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Does it feel like your life is ruled by bad habits? Judgmental people? Crippling perfectionism? Fear of making a big move?

Do you take care of everyone else until there is nothing left for you?

Do you notice it’s hard for you to enjoy the good things in life, but much easier to focus on what’s wrong?

That means you have given your power away — to people, beliefs, and obsessions that are draining you.

Are you exhausted and ready for a change?


It’s not your fault that you’re like this.

We were raised in a deeply fearful and shaming culture that is constantly seeking to infect us with disempowering messages:

• You can’t find happiness or peace within yourself. You have to look outside. (Buy something, drink something, have sex with someone, find “The One”…)

• In order to be good, you must make yourself uncomfortable so that people around you can be comfortable.

• You’re only worthy of love and belonging if you never make any mistakes, and never have any upsetting emotions.

• You’re both too much and not enough.


If these dysfunctional programs seem familiar to you, then you already know how much life sucks when they’re running the show.

What I want you to know is that there is hope.

Can you feel in your body and your soul how much of your power you have given away, for as long as you can remember?

What if you could take that power back — not just as a philosophical idea, but as a physical feeling in your body of being calm, confident, creative, and in control?

That’s what this group is all about.

We practice in the lineage of Hal Robinson’s “Spirit Stalking,” which in turn was drawn from thousands of years of indigenous teachings.

Native American sorcerers taught that our soul energy is sapped from us when we indulge in judgment, fear, self-pity, and self-importance. These spiritual warriors adopted a practice of ‘stalking’ all the places where their power has been taken from them in order to reclaim it.

This group is fun, and spontaneous, and also goes to very deep emotional places. Participants describe it as both intense and immensely helpful in a way that nothing else has been.

Those who use the medicine offered here leave with clarity about themselves as well as their most important relationships.

You have never experienced the healing power of community like this before.

We welcome you.



There is no cost to attend.

If you felt called to make a donation, you could do so here:
- PayPal (
- Venmo (@nburtenshaw)
- Google / G Pay (



1. The facilitator introduces the the group, its purpose, and the spiritual perspective we're working with.

2. We complete a short meditation, where we each check in with ourselves about how we are feeling in the moment and what we would like to get out of the group.

3. Going around the "circle," each person says one word, one phrase, or one sentence about their intention for the group.

4. We open up the group to anyone who would like to explore their intention in greater depth.

5. The facilitator helps the person to clarify what’s going on in the situation and explore what Spirit might be inviting the person to learn.

6. The group provides feedback to the person. (Feedback is NOT advice, personal story-telling, questions, or analysis/diagnosis. Feedback IS saying how you felt and related to what the person shared, like "I do that, too," or, "When you were talking about your problem, I felt nervous. When you found your solution, I felt happy.")

7. Steps 5 and 6 are repeated for as much time as we have.

8. We close in a circle and express gratitude for our connection and the opportunity to learn together.



Definitely do RSVP so that you can get the details for the Zoom meeting!

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: Attending this group requires that you call in using video and keep your video on throughout the group.

We are talking about vulnerable stuff, and seeing everyone's face helps to create a safe space.

Can't wait to see you there!

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Hong Kong

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