Open Your Opportunities Workshop | 1 Day Event | Sunday 30 October 2016
NZ$120 – NZ$275
Open Your Opportunities Workshop | 1 Day Event | Sunday 30 October 2016

Open Your Opportunities Workshop | 1 Day Event | Sunday 30 October 2016

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Date and Time

St Columba Centre

40 Vermont Street


Auckland, 1011

New Zealand

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"Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans." 
                                                                                                John Lennon

Are you self-sabotaging all the changes you say you WANT to make?

Is your head saying one thing and your heart, another?

Needing to know how you can get both to work together and make those changes that will impact your life in a positive way?

What’s the benefit to you of feeling that life is hard and that we should ‘struggle through it’? (I often wonder which nationality has the best result in wanting to wear the ‘badge of honour’ of holding onto pain and suffering!)

 If you know you have a tendency to be a really great ‘sufferer’ and suspect, deep down, that this really isn’t serving you particularly well, then…

Ready to embrace a new way to make use of your body’s inner knowledge and shift the stuff that is stopping you from moving forward?  Is it time to ‘Open Your Opportunities’ and actually enjoy life?  

Here's your chance to make the change at the 'Open Your Opportunities' event in Auckland, on Sunday 30 October!

  • Needing more energy, and sooooooo fed up with just managing to get through the day? 

  • Often feeling bloated and wanting to know how to sort this embarrassing situation?

  • At your wits' end with family issues and feeling absolutely worthless at times?

  • Really frustrated with not getting the answers you need about your health - and feeling you're playing 'pin the tail on the donkey'? 

Please don't keep holding on to these feelings any longer. If you don't make a change right now you will probably still be feeling like this years from now!

Feeling the sense of exhaustion that comes from that thought???

(If you wish to contact Judith about this event - please call her on 021 88 36 89)

Sunday 30 October will be the day to learn:

1. How to make use of the hidden secrets your body holds and allow it to let go of what's been holding you back

2. New ‘tools & techniques’ to allow you to travel your 'journey in life' with greater ease and enthusiasm   

3. That you really can be supported and guided in your journey to better health & wellbeing - no more DIY! 

4. You really will be able to face the 'hiccups' in life from a new perspective and still be able to enjoy your life. 

5. You'll learn how to 'change from the inside out' 

If you are one of my valued clients, or have taken part in the 21 Day Reduce Your Sugar 'Challenge', you will already know I care deeply and want to help make a difference to your health, the knock-on effect your health has with the the people you care about, AND your ability to deal with the situations life can throw at you.

I want this special day, on Sunday 30 October, to follow the same approach you experience in the clinic, or on-line; easy, relaxed, informative, 'life changing' and..., this time, a very special price for you AND a friend!

For the genuinely priced investment of just $150 (Early-bird price) for one person OR just $120 per ticket for 2 or more people you will experience a huge shift in your perception of who you see in the mirror!

I know you will be thrilled, and amazed, at the content and results! 


Do you already have what it takes to win:

  • A desire for change?

  • The determination to say, “Yes! I’m loving the changes I see already, and want more?”

  • The knowledge that change doesn’t have to be scary and serious, you can have fun, be happy and become healthy as possible as quickly as possible?

Spring will be well and truly flourishing and we'll be moving towards Summer with the joy that brings!  Let's lift ourselves with a sense of positive change!

What this event IS…
This will be a 'reasonably structured' day – but still with the opportunity to flow in directions that show up at the time.

(I have designed this event to cater for a variety of skills and understandings.)

This will be a day you will value, and recognise as a turning point, in your life's journey.

  • This will be a day designed so you’ll always remember it as being the springboard to your new ‘easy and relaxed’ life style.

  • Maximise the skills you have learnt in your life so far and take them, and excitingly effective (and magical) new ones, to a new level.

  • A comprehensive workbook that will be a great 'go to' place to refer to after the day is included in the investment. All the things we focus on will be there and you can add your own notes. 

What this event IS NOT…

This is NOT an event where you will feel put on the spot to ‘open your soul’ and ‘eliminate negative feelings’. 
(You can relax!) 

You’ll be amazed by what information and cellular knowledge you already 'know' - but don't yet realise you do!

Let's make use of this ‘inbuilt’ knowledge... It makes sense to make your life as easy as possible. 

