns serious, and the words and meanings begin to hit home and universal truths emerge.

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Henry Clay Theatre

604 South 3rd Street, 3rd Floor

Louisville, KY 40202

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