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Pagan Federation North West 2019 Pagan Conference

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Preston Grasshoppers Rugby Football Club

Lightfoot Green Lane



United Kingdom

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Pagan Federation North West Conference 2019

The annual Pagan Federation North West conference returns, succeeding the annual Shared Earth Pagan Con, which closed in 2018 after many decades of conferences, and invited the Pagan Federation to take over this popular place and time. The Pagan Federation North West are delighted to be invited to continue this tradition while honouring the long-term dedication of Shared Earth Pagan Con, and their well-loved event formula. We will meet in Grasshoppers with its bar, outside areas, parking, food, drinks and convivial spaces, with stalls selling all manner of Pagan products.

Please join us for this special summer gathering. Speakers are confirmed but may change due to unforseen circumstances. Tickets on the door £20 PF members, £25 non members, early bird discounted tickets can be bought in advance on this eventbrite site until 1 week before the event. Tickets can be bought at members' discount with PF membership on the door.

Compere Kevin Rowan-Drewitt


Michael Staley - The Typhonian Current

Caroline Wise - The Horned Goddess and The Quest for Elen of the Ways – who is Elen, where do we find her, and what is her relevance today?

Ruth Bayer - The Bricket Wood coven

Shani Oates – The Wild Hunt

Lorna Smithers - Becoming a Devotee of Gwyn ap Nudd


Jaq D Hawkins - Echoes of Ganesha, The assimilation of a Hindu god into western magic(k)

Ashely Crook – Geomancy

Kimberley Morgan - Incense making

Rufus Harrington – Practical Enochian Rite

Jez Green – Heathenry

Kathy Rowan – Workshop: Make a Magical lantern - This workshop is suitable for everyone and will give you the opportunity to take home something special that you have made at the end of the Conference. The energy and intention that you will put into your creation is a magical act, so we shall begin the workshop with a brief pathworking to invite the Lord and Lady to inspire us and guide our work.


A spiritual celebration of the universal Divine, with the speakers, framed in an enochian ritual form, produced by Rufus Harrington.


Cernunnos Rising

Inkubus Sukkubus

Contributor Biographies

Ruth Bayer

Ruth is a photographer, artist and Gardnerian Wiccan. She lived with Jean M Williams and Zachary Cox (High Priestess and High Priest of the Bricket Wood Coven) for nearly thirty years, and in 2015, was chosen by Jean as her successor High Priestess. Music and photography are a large part of Ruth's life; she has published books of her photos featuring bands such as Current 93 and Coil and provided the accompanying photos for Jean and Zach’s book ‘The Play Goes On - The Rituals of The Rainbow Bridge’, (Starfire Publishing 2015). Her latest book is Here Comes the Candle, a Photographic Summoning of London Ghosts, with Caroline Wise.

Ruth will present an illustrated trip through her magical life, that started with chance meetings with some remarkable people, and includes being part of a team that held regular performances of Crowley’s Gnostic Mass, and the ritual magic group, The Companions of the Rainbow Bridge.

Ashely Crook - forthcoming

Kevin Rowan-Drewitt - Kevin has been compering PaganCon for the last 10 years and is delighted to now compering this new event for the PFNW. Kevin is a Gardnerian witch, Tarot and Runes reader, Reiki Master and secretary of the Blackpool-based Northern Lights Astrological Society. A qualified adult education teacher, he has written 2 books on the stone circles of Cumbria that will be on sale on the day.

Jez Green - forthcoming

Rufus Harrington

Rufus Harrington was initiated 36 years ago into Alexandrian Wicca by initiates of Alex and Maxine Sanders, where he discovered Enochian magic, and then spent years studying the original works of John Dee in the British library and replicated the rituals. He was later initiated into Gardnerian Wicca and the Bricket Wood coven, as well as the OTO, and participated in various other magical groups in his lifetime in magic, including founding his own selective Enochian Order, The Temple Of Flame. He is a consultant cognitive behavioural psychotherapist, which he sees as a calling due to his commitment to helping people as a priest, magician and healer. Rufus is a former vice president of the Pagan Federation, and a trustee of the Doreen Valiente Foundation. He has never found time to do a website, let alone write a blog or book, but he can be seen/read in other people’s clips here. (half way through) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjBuMwPg4DU http://vimeo.com/37677328http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkCZd9-IxqA http://www.amazon.com/Book-English-Magic-Philip-Carr-Gomm/dp/1590204158

Jaq D Hawkins

Jaq D Hawkins was the first author to explain chaos magic in a way that is accessible to a general audience but is perhaps more widely known for her Spirits of the Elements series, now condensed into a single volume titled Elemental Spirits. A lifelong student of the occult arts, she has had experience of a broad spectrum of magical disciplines and has worked with spiritual entities ranging from nature spirits to well-known ancient deities

Kimberley Morgan

Kimberley Morgan is a ritual magickan, and a High Priestess of both Gardnerian Wicca and an honorary Priestess for the Gwyddon tradition (a branch of traditional Welsh Witchcraft), and High Priestess of an open Pagan Magickal Group Cylch Arianrhod – The Circle of Arianrhod, a well respected Magickal order based in Wales. She is a Ritual Magickan, publisher and author. in many esoteric fields. Kimberley she has given interviews on local and national TV and radio and continues to be in the forefront of developing new ideas about all Occult teachings and paths. She Kimberley is a much-loved author whose books are aimed at beginners but loved by experts, these can be found at her web site. http://www.kimberleymorgan.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR2yGmpwP7zcaHbvf8HUyR7slH-TZZ5D3Rz5lj6YAETA9LFHtOTq0IJeSaQ If you would like to know more about Kimberley, you can contact her at kim@deosildance.co.uk or visit her on facebook, she would love to hear from you.

