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Learn about (non)monogamy & meet others interested in alternative relationship structures

About this event

The Open Smarter Socials are FREE* monthly online events where people with all different levels of experience with open relationships can come together to learn more about themselves and others, share experiences without judgment or shame, and discuss everything and anything related to (non)monogamy and open relationships.

​​Join me, Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, professor of human sexuality at New York University as we open up the conversation around a new topic each month, combining a mix of educational content, personal stories, and open discussions amongst our growing community of sex-positive, curious folks from around the world.

Let's start making smarter decisions about our sex and love lives!

I can’t wait to see you at our next event,

– Dr. Zhana

Next Topic: Breaukps & Transitions in Nonmonogamy

Breakups are never an easy process, no matter what relationship style you have. But in nonmonogamy, when our current relationship is not covering our needs and wants anymore, there's other options. Like transitioning to another type of relationship.

Can we actually transition from one romantic and sexually committed relationship to another type? And if so, how dow we do it? Can exes actually be friends?

Come to the next Open Smarter Social to share and learn some tips and advice from me and the community!

Event Details

Date: We’re going to operate on a reduced summer schedule - one event per month.

  • Wednesday, July 20th @ 2pm ET / 8pm CET

Recording: If you can’t attend live, don’t worry! The event recording will be available to all ticket-holders afterwards, so make sure to get a ticket and you’ll still be sent the recording by email.

*We care about accessibility, so these events are FREE to join. They do take a lot of work to put together though, so please consider supporting us with a donation if you can. No donation is too small. Thank you!

**The Zoom video, audio and chat will be recorded and the recordings may be used in whole or part for future podcasts, articles, or other publicly available uses. By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to our Uncensored Code of Conduct.

What To Expect

All of the Open Smarter Socials are held live on Zoom and include a mix of teaching, two-way discussions with the audience, Q&A, and smaller group discussions in social pods.

  • Theory/Lecture (15 min): For the first 15 minutes, I’ll share some of the research and give you a framework in which to think about this topic and contextualize the practical strategies that exist to deal with it
  • Q&A (35 min): Then we’ll do a Q&A in the main room, answering any theoretical or practical questions you may have. This is the portion of the event where you’re invited to come on mic, so please think about whether you’d like to do that.
  • Social Pods (40 min): Then we’ll go into Social Pods (or breakout rooms) where you can continue the conversation in a smaller group setting where you’re not being recorded.
  • Lessons Learned / Q&A (15 min): We’ll then come back to the Main Room, share some of the lessons we learned from our Social Pods, and then wrap up.
  • Afterparty (60 min): After a 30-min break for me and the team, we’ll see our Open Smarter students at the Members-Only Afterparty. The Afterparty is open to OS students who’d like to stick around, catch up with each other, and keep the conversation going.

Shy? :) I’d love to hear from you during the interactive parts of the event, but if you’d prefer to keep your mic and camera off and just observe for now, that’s fine too. You should still get plenty of value from listening in, and hopefully we’ll hear from you if/when you feel comfortable joining the conversation in future!

Why Open Smarter?

For such a long time, we were all told there was only one relationship option: strict monogamy. In recent years, our options have expanded dramatically, with apps (like Feeld - the first truly inclusive dating app for couples and singles with nontraditional interests), articles, books, and podcasts popping up everywhere encouraging us to explore more of the relationship landscape.

But with so much misinformation and stigma still surrounding nonmonogamy, Open Smarter aims to provide a space where you can get accurate information about nonmonogamous desires and lifestyles, and mingle with other sex-positive, curious folks from all over the world, through events like the OS Socials.

Upcoming dates & topics

We're taking a summer break in August, so we will see you back in the fall!

#15. Sep 21st - TBD

#16. Oct 19th - TBD

Past dates & topics

#1. June 25th - Busting Myths about Open Relationships (in partnership with Feeld)

#2. July 30th - What's Your (Non)Monogamy Relationship Style? (in partnership with Feeld)

#3. Aug 27th - Swinging vs Polyamory (in partnership with Feeld)

#4. Sept 29th - Can Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell work? (in partnership with Feeld)

#5. Oct 20th - Keeping Monogamy Hot (in partnership with Feeld)

#6. Nov 17th - How to Bring Up Nonmonogamy (in partnership with Feeld)

#7. Dec 15th - Catching Feelings (in partnership with Feeld)

#8. Jan 19th - Navigating Sexual Health (in partnership with Feeld)

#9. Feb 16th - Gender Differences in Nonmonogamy

#10. March 16th & 23rd - What's Open Monogamy?

#11. April 20th & 27th - Conquering Jealousy

#12. May 18th & 25th - Overcoming Sexual Shame & Stigma

#13. June 15th - Ask Me (and Each Other) Anything

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