Operation “SENTINEL SERVANT”, Support to 2019 Nellis Air Expo

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Nellis Air Force Base

4625 Fitzgerald Blvd

Nellis AFB, NV 89191

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The Civil Air Patrol, Nevada Wing, program to support the

2019 Nellis Air Expo and Aviation Nation Air Show and Open House

On the 16th and 17th if November 2019, Aviation Nation will celebrate the work of America’s military, its achievements and history. As in years past, the Nevada Wing of the Civil Air Patrol will be an active participant in this show. Several members will also be assisting on Thursday and Friday, 14th and 15th of November, in important areas.

Senior members and cadets will be needed to assist with CAP aircraft static displays, staff a CAP recruiting and information booth (which includes displays for Emergency Services, Aerospace Education, and Wreaths Across America), demonstrate our STEM program. In addition, based on our excellent past history, we will likely be trusted to serve as needed by the Air Force as VIP Escorts, Chalet Palace Guard workers, assist with Public Affairs distributions, guest attendee counting, and customer service surveys. While we will try to accommodate your wishes on duty assignments, the needs of the mission will come first—personal choices will try to be accommodated but will be secondary to the mission.

We need the bulk of people on Saturday and Sunday, but we will need some support on the preceding Thursday and Friday as well. If you are plan to work on Saturday or Sunday, PLEASE consider working both days. The air show is both days! While Sunday is lighter in attendance but the public, we still need to man our posts. So, PLEASE consider volunteering to work both days if at all possible.

Those interested in supporting this air show must register online at EventBrite. During registration, note the day(s) you can work. You will be contacted by early November in regard to your assignment, location, and exact times of your volunteer shift(s). Any questions should be directed to:

- Maj. Kenneth Lucia, Activity Deputy Commander at

- Maj. Robert Lopez, Activity Commander at

CAP Participation

In order to participate in this activity, all CAP senior members and cadet must register on the designated CAP EventBrite website and enter the required information. Individuals may wish to sign up for Saturday, Sunday, or both days. Assignments will be made based on individual registration. All cadets under the age of eighteen (18) are required to bring a signed CAP Activity Permission Form and turn it in at in-processing.

McDonald’s Parking Lot Drop-Off/Pick-Up Point

The designated CAP drop-off and pick-up point will be the parking lot of McDonald’s restaurant on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Nellis Blvd (4215 Las Vegas Blvd N, Las Vegas, NV 89115). CAP vans will be available to transport cadets and senior members on- and off-base at the beginning and end of each day. COV shuttle service will commence at 0700 and secure at 0800 on Saturday and Sunday morning. COV shuttle service will resume in the afternoon at 1700 and conclude at 1800 on Saturday and Sunday.

Administration – Daily Registration

All CAP personnel will check-in at the Volunteer Center each day. All CAP cadets must “muster-in” at the Volunteer Center in Hangar 290. After checking in, all CAP members will receive a Risk Management Safety Briefing before being dispatched to their respective duty stations.

Meal Service

A noon meal will be provided to each CAP member registered to work during the airshow both Saturday and Sunday. Tickets or vouchers will be provided to all CAP members after the Risk Management briefing. In addition, cadets and senior members may purchase breakfast or dinner meals at the McDonalds before morning departure onto the base and after evening drop off. Arrive early for breakfast though as the line can be long. Further, cadets and senior members may purchase food at the various airshow vendors, at their own expense, on their free time.

Cadet Commander

A Cadet Commander will be assigned and will coordinate all cadet activities and daily assignments with the respective Element Leaders, and adjust personnel as mission dictates or manpower changes occur. The Cadet Commander will coordinate the issue, instructional use, and collection of CAP handheld radios via written hand releases, and they will get the radios from the senior member communications officer at the CAP Volunteer Center or the CAP Display booth.

CAP Member Assignments

All members will be at their duty assignment on the flight line no later than 0900 and remain until 1500 on Saturday and Sunday. We are not authorized to sell anything that competes with established vendors, or that uses the term “Air Show”, “Aviation Nation”, Nellis Air Expo, or “Air Force” emblems, logos, etc. CAP unit coins, T-shirts, and hats maybe sold, but no food or drink may be sold.

Uniform of the Day

The uniform of the day for Cadets will be ABU or BDU with the corresponding hat/cover. Unit ballcaps, blue beret, etc. are not allowed at this event. Newer cadets who do not yet have the appropriate uniform may wear the alternate uniform of blue jeans and a black shirt—however, they may NOT work in the Thunderbird, VIP, or DV chalets in the alternate uniform.

The uniform for the senior members may vary depending on location. At the CAP static display aircraft, senior members may wear the flight suit, or the CAP polo shirt combination. Senior members working the concessions will wear civilian clothing and a ball cap. All other senior members will wear the polo shirt combination.

You will wear the uniform properly and be within proper grooming and hygiene standards—this is especially critical if you are wearing any Air Force style uniform like the ABU, BDU, or flight suit. If you are not within fitness standards, grooming and hygiene standards, or wear instruction of CAPR 39-1 then we cannot use you. This point is not subject to discussion or debate. People will confuse our people for active duty members and will often thank us for our service. They may not know the difference between a CAP uniform and the Air Force uniform. To that end, we will not embarrass the service that allows us to wear their uniform. As for CAP polo uniforms, wearing it improperly or out of standards does not represent our image. You will be dismissed an unable to participate.

Security Forces

Do not bring any knives or anything that can be confused as a weapon. You will need to pass through security screening, metal detectors, and bag and personal searches. Do not bring any type of drug or alcohol either—the exception being prescribed medication that has your name on the bottle from the doctor.

If you are or, will be, over 18 years of age, and do not have a military CAC card, retired or dependent military ID card, or DBIDS card, then you will need to bring your valid “Real ID” with you. Further, we will contact you weeks early to get other pieces of data in a separate email so that we can have you added to the base access list as this requires several weeks to route through proper channels. However, for your protection, we will not collect this data via this EventBrite website.

All CAP members will have a valid CAP ID with them. If you have lost or misplaced yours, or you are new to CAP, you may go on eServices and print a temporary one and keep that with you.

Cameras and Cell Phones

You are encouraged to bring a camera and cell phone. The cell phone is so you can reach your transportation or parents at the end of the day, and in any case there are radio failures during the day. However, a cell phone with a camera must be used wisely. Do not take pictures of horseplay, unprofessional conduct, language or gestures or anything else a reasonable person (e.g. your parent, religious leader, teacher, police, CAP senior member) would consider inappropriate. There will be no place to charge your phones at the air show, so feel free to bring a personal charger.

Safety First

The CAP Safety Officer will conduct a safety and risk management briefing each morning and will assist at in-processing. Cadets will remain with their assigned elements at all times. Should it be necessary to leave your team, be sure to go with a “battle-buddy”. Everyone is encouraged to bring sunglasses authorized with the wear of your uniform, bring earplugs for some aerial demonstrations, and a small pocket-sized bottle of sun screen. There will be plenty of bottled water, but you may bring a hydration pack and re-fill at stations throughout the day. Hydrate often!

Be sure your boots and shoes are broken in. You will be walking and standing for long periods. Dress for the weather. We will be doing the mission in rain or shine. You can bring some mole skin with you and keep in your cargo pouches.

Final Thoughts

This is our opportunity to serve our community and the Air Force—a great honor. Please be adaptable to change because there will be lots of changes. A wise general once said that no plan survives first contact with the enemy. And that would certainly apply to air show operations as well. This is how the sausage is made!

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Date and Time


Nellis Air Force Base

4625 Fitzgerald Blvd

Nellis AFB, NV 89191

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