Shani Oates.

Shani Oates is a sought after speaker who is an Occultist, Mystic, Folklorist, Artist and Pilgrim of Old Craft traditions that keenly preserve the folk-lore and culture of our Northern Heritage. She is the Spae-wife and Matriarch of the Robert Cochrane Tradition: ‘The People of Goda, The Clan of Tubal Cain.’ Independent researcher, historian, scholar, lecturer and writer of: Folk-lore, Folk-magic, Ancestral Tradition, Anthropology, Philosophy, Theology and things pertaining to the Arcane ‘Other.’ Exponent of the Mysteries, Shani has authored several books that write informatively on the Myths, Gods and Archetypes that preserve the Cults and Crafts of Witchcraft and Folk-Traditions from Arcane to Modern times. These can be found on amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Books-Shani-Oates

Kathy Rowan

Is a Witch, Magician, Professional Astrologer, Reiki Master and a qualified teacher of adults. She used to be a burlesque performer and is currently doing a Fine Art Degree at Blackpool University Centre. She loves to teach and has been teaching for over twenty years.

Lorna Smithers

Lorna Smithers is a poet, author, awenydd, Brythonic polytheist, and devotee of Gwyn ap Nudd. She has published three books: Enchanting the Shadowlands, The Broken Cauldron, and Gatherer of Souls. She is a co-founder of Awen ac Awenydd and writes and edits for 'Gods & Radicals’

Michael Staley

Michael Staley is known for his work in the Typhonian Order of Kenneth Grant, and was Grant’s editor and publisher for many years. He is the founder of Starfire Publishing Ltd. He has been a respected member of the international Thelemic community since the 1960s, and occasionally lectures on the work of Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Grant, Austin Osman Spare, and the Typhonian current.

Caroline Wise.

Caroline Wise has had an interest in the ‘Earth Mysteries’, witches and the supernatural since childhood. From the late 70s to mid-late 80s she was associated with The Ley Hunter journal, and by extension, the multidisciplinary Dragon Project. This sought to explore ideas of anomalous phenomena at ancient sacred sites and led Caroline to encounter a horned deity and deer spirit, a female spirit of the ancient tracks. A close colleague, an artist, was drawing her visions of the horned goddess, and they worked with her as Elen of the Ways. Many pagans have been drawn to this enigmatic figure in the last 20 years.

Caroline, a former owner of The Atlantis Bookshop, compiled the book ‘Finding Elen’, the Quest for Elen of the Ways. She is also co-editor, with John Matthews, of The Secret Lore of London, and has contributed to several books about the Goddess, including ‘She, Primal Meetings with the Dark Goddess’, with Storm Constantine. Her latest project, ‘Here come the Candle, A Photographic Summoning of London Ghosts’, is a collaboration with Ruth Bayer. Caroline is also created The Wildwood Conferences in the 1990s, that sought to find links with folklore and landscape mysteries and modern paganism, plus Goddess conferences in London in the 90s and 00s for The Fellowship of Isis, for whom she was the administrator and publisher. Since 1989, she has been involved in the re-publication of the works of the Thelemic occultist Kenneth Grant. Caroline trains women in the art of the priestess and Oracle and speaks internationally on the Goddesses.

Cernonnus Rising

Cernunnos Rising aka, George Nicholas’ career has been varied over the years. George was a Guinness world record holder for the world’s longest mural. He created the children’s toy concept “The Werebears” and created the cheeky Liverpool Scouse Mouse character and produced the syndicated cartoon strip, fun books and comics.

George founded the Art For Their Sake charity, that greatly improves environments for the sick, disabled, disadvantaged, and terminally ill. He supports the “Tree Bee Society C.I.C” housing many colonies of rescued bees on his land. He is also trying to establish a means of feeding the homeless by way of setting up street kitchens in the Merseyside area.

George has always been drawn to the magic and mystical elements of nature, and intuitively was fascinated by the interconnection and balance of all things therein. This has been the deep inspiration behind his poetry and songwriting, leading to his very own unique sound and style that reminds us of our own hunger to be connected fully with the sacredness of life and that we live in a great story that is taking us on an ever-unfolding journey. http://cernunnosrising.com/

Inkubus Sukkubus

Inkubus Sukkubus are a UK-based pagan/goth/folk rock band who formed in the summer of 1989. They are one of the world’s most downloaded goth bands, headline festivals, and have had many successful international tours; but continue to take the time to delight local Pagan audiences at local Pagan events. http://www.inkubussukkubus.com/biography.htm

The Pagan Federation North West

The Pagan Federation was founded in 1971. It is run entirely by volunteers. It provides services for Pagans in the UK and abroad, providing information about Paganism to the public and all interested bodies, educating the public about Pagan beliefs and traditions, providing access to Pagan celebrations, and providing pastoral care for Pagans in the community including those in hospitals and prisons. The Pagan Federation publishes a quarterly magazine, Pagan Dawn, that features articles, reviews, and research on both modern and historic Paganism. This conference covers costs to provide a convivial gathering of North West Pagans to meet, learn, share, shop, dance, sing and celebrate; The PF and wider North West community can be found on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/112613785439437/

Cover photograph copyright Suzanne Read.

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Date and Time


Preston Grasshoppers Rugby Football Club

Lightfoot Green Lane



United Kingdom

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