Online Vision Board Workshop
Online Vision Board Workshop

Online Vision Board Workshop

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Are you overworked? Overweight? Overwhelmed?

What is your biggest challenge? Maybe you have lost that spark and you wonder where that passion went. Maybe you would like to sleep better and wake renewed, refreshed excited for the day. Maybe you want a more intimate loving relationship with your spouse. Maybe retirement is looming and you are terrified what are you going to do, how are you going to fill your days? Maybe you are worried you haven’t left your mark on the world.

Ask yourself these questions:
If you had a magic wand and could change anything what would it be?
What is the ultimate result you would love to experience?
What will your life look like in 3, 5 or 10 years if you keep doing exactly what you have been doing?

In this live online 3-hour workshop I’ll help you discover:
  • 3 steps to clarify what you would love to be, do or have
  • How to unlock your gifts and dreams
  • 5 step test to know your dream is not your ego speaking
  • What is a life you truly love living
Don't let yourself off the hook you have a dream
There will never be the right time, you will always be busy with work or family.

You deserve 3 hours for yourself!

It is time to create a living and breathing document that motivates and keeps you focused on your dreams.
I have been using vision boards for myself for 30 years and had fanatic ressults, most recently published an award winning book, lost 65 pounds and healed a relationship. My clients have created jobs they love, brought in their soul mate, retire early and love every minute of it. Now it is your turn.

This three-hour online event starts on December 17th for just $36!
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