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OrthoYES 2020 WEBINAR LEARNING SERIES for: Doctors, TCs, Front Desk Staff

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March 13 ● March 27 ● April 24


May 15 ● May 29 ● June 19


July 10 ● August 7 ● August 21 ● September 11 ● September 25

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FRIDAY, MARCH 13th 12:00-1:00 EST


The Doctor’s Role in Case Acceptance

The worst advice ever given the orthodontic profession: “The TC is the key to the practice conversion rate.” Not true!

The doctor’s skill in presenting treatment recommendations, not the presentation of fees, is what determines whether you have a new patient or a lost case. In this groundbreaking session, your instructor will show you why.

You will learn:

How to present a compelling case for treatment

The secret to winning cases as the higher-priced option

How to build trust with children, parents, and adult cases

How to differentiate yourself from your competition

How to get out of NP consultations on time, every time

FRIDAY, MARCH 27th 12:00-1:00 EST


How to Find, Hire and Develop Front Office Staff

Finding and keeping good people is the foundation for building a successful practice. Time and again, your instructor has seen a direct link between staff tenure and practice growth. In a hyper-competitive environment, what should the practice be looking for in hiring top tier candidates?

Drawing from his 30+ years as a management consultant in both the business community and, more recently, within orthodontics, your instructor will provide a blueprint for hiring and keeping top-tier staff.

You will learn:

Key Attributes of Top Performers

How to structure the interview process

How to train new hires properly

What to look for in a practice/office manager

Mistakes to avoid in your hiring process

FRIDAY, APRIL 24th 12:00-2:00 EST


Optimizing the New Patient Experience: What to do outside of the consultation to maximize starts

You and your team have ONE OPPORTUNITY to persuade visitors to your practice to move forward with treatment. What are the keys to optimizing the first visit for your potential patients? How do you make the pre-decision experience on par with the patient experience?

In this wrap-up to his 3-part series for doctors, Landy Chase will provide detailed feedback on what top doctors do beyond the actual consultation to make an outstanding first impression on practice visitors.

You will learn:

Optimizing the reception area – changes that make a big difference

What influences visitors to your practice – both positively and negatively

How to educate visitors effectively on why your practice is a better choice

How to optimize your take-home materials for the non-attending spouse

How to improve your ability to present services to adult patients

And much more!


FRIDAY, MAY 15th 12:00-1:00 EST


The New Patient Inquiry Call: Maximize Your Success in Scheduling Appointments

The skill of your front desk team determines whether or not the new patient call is converted to an appointment. Most doctors do not have any idea of how these critical calls are being answered. What are the skills needed by your staff to maximize your ability to turn phone inquiries into new patient opportunities? Keri Scott, Director of Front Desk Training, will share key concepts to maximize results.

Your team will learn:

What the caller wants: Keys to effective communication

How to move the call towards scheduling the appointment

How to obtain insurance information consistently

How to identify all decision makers

How to invite all decision makers to the consultation

FRIDAY, MAY 29th 12:00-1:00 EST


Optimal Customer Service: Scripting that WORKS

When dealing with patients on the telephone, words matter. That is why it is so important to know “what to say” in order to gain the right information on the very first call, schedule new appointments and set future expectations.

In this session, Keri Scott, Director of Front Desk Training, will provide detailed scripting, both on the phone and in person, for all of the daily challenges that are handled at the front desk. Verbiage for the most common patient interactions will be provided to optimize your team member’s ability to communicate.

Your participants will learn:

How to quickly build rapport with the caller

What to say when placing callers on hold

How to handle billing issues

How to handle scheduling emergencies

How to handle the irate caller

And much, much more!

FRIDAY, JUNE 19th 12:00-1:00 EST


Handling Problem Calls: How to Get Successful Outcomes with Difficult People

Of all the people who pose difficulty to the front desk staff, there are six personalities who are particularly troublesome. Knowing how to manage each will allow you to achieve a positive outcome and resolve the situation professionally and effectively.

