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La Maison

51 Avenue d'Iéna

75016 Paris


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OpenIO is holding the second edition of the OpenIO Summit, a full-day event around our object storage and serverless computing solution, on September 13, 2018. It's the perfect occasion to learn more about the technology, meet the team, and get feedback from our partners and customers.

This event is invitation only, and will take place in Paris, France.


09:30-10:00 | Registration & Welcome Coffee

10:00-10:25 | Opening Keynote: OpenIO, Flexible, Smart, and… Fast!
This is our second OpenIO Summit and we have a lot to share. We’ll discuss the events of the past year and tell you what can you expect from us in the near future.
Laurent Denel (CEO, OpenIO)
Enrico Signoretti (Product Strategist, OpenIO)

10:30-10:55 | The Future of Object Storage
Why high performance object storage will change the storage landscape.
Amita Potnis (Research Manager for IDC’s Storage Systems program)

11:00-11:25 | Customer Success Story: Scaleway
Our success using OpenIO. Why and how we chose it.
Théotime Rivière (Scaleway)

11:00-11:25 | OpenIO SDS for HPC Workloads
An object store for HPC workloads is possible and effective. By optimizing OpenIO SDS for NVME, and through the research done with CEA, we are bringing high-performance object storage to the market.
Jacques-Charles Lafoucrière (CEA)
Jean-François Smigielski (CTO, OpenIO)

11:00-11:25 | How OpenIO Can Make Zimbra Collaborative Platform Easier to Use
Zimbra now supports object storage for both primary and secondary storage. Thanks to the connector developed for OpenIO SDS, it is now possible to simplify Zimbra storage architecture and improve TCO.
Florent Manens (Beezim)

11:30-11:55 | Customer Success Story: Dailymotion
Why OpenIO is now used as the primary storage solution at Dailymotion.
Thomas Gerbier (Dailymotion)
Solvik Blum (Dailymotion)

11:30-11:55 | A Promising Open Source File Connector Project
OpenIO-fuse, an independent initiative to integrate OpenIO as a persistent backend for a local filesystem.
Marc-André Vef (Mainz University)

11:30-11:55 | How to fire at your S3 Platform
A technical session dedicated to best practices and tools, aimed at stress testing your OpenIO SDS configuration with the most severe workloads.
Stéphane Landelle (Gatling)

12:00-12:25 | Customer Success Story: ICM
Data storage for medical images presents all the challenges of unstructured data, but with longer retention requirements. In this session, ICM will discuss why they chose OpenIO SDS, the goal of the project, the results, and the architecture designed for them by 2CRSI.
Ludovic Prévost (ICM)
Adrien Badina (2CRSI)

12:00-12:25 | How to Switch from Amazon to OpenIO and Iguane Solutions
Iguane Solutions

12:00-12:25 | Focus on OpenIO Deployment Tools
Managing deployment on large-scale clusters may seem complicated. We take a detailed look at how we deal with large scale deployments. We moved most of our deployment tools to Ansible. In this technical session, we explain why we made this choice, how we use it, and the benefits for our customers.
Vincent Legoll (DevOps Engineer, OpenIO)

12:30-14:00 | Lunch Break


14:00-15:25 | Partner Sessions, Lightning Talks
Iguane Solutions

14:00-15:25 | Technical Workshop: How to Operate an OpenIO Cluster
Bring your PC for a hands-on session! You’ll have access to a set of VMs to install OpenIO SDS.
Maxime Thomas (Pre-sales engineer, OpenIO)

14:00-14:25 | Big Data and HDFS
A technical overview of OpenIO SDS in big data scenarios. How to move data between HDFS and OpenIO SDS, and what happens behind the scenes.
Michael Bonfils (Engineer, OpenIO)

14:30-14:55 | OIO-FS: OpenIO SDS for Your Legacy File-Based Applications
Thanks to high-availability capabilities and performance improvements, OIO-FS offers a wider range of use cases and applications.
Kamel Rahim (Engineer, OpenIO)
Romain Acciari (DevOps Engineer, OpenIO)

15:00-15:25 | Metadata Indexing with Grid for Apps and Elastic
Grid for Apps is one of the most exciting features available in OpenIO SDS. In this technical session we will discover how to use it in association with Elastic to index and search metadata.
Julien Kasarherou (Head of Grid for Apps, OpenIO)

15:30-15:55 | Customer Success Story: Relex
The role of object storage and OpenIO SDS in our infrastructure. How it helped us to improve data protection processes while saving time and money.
Iikka Niinivaara (Relex)

15:30-15:55 | Backup & Archive Solutions
The benefits of OpenIO SDS for backup and archiving, with an example showing integration with Rubrik and other solutions for real world scenarios.

15:30-15:55 | Roundtable with Customers
Our sales and pre-sales teams want to know your opinion on OpenIO SDS and the company. What do you expect from us in 2019? What works and what can we improve?
Moderator: Enrico Signoretti (OpenIO)

16:00-16:25 | Coffee Break


16:30-16:55 | Customer Success Story: Vade Secure
OpenIO SDS is now integrated in the backend of VadeSecure products and cloud services. We discuss why and how we choose OpenIO SDS and the benefits of integrating it with native APIs.
Frédéric Maussion (Vade Secure)

16:30-16:55 | Partner Session: Supermicro
A reference architecture presentation based on OpenIO SDS and Xeon-D

16:30-17:25 | OpenIO SDS FAQ
This whiteboard session will cover the most common questions people ask about OpenIO SDS, its characteristics, and its features.
Guillaume Delaporte (VP Customer success, OpenIO)

17:00-17:25 | Customer Success Story: ADVCom & SME
ADVCom adopted Storage Made Easy File Fabric to use its PII Data Discovery Solution to detect sensitive data stored in OpenIO SDS Object Storage.
Laurent Delattre (ADVCom)
Kamran Yousaf (Storage Made Easy)

17:00-17:25 | Monitoring OpenIO
In this session we will present our vision of monitoring and alerts, show how they are integrated with our products, and demonstrate their effectiveness in detecting anomalies.
Vladimir Dombrovski (Engineer, OpenIO)

17:30-18:00 | What’s next?
It has been a day full of stories and discussions, but there are some more things worth talking about.
Laurent Denel (CEO, OpenIO)
Jean-François Smigielski (CTO, OpenIO)
Yannick Bussy (Product Manager, OpenIO)


18:00-22:00 | Networking Event
Dinner, Activities, Singer, DJ

We look forward to seeing you there, and make this day unforgettable for everyone.

- The OpenIO team

Date and Time


La Maison

51 Avenue d'Iéna

75016 Paris


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