Pan Theater Improv Dojo 2017 Year Pass
Pan Theater Improv Dojo 2017 Year Pass

Pan Theater Improv Dojo 2017 Year Pass

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Pan Theater

2135 Broadway

Oakland, CA 94612

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Pan Theater 2017 Improv Dojo Class Pass

One year of Improv Dojo drop-in classes.
Up to 90 classes for 2 people.

  • Good for the Improv Dojo I and Improv Dojo II
  • Good for 2 people
  • Good for up to 45 classes per year
  • Can be shared/transferred and borrowed by family/friends
  • Note: class times and days will vary thoughout the year
  • Rotating teachers throughout the year

Improv practice in a comfortable drop-in 2 hour format.
Enjoy Pan Theater's most popular class with a friend.

Standard class cost:
Scene Dojo (DOJO II) 45 sessions per year for 2 people: $1800 (normal price $20 per session per person)
Games Dojo (DOJO I) 45 sessions per year for 2 people: $270 (price $3 to $15 per class per person)

Total: $2070: Dojo pass $249. Savings: $1821
(assuming attending every Dojo with a guest).

Good for all Pan Theater Improv Jams for up to 4 guests
12 jams per year: $40 per jam =$480 value

Total DOJO Value: $2550.

DOJO PASS Cost: $249.

Total savings: $2301

Why the Improv Dojo?
Improv is an art. It is an approach to creating theater without a script and in the moment. A Dojo is a place where you can study the way
- in this case the way of improv (or creating theater minus the script). The Improv Dojo gives you a space to play, explore and have fun in a safe and supportive environment.

All Experience Levels
Whether you’re a complete beginner or a more seasoned player you’ll get the
chance to practice and learn. You’ll walk away with stronger skills. We consider this serious play or focused fun. Each session you’ll have a ton fun and make new friends.

Improv Dojo is super flexible
It’s a drop-in class. You sign-up and pay by the class. So you can try it once and never look back. Or you might just find yourself becoming a regular. Come to a single session or come and play every week the choice is yours.

Meet the Pan Community
You never know who you’re going to meet when you attend a drop-in class. Sometimes it helps to learn by playing with more experienced players. The Improv Dojo is a mixed level class. The class is a mix of members from Pan’s Playground Troupes, performing troupes, and others new to improv. You’ll get to play and practice with a wide range of people. If you want to talk more improv with your new friends - Luca’s is a block away.

Learn from Experienced Teachers
Learning can be tough. It helps to know your teach can not only teach but also knows what it is like to practice and perform. All of Pan’s teachers perform monthly.

Gentle Learning
Being creative takes courage. Being creative and doing something new with new people takes more courage. We remember what it was like to be a beginner. The Improv Dojo sessions are designed to let you warm-up, get to know other players and to explore without feeling pressured. You’ll be treated with respect.

Sharpen Your Skills
Learning in a hyper competitive environment is tough. It takes the fun out of improv. If you’re new to improv or new to the Pan approach you’ll find the Improv Dojo comfortable place. We focus on teamwork, support and making your partner look like “a poet, artist and genius”. We also ask you do the same for your scene partners.

GOOD UNTIL FINAL 2017 Improv Dojo (December 2017)

Note: DOJO PASS non-refundable once purchased.
It can be resold/transferred/shared as needed.

Note: Class times and dates will vary. Always check the Dojo Eventbrite
page for current times/dates. Good for both the Improv Dojo I and II.

Bring pass to class. Show teacher. Sign-in.
Enjoy class. Remember you can bring a friend too.
Up to 2 people per class per Dojo 2017 Year Pass.
Expires December 17th, 2017.

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Date and Time


Pan Theater

2135 Broadway

Oakland, CA 94612

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