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Overcoming Overwhelm

A free one hour sound transmission to settle and balance nervous system, offered to help you to deal with the stress that can come from the holidays, this time of year when it is so dark in the Northern Hemisphere, and stress in general.

Connect via phone or via the internet, and listen with headphones or speakers. The info to connect to the call will be emailed you immediately after registering and then again the day before the call.

You do not have to attend live to enjoy the potential benefits of this call - a recording will be sent out immediately afterwards that you will be able to listen to at your leisure. Many people listen to the recordings repeatedly and find benefit each time.

I'm so impressed with strength and efficiency of this process. I've been doing healing work since the 80's and it's the coolest thing yet! Patricia Ferrell

How does it work?

Eileen Day McKusick is a sound researcher and therapist who has been developing a revolutionary new sound therapy method called Biofield Tuning since 1996. When her practice became so busy she could no longer manage it, she decided to do an experiment and see if she could work on groups of people at the same time, at a distance.

Much to her amazement, the outcomes reported by the attendees were quite dramatic, and after a few more free experiments, she began offering her groups as a service.

Eileen has been conducting these group sessions for 3 years now and has a library of archived recordings available here.

Eileen is the Jimi Hendrix of healing. Derek Peach

Initially, Eileen didn't believe it was possible to do Biofield Tuning - which is a way of using sound waves to modulate the body's electromagnetic system - at a distance. However, after being persuaded to give it a try by a mentor, she was shocked to discover that this practice, that had shown itself to be very effective in person, was equally effective at a distance.

Eileen uses a tuning fork like a needle on an album to comb slowly through the body's biomagnetic field, or biofield and is able to both read and recode the information encoded in that field. This process brings order and flow where there had previously been static and resistance.

Most people report feeling clearer, lighter, more relaxed, less anxiety, less pain, less symptoms in general after receiving Biofield Tuning, whether in person or at a distance.

Attend a Live all day event with Eileen in Burlington, Vermont on December 10. Click here for info

Each free session is followed up with by a brief Survey Monkey survey. Consistently, 75-80% of survey respondents say that they feel energy moving in their bodies while listening to these sessions- and it is the same whether they are on live or listening to the recording.

45-50% of respondents also report having some kind of healing response to the sessions - this can be flu-like symtoms, headaches, exhaustion, waves of emotion, loose stools etc afterwards, as their body discharges whatever the session released. These are generally very brief and people report feeling much better after they pass.

Because Biofield Tuning can stimulate strong detox in some people, it is contraindicated for people who have cancer, are very ill, or are in palliative care.

Curious to learn more? Check out Eileen's Book on Amazon

or this book excerpt

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