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This holiday season, we can all help make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate.

VeggieGlamBar.com 2016 Holiday Event:

Purchase Veggie Glam Bar as a Christmas gift for those who are special in your life (mom, sister, brother, daughter, teacher, friend, co-worker, boss) or try it for yourself! You'll see, your skin will absolutely love it (see "About Veggie Glam Bar" below). It's the perfect holiday gift... An all natural, face & body bar. Perfect for sensitive skin (no parabens, mineral oil, sulfates). Order yours today! We want to impact lives. Join our 2016 Holiday event to help the homeless & the poor--going on now through October 31. Don't hesitate, place your order today.

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About Veggie Glam Bar

The Best-Beauty All-Over Skin Cleanser secret, Ever... Introducing Veggie Glam Bar

“Give Your Skin the Veggies it Craves”—
Veggie Glam Bar, an all-natural-veggie-infused face and body cleanser
that promotes healthy skin. A natural humectant Veggie Glam Bar moisturizes thirsty skin and is high on the radar for its firming and anti-anging properties—helping to combat wrinkles, stretch marks, uneven skin tone. Veggie Glam Bar is also known to help relieve skin disorders like eczema, acne, redness, and psoriasis. A mild hypo-allergenic cleanser, Veggie Glam Bar does not upset skin’s natural PH balance, is used on all skin types, and especially perfect for sensitive skin. As a cleanser, Veggie Glam Bar is the first step in your daily skin care regimen. For maximium benefits, pair Veggie Glam Bar with the other key daily skin care regimen products--a toner, face serum, and moisturizer. Mask once or twice a week and use special skin care agents to combat stubborn skin disorders. For help with choosing the right products for your daily skin care regimen, contact us at (866) 590-7878.


So if you haven't heard, here's a few known facts about our all natural veggie-infused face and body cleanser. Veggie Glam Bar is the best way to cleanse & brighten your skin. Comprised of glycerin, coconut oil and veggie-based compounds, with consistent-daily use (at least 6 months), Veggie Glam Bar will visibly improve your skin tone. Veggie Glam Bar is:

1. Free of Synthetic Chemicals & Animal by-products: Primarily derived from Coconut Oil and Glycerine, Veggie Glam Bar is a ‘natural’, vegetable-based compound.
2. A mild cleanser that produces a silky lather known to reduce redness and skin irritation.
3. Used on all skin types. Highly recommended for use on sensitive, combination, oily, and dry skin.
4. Helps prevent skin problems: With consistent daily use, our product helps keep the skin healthy all the time.
5. Reduces Redness & Acne: Helps rid extra oil and dirt that clog pores, thus reducing acne.
6. Relieves Skin Disorder Symptoms: Helps relieve skin disorders and diseases like eczema or psoriasis.
7. Moisturizes: A natural humectant that softens and draws moisture to the skin, keeping it hydrated all the time. The low pH will not upset skin’s natural pH balance and helps your skin retain its natural moisture to remain fresh.
8. Anti-Aging Properties: Its highly humectant properties keep the skin moisturized all the time, combating stretch marks, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles.
9. Natural and organic products with high levels of glycerine are widely used to promote healthy skin in beauty & cosmetic products worldwide.
10. An excellent daily skin care regimen complexion bar that’s affordable! Perfect for the entire family!

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Did you know?

We have a big heart to help the homeless and poor in our communities. Here's how. Blessing Bags for the Poor is a charitable project launched through The Love Project campaign that gives individuals who have a heart for the homeless the opportunity to sponsor one or more homeless person(s) with a bag of much needed basic necessities, during the winter months. We are working diligently toward our goal to sponsor and distribute blessing bags to homeless individuals—men, women, and children—annually. Your purchase today will help us help those who are less fortunate.

Here's how it works:

- How Individuals can Sponsor A Homeless Person: For every 1-Month, 3-Month, 6-Month, or 12-Month Supply Program purchased, one blessing bag will be distributed. You can place your order through the "Get Tickets" button on this website.

- How Businesses can Sponsor A Homeless Person: For every Wholesale Quick Pack purchased, one blessing bag will be distributed. So, if you own a business—you can help too, request our wholesale pricelist to get this product in your store. For information on wholesale pricing, please contact us directly at (866) 590-7878.

About The Love Project Campaign:

The Love Project is a charitable campaign that provides food, basic necessities, and inspiration to homeless and needy people in our communities. The Love Project is based upon principles of the good news of Jesus Christ. Our initial launch of Blessing Bags for the Poor is in Colorado. We'd like to expand this program throughout the United States—within your community. Please partner with us to help the poor. Whoever is kind to the poor is lending to the LORD—the benefit of his gift will return to him in abundance. Prov 19:17 (ISV). Thank you for your support.

VeggieGlamBar.com 2016 Holiday Event:

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