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PANAFEST - A three day Film Festival celebrating Latino culture

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Downtown Independent

251 South Main Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012

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A three-day Film Festival and more. Celebrating Latinx Cinema, Culture and Community.

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PANAFEST by Panamanian International Film Festival in Los Angeles (PIFF/LA) features the work of Latinx filmmakers from throughout the Americas, Spain, and the Caribbean. In Spanish and in English. PANAFEST screens shorts, documentaries, animated films, 360 VR projects, and feature films. Plus, networking, panels and parties.

Get an All-Weekend or Day-Pass. Or attend one or more film blocks!

-------- PANAFEST 2019 FILM PROGRAM & SCHEDULE --------

OCTOBER 18, 2019 

12:30 PM - Industry Panel

Free Industry Panel - RSVP

LEJA Panel

1:30 PM - Film Block 1

Migrante dir. by Ezequiel Dalinger and Daniel Iezzi (Argentina) 5:38 - Panamanimation

And the Brave Shall Rise dir. by Adam Schlachter (USA) 15:00

There Goes the Neighborhood dir. by Angelique Molina (USA/Panama) 27:00


3:15 PM - Film Block 2

Chico Heron and the Last 42 dir. by Alberto Serra  (Panama) 1:10:00

4:30 PM - Film Block 3

Turnover dir. by Linda Palmer (USA) 2:00:00



7:00 PM - Red Carpet

8:00 PM - Film Block 4 - By Invitation Only*

Raúl Julia: The World’s a Stage dir. by Ben DeJesus (USA)

(*Not included in Festival Pass or Weekend Pass)

10:00 PM - Reception


OCTOBER 19, 2019

11:00 AM - Art & Performances: Pen Clique Pop-Up Poetry Gallery (All Day)

Pen Clique Pop-Up Poetry Gallery is a conceptual pop-up art exhibit that fuses poetry with visual art. Learn more about the 2019 Art & Performances here.

1:00 PM - Industry Panel

Free Industry Panel - RSVP


2:00 PM - Film Block 5

Hope of Pineapples dir. by Jorge Cajar (Panama) 30:00 

Darién, Vienen o Van dir. by Andrea Victoria Calderón (Panama) 30:00

3:00 PM - Film Block 6

Truth in Silence (Nadie nos quita) dir. by Juan Daniel Pinzón (Panama) 5:21

Banalities dir. by Rafael de Andrade (Brazil) 10:00

The Serpent’s Skin dir. by Adrian Cruz García (Costa Rica) 25:00

Chronicles: Sol & Javi (Crónicas: Sol y Javi) dir. by Ernesto Gutierrez (Costa Rica) 11:32

Deliver dir. by Ricardo Farias (Cuba) 8:00

4:00 PM - Film Block 7

El Uniforme No Se Esconde dir. by Juan Quirós (Panama) 10:00 - BannabáFest

Arnold dir. by Mona Lisa García (Panama/USA) 20:00 - Material Extra

Juan Melgar Junín dir. by Sebastian Touma (Panama) 4:39 - Reto Micro Cine by Cine Animal

Sundae dir. by Halsam Ortega 24:33 (Panama) - Panama Horror Film Fest

5:00 PM - Film Block 8

Frog Boy (Niño Rana) dir. by Laura Zenobi and Lucas Altmann (Argentina) 15:00

Against The Stream (Contracorriente) dir. by Carlos Asse (USA/Mexico) 12:56

A Wish dir. by Agustina Claramonte (Argentina) 18:28

Processing Station dir. by Rodrigo Espinosa (USA) 15:00

6:00 PM - Film Block 9

Blue Cape (Capa Azul) dir. by Alejandra López (Puerto Rico) 5:00

Chimpanzees (Chimpancés) dir. by Ull Galindez (Argentina) 7:00

Los Riders del Rufina  dir. by Elvira Gálvez Límaco, Dara Nicole Ríos, José Daniel Cerdas, Obed Samudio (Peru/Nicaragua/Costa Rica/Panama) 4:30 - Acampadoc

What Are You? dir. by Anayansi Prado (Panama)13:00

Alpharaoh dir. by Lidieth Arevalo (USA) 26:36

7:00 PM - Film Block 10

Jeremy dir. by Enrique Rico Diaz (USA) 9:10

American Dream, Music Video by Los Rakas 5:00

Intolerance No More dir. by Sergio Guerrero (Mexico/USA) 1:20:00

9:00 PM - Live Performance: SP!T "Spitting through Movement"

Spoken Word Live Experience. Learn more about the 2019 Art & Performances here. 1:00

10:00 PM - Film Block 11

The Art of Devils (El arte de los diablos) dir. by Benjamín Liao (Panama) 15:00

Diablo Rojo/PTY dir. by Sol Moreno (Panama) 1:16:00


OCTOBER 20, 2019

11:00 AM - Art & Performances: Photolab Panama Exhibit (All Day)

Pop-up photo exhibition of award-winning work by Panamanian photographers as part of a partnership with Photolab Panama. Learn more about the 2019 Art & Performances here.

1:00 PM - Film Block 12

Panamá Radio dir. by Edgar Soberón (Panama) 1:00:00

2:00 PM - Film Block 13

Hunter dir. by Shashank Varma (USA) 11:39

Wall (Muro) dir. by Alejandro Irias Leiva (Honduras)13:00

In Colors (De Colores) dir. by Stephanie Willis (USA) 15:00

The End (Fin) dir. by Sabrina Macchi (Argentina) 21:57

3:00 PM - Film Block 14 - Sunday Funday

Final Frontier dir. by Stephen Cervantes (USA/Panama) 9:36

Un Polvo dir. by Renzo Arteaga (Panama) 6:00

Bite! dir. by Danny Arroyo (USA) 17:28

Home For Mom dir. by Emiliana Ammirata (Venezuela) 7:39

Four Women Away From Home (Cuatro mujeres lejos de casa) dir. by Pablo Riesgo (Spain) 10:30

The Fur Day dir. by Camille Sloan (Panama/USA) 4:13

Honey, I’m Home dir. by Gabriela Méndez (Panama) 8:00

4:00 PM - Film Block 15

Weddings, Inc. dir. by Kalee St. Clair (USA) 3:55

A Period Piece dir. by Silvia Ray (US/Mexico) 5:00

Papi Papilloma dir. by Juan Escobedo (USA) 3:24

Venus de Macho dir. by Danny Hastings (USA/Panama) 1:20:00


6:00 PM - Film Block 16

Jalisco dir. by Kayden Phoenix (USA) 3:33

To Play With Fire dir. by Gabriela Paciel (USA/Cuba/Mexico) 9:35

The Girl Next Door dir. by Donna Bonilla Wheeler (US/Peru) 19:00

Pozole dir. by Jessica Mendez Siqueiros 10:00

Control/Option/Escape dir. by Gandja Monteiro (US/Brazil) 18:00

7:00 PM - Film Block 17

Shy & Ketchup dir. by Teresa Romo (Chile)  3:40 - Panamanimation

Alejandro Busca Ayuda dir. by Rafa Leonard (Panama) 5:00 

Kid Miguel (Chico Miguel) dir. by Maximiliano Subiela (Argentina) 15:00

Our Quinceañera dir. by Fanny Véliz (USA) 1:15

9:00 PM - Party & Awards

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Downtown Independent

251 South Main Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012

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