Drawing from her experience in listening to recordings of hundreds of difficult callers, Keri Scott will share with you the secrets to overcoming challenging conversations while arriving at a mutually acceptable resolution.

You will learn how to handle:

“The Grenade” – people who have lost their temper

“The Escalator” – wants to talk to the doctor

“The Noodler” – takes too much of your time

“The Negotiator” – uses their complaint to win concessions

“The Price Insister” – Wants your fees on the phone


FRIDAY, JULY 10th 12:00-1:00 EST


How to Win “Shopper” Cases

Search engines and social media have completely changed the way that families and adults find an orthodontist. For many of you, at least fifty percent of your visitors are going elsewhere before making a decision. For some, it may be two out of every three. And worst of all, your “shopper” has no basis with which to shop, other than price. A comparison you are virtually guaranteed to lose.

Drawing from his experience in observing hundreds of TC consultations, Landy Chase will show you the key ingredients to being selected for treatment among multiple options.

You will learn:

How to identify those visitors who are shopping – every time

What to do – and what not to do – with shopper visitors

How to position your practice to be selected over other options

How to address the issue of a lower fee offer from another practice

How to be the practice of choice without lowering your fees

FRIDAY, AUGUST 7th 12:00-1:00 EST


How to Get Prompt Decisions with “Pending” Cases

In orthodontics, you have only one opportunity to present your services to your visitors. Everything happens in one meeting. At the end of consultation, they either want to move forward, or they do not. This means that the TC’s goal in following up with “pending” cases is to get a prompt decision - yes or no – in a timely fashion.

In this session, Landy Chase will show you how to stop wasting valuable time with endless phone calls and emails when it comes to following up with treatment candidates.

You will learn:

Which tools work – and which don’t – for post-consult communication

How to set up your follow-up process at the NP consultation

How to determine the visitor’s interest level at NP consultation

The proper verbiage to use when following up (scripting)

How to get a decision within ten business days, every time, with ‘pending’ cases

FRIDAY, AUGUST 21st 12:00-1:00 EST


Dealing with Difficult People in New Patient Consults

The Divorced Couple. The Haggler. The Schedule Insister.

New Patient consults are fraught with drama!

Dealing with difficult personality types is an important skill to have for everyone in the office. This session focuses on situations that are specific to the TC role.

Your participants will learn:

The Seven Least Wanted Personality Types of New Patient Consults

How to handle requests to lower your fee

How to properly handle divorce cases to avoid problems

How to properly handle unreasonable requests from parents

What to do when you cannot resolve a problem to the visitor’s satisfaction

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th 12:00-1:00 EST


How to Structure the Fee Presentation

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, what is the best way to structure fees and payment options for new patients? How do you avoid losing cases to lower-cost competitors? What does your visiting family need from your practice when it comes to payment options?

In this session, Landy Chase will show you the answers to these questions and many others. Based on his personal observation of hundreds upon hundreds of fee presentations, he will reveal what works, and what doesn’t.

You will learn:

The three types of buyers of treatment – and how to identify each

The Six Steps of an Effective Fee Presentation

Payment Options: What works best to maximize starts

Deal Killers: What to avoid when presenting payment options

How to ask for the commitment to start – and get it

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th 12:00-1:00 EST


Negotiation 101: Getting to “Yes” Without Lowering Fees

Increasingly, price pressures are creeping into the world of orthodontics. Most TCs have had no training in professional negotiation skills from a qualified expert. In this session, that will change.

In his previous life, Landy Chase trained thousands of business people in the fundamentals of negotiating. In the years since, he has extensive experience in applying these skills to the NP conversion process.

Your participants will learn:

What a request to lower fees tells you (hint: it’s a positive indicator)

Discounting Your Price: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

How to properly handle requests to lower your fee

How to address a lower fee from another practice

How to handle non-orthodontist competitors effectively

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