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ONLINE WORKSHOP: How To Quadruple Sales In One Month

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I've helped my clients double, triple, and even quadruple sales for six-figure revenue boosts (sometimes even within 30 days)!

I know that - in planning a six-figure or more product launch, or updating your marketing and business development activities so you can earn more sales - experience matters and comes from looking into dozens of successful case studies and making a few poor decisions yourself.

I've done both, and at my best, have helped clients quadruple sales for over $250,000 in additional sales in one month! My work has ranged from helping #1 NYT bestselling authors with book launches, planning record-breaking Indiegogo campaigns, improving pitch decks for Thiel Fellows that have helped them raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, helping major keynote speakers grow their business with outbound sales campaigns used by top enterprise software companies in Silicon Valley, and more.

I've saved clients countless hours of time and lots of money, and now I want to help more entrepreneurs outside the select few who I normally work and condense the work I do over three months with clients into ninety minutes of webinar-style video you can watch and review whenever you want and share with your team after learning our three-step process for yourself.

NOTE - this is an online workshop, and if you can't make the time we are recording and broadcasting live, we will simply send you the recording of the workshop and answer any questions via email you have regarding the information and its application to your business.

"Jared knows how to put gas the fire to accelerate growth. He helped my company Ample increase from $85,000 to over $367,000 during my month-long crowdfunding campaign, and achieve the #1 food campaign in Indiegogo history. We then closed a $1 million dollar round in two weeks and are now turning away investment opportunities. This type of traction doesn't happen by chance; it must be engineered, and Jared is the master of engineering results." - Connor Young, Founder/CEO of Ample

This one-time workshop will only be available to 25 people, and instruction will be tailored to the group. Some things you will learn include:

A three-step process to finding more clients who will pay you top-dollar and recognize your truth worth while "firing" other clients who haggle on price, don't utilize your expertise, and cause customer service nightmares for you and your team.

How to build an "Ideal Customer Profile" by using 10 specific questions I make all my clients ask their top-paying customers.

How to charge "premium" prices for your work and only onboard clients who raise the overall profile of your company and will introduce you to other high-profile companies and individuals as other potential clients.

At least 15 different types of marketing and business development campaigns you can run to grow your sales (and but why you should only work on 2-3 at a time, as well as how to pick what to work on first).

How to systemize best practices so you can scale your business, and what to do when things go wrong (for which my problem-solving procedures have been quoted in Forbes and Harvard Business Review).

BONUS - How to leverage a product launch to gain customer data you can use to sell well beyond your big marketing and sales push (learn how I helped the Founder of UGGs launch a book, which turned into a lucrative speaking business as well as ongoing book sales, which also turned into affiliate partnership revenue, all in less than a year!).

Join us and leave with a playbook for doubling, tripling, or quadrupling your sales in the next 30 days (if you work hard and smart enough), ways to unlock untapped business and client bases, and a peer group committed to helping you implement this knowledge to grow your businesses together.

Register for your spot now. First-come, first-serve, and you either need to know me personally or have received a referral from a trusted friend in order to take the live workshop.

P.S. - If you can't make the live time, no problem! I will send you (and everyone) a digital recording! However, if you're live you can Q&A me in real-time. So, the time I chose to teach the workshop is no excuse to miss out! ;).

P.P.S. - If you take the workshop and don't find it valuable after 90 minutes, I'll refund your money 100% and also send you $20 on a Starbucks giftcard for pumpkin spiced lattes (or whatever kids are into these days!) ;).

Testimonials For My Work From Clients Who've Invested Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars With Us:

"Before Jared, my business was growing steadily and was well-respected. However, after working working with Jared is when my sales figures really took off. It is also when 7 and 8 figure marketers started coming to me with words of admiration and encouragement, wondering what I had done differently than they had in order to market my services." - Bonnie Fahy, Founder of Ellan Media

“Jared has opened doors for me that I didn’t even know existed.” - Brian Smith, Founder of UGGs

"I count [Jared] a friend and appreciate the work we have done together deeply.” - Keith Ferrazzi, Former CMO of Deloitte, CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, and Author of #1 NYT Bestseller Never Eat Alone

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