  • Discover how easy it is to learn the BASICS of muscle testing

  • Learn how to test for food intolerances

  • Learn to quickly ‘soothe’ stress & anxiety - (for yourself and others)

  • Learn skills, others may never know, that will help you on a daily basis

  • Experience the speedy balancing of emotions (without having to discuss them) using Flower Essences and Flower Formulas

You really don’t want to miss this opportunity to take the next step on your journey. 
This is your opportunity to find out more about your amazing body and how it is always working to support you!

AND…. Imagine the power you'll have when you learn how to find out what’s REALLY happening in somebody else's life!

Register NOW  - don’t wait a minute longer!

 The value you will receive, during the hours we are together, will far outweigh the investment of time and money. (AND... You can share this great opportunity with a friend!)

Where are your horizons right now??? 

All it takes is that burning desire to get rid of the 'horrid' parts of your life and make the decision to change! 

Are you willing to give the rest of your life your best shot and prove to yourself, your family, your friends, and your work colleagues that enough is enough?

Making use of your cellular information is, hands down, the quickest and easiest way to transform your life, your family's future, and your business success, and you'll step freely towards your true destiny!

By attending this event you will begin to remove the feelings of being burnt-out, bloated and ‘bitchy’.

The journey you take with us, during this special day, will be an extremely exciting ‘adventure’, allowing you to start to discover, and remove, the hidden obstacles to your success.

A real benefit for you is you will find the inner confidence to embrace life fully and you will achieve far more than you thought you could. You will finally begin to understand the real reasons you may have been feeling ‘down’, depressed, disconnected, or dissatisfied, at times.

The skills you will develop during the day will allow you the opportunity to breathe again, to regain the enthusiasm for what’s really important for you, and to see that you matter!

We have an awesome group that is passionate about making a difference. We hope you will join us!

A complete change in the way you approach your Life's Journey will start at the ‘Open Your Opportunities’ event yet it won't end there...

Having taken that step you will have given yourself a gift that will last the rest of your life!

By the end of the day, I can guarantee you will be in even greater flow with what you are creating in your life, and for your business, (and we’ll all be there to celebrate with you)!

My role is to help you find the hidden obstacles to your success and this is a very good place to start.

Register NOW  - don’t wait a minute longer!

Ask a friend to join you!  It’s always easier if we encourage somebody else to stand, in strength, beside us when we make our changes and it won't cost you a cent more!

You may have already attended one of my two hour introductory workshops in the past – this is your chance to review some information and to hugely expand on your knowledge.

I know you’re highly selective when it comes to the events you attend and that is why I have designed this with people like you, with high standards, in mind.

Come and have fun! Learning should be fun!

Ask your friends to join up, too. It’s always wonderful if you can encourage somebody else. Just pass this link along to them now!  Let's start a healthy revolution!!   

What people were saying after the last Open Your Opportunities day... 

"Judith Ramage Paterson is incredible. I have done some work with her and she is so talented at helping you feel amazing. It might be that you are lacking energy, or feeling bloated. She checks out food intolerances and does some incredible magic. She holds brilliant workshops and here is one she is doing on 1st May. Highly recommend this. Have a look at the link to see exactly what you can expect." Amy 

“I thought the day was really well organised. It was really easy to understand and it was great to see the techniques that I know work on me working on others as well. It really cemented for me that kinesiology is what I want to study. My house mates really enjoyed the muscle tests when I got home because we are all physios and found it fascinating how easy it is to switch off a seemingly strong muscle. I think I won 1 or 2 around to other possibilities outside of the physical muscle. I felt great after the day!” Irene

“I was really uplifted and felt energised at the end of the session. I use one of the techniques I learnt, to help clear my mind any time I'm having problems sleeping. It's so easy and it works. Such a fun and informative day of learning how our bodies can communicate! Thanks Judith, I look forward to following up with you soon.” Yvette

“I found the whole day extremely enjoyable, and eye opening. I have book a 90minute 1:1 session with Judith, and cant wait to see what else this holds for me.” Stacey

“It was fantastic, loved, loved it!!!” Sally

“What a really informative day. I loved feeling the support as I revised the techniques that really work! I’ve come home remembering I can use these skills whenever I feel life is getting a bit difficult.” Nicole

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Date and Time

St Columba Centre

40 Vermont Street


Auckland, 1011

New Zealand

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