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211 N Meckesville Rd

211 North Meckesville Road

Albrightsville, PA 18210

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A 12 hour continuous airsoft event on over 300 acres with multiple towns and unique features.

About this event

Gun Gamers Productions presents Overture, a 12 hour continuous airsoft game at Skirmish Paintball in Albrightsville, PA. This game will feature in-game issued BBs, a fully staffed chain of command, free air fills, and over 300 acres of playable area throughout the day!

Please visit www.gungamersproductions.com for more information on our full ruleset, recommended packing list, and more information about Gun Gamers Productions.

The Scenario:

In the heavily wooded border region between the Kingdom Of Gojyria and The Almyrk Republic, tensions flare as a fresh discovery of major oil reservoirs reignites debate over ownership of the Umbral River region. Decades ago, after the fall of Almyrk's monarchy and reformation into a Republic, Gojyria staked claim to the previously contested territory surrounding the Umbral River. While the issue lay dormant during The Almyrk Republic's formative years, occasional clashes in border towns were not uncommon. Most prior skirmishes were contained with diplomatic solutions, but now diplomacy has failed.

The Kingdom of Gojyria, ruled by the Plantier Dynasty for hundreds of years, has preemptively stationed troops with Task Force Ouroboros to defend their claim to the newly discovered resources. In response, The Almyrk Republic has deployed Task Force Primeval to take what they believe is rightfully theirs. Pick a side, buy a ticket, and be ready to play a fun day of airsoft!

The Factions:

Task Force Ouroboros: Green Team

Task Force Primeval: Tan Team

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7:30 AM - Arrival

8:00 AM - Check In and Chronograph Stations Open

10:00 AM - Faction Formation & Game Briefing

10:30 AM - Faction Final Formation

11:00 AM - Game On

11:00 AM - 11:00 PM - Missions & Gameplay

11:00 PM - Game Over

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