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Kabir Gymnasium Conference Hall, Opposite Asa Pyramid Hotel, Off Independence Way, Kaduna

Kaduna, KD 800221

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Every month, you make an internet subscription of 1000 naira to 3000 naira (or more) and all you do with it is watch videos online, connect with family and friends in social media, upload images and read people's blogs. All those activities and every other thing you do online puts some dollars in the pockets of the owners of those blogs, video channels (Youtube, Metacafe etc).

Every time you click anything online, someone makes some money off you and off your data subscription. We felt it is not wise to keep spending 12,000 Naira to 36,000 Naira every year on the internet and not make a single penny in return. It is a gross wast of your money. With that same 1,000 Naira Data Subscription, you can make over 5000 to 10,000 Naira daily (150,000 to 300,000 Naira monthly). We will show you PRACTICALY how and what it takes. If we fail to proof this, we will give you a 100% refund of your training fee.


There is no jobs out there. There are thousands of graduates on the queue for employment. It has become necessary to learn how to multiply the little money that gets to your hand and not waste. You will be doing yourself good by starting a business that requires little capital and less time. We Want To Help You Stop Wasting Money Online and Start Making Money Online. It Is The Wise Way To Live. You may have seen different offers online that promises thesame thing as this, but the difference is: If they fail to deliver on their promise, can you track them? can you get your money back? NO!!! Here, you will see us physicaly, we will show you practicaly how to get your share from the web. And if we fail to deliver on our promise, you will get your money back! (Even after taking our free refreshmentand and training). NOTHING BEATS THIS!

After your NYSC, Whats next? Begging Daddy. Mummy and Uncles for Cash? Running Up and Down in search of jobs that dont exist? THOSE ARE NOT OPTIONS! (Except time means nothing to you). We have consistently raised 500 successful internet-based business individuals every half of the year since we started this 3 years ago. Don't Miss This or Miss It and Pay More for less value from a complete novice later When You Are Dead Broke! Or Take This Opportunity and Never Look For Job or Money Again!


IF YOU CAN READ TO THE END, YOU WILL DISCOVER WHY THIS IS DIFFERENT *CERTIFICATED SHALL BE AWARDED *COME WITH A SMART PHONE OR LAPTOP *THERE SHALL BE FREE INTERNET ACCESS FOR PRACTICAL SESSIONS Ever Workshop hosted by E-meditel Ends With A Red Carpet/Paparrazi. Thiis enables you and the company staff and other executive guests to network for other prospects like job offers and the likes. There shall be a redcarpet after the certificates are distributed. Please Kindly corporate with members of the press and other involved stakeholders by adopting a responsible attitude during the course of the event.


* Blogging Business: You will learn how to make money from blogging. You remember Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija, Tokunbo Momoh Blog, etc.

*E-mail Manager: We have an overwhelming list of clients all over the world that constantly need real humans to manage their emails. They are too busy to keep track with their daily mails and that is where you come in. We can not handle all those clients. But with you in our team, we can have you as our accredited representative anywhere you live.

*Youtube Business: Everytime you watch a video online, someone gets paid some dollars while you lose your Megabytes and money. Any video you make and put online can make you money for the rest of your life. ANY VIDEO! e.g Metacafe pays 0.5 dollars for 1000 views (184,000 Naira for 1000,000 Views and there are 89 Million daily internet users in Nigeria alone. Billions of daily video viewers globally. You can make this cash in one week.A student of ours recently did in 4 days)

*Social Media Manager (For Our Many Clients): Company's, Politicians and Celebrities are looking for you to help them relate with others everyday. You will get paid for using the same social media that you have been using. No special skill or requirement. Our recient client is Kogi State Commissioner for Health. Castle De White House Hotel, Transcorp Hilton, Red-Cross, and some celebrities (Discretion needed) and companies.

*Importation Business: This is another premium course that you will live to appreciate. We will teach you how to start and grow a successful mini-importation business with a business capital of 10,000 Naira. It sound unbeilivable right? Well come. If we can't prove it. We will refund your fee also! In addition to teaching you, we will connect you with our foreign agents and customers in the companies abroad that produce those products. We will stand in for you and make sure you have a great importation business experience. We will also show you how to sell them in Nigeria without moving an inch and without having a shop (That is hoiw Francis Tokunbo Momoh Started his importation business).

*Selfie Photo Business: You take selfies, sell it. People (Photo hosters continuously seek fine pictures). If you are not fine, snap a beautiful or handsom person and sell it! Not a crime! We show you how.

*Pay-per-download: As the name implies. We will teach you how to get paid whenever someone downloads your thing online. We will help your create downloadable products that are in high demands every day. If you are paid 5 naira per download and you have 500 downloads per day, that makes 2500 naira daily passive income. 75k monthly without stress!

*Pay-per-View: This works like pay per download but here you get paid each time someone views your blog or you video or a client’s advert on your blog or video. You will never be broke again.

*Pay-per-Read: If you love reading. That passion has monetary value. You will learn how to make money by simply reading goo books and even emails.

*Pay-Per-Click: We hinted on this above. Those clicks you make on the internet translate to some dollars in the pockets of bloggers and website owners. *Online Writing Jobs *Verified Online Jobs

*Pay-Per-Word: This is commonly called writting jobs. You get paid per number of word contained in your article. Typically, you get paid 50 Dollars to 100 dollars for each article. Covert it to naira (360 naira per dollar.) MWe have blogs that pay you 500 naira per approved article. You control what you earn!

Other internet based jobs shall be discoursed thereat.


Until 18th of November, 2017, The Discounted Training Fee pf 3,500 Naira remains valid. After 18th of November, 2017, No Special Discount shall be available for any groupd of individuals (NYSC, Students or others) All fees shall be reverted to the full fee of 10,500 Naira Only. DO NOT PAY WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD ONLINE. PAY DIRECTLY TO THE COMPANY'S ACCOUNT BELOW OR TO YOUR GROUP MANAGER (e.g Local Government Inspector, etc)



You will get total refund of your registration fee if we fail to help you make a minimum of 5000 naira practicaly on the training day. If we fail to deliver on our promise above, Request for your money (even after eating our free refreshment and getting all the training). After the training day, we shall mentor 50 individual for free for 3 days and help them establish a viable and successful company or agency. No Extra Charge for this 3-day mentorship We shall also include them in our company profile as accredited and recommended members of our company. This will further increase your chance of gething jobs as your picture and basic information along with the CERTIFICATE OF FINANCIAL INTELLIGIENCE, JOB CREATION & CYBER SECURITY shall be on our website and you can include the link in your CVs anything. We as a company will also stand as your referee since we trained you. There is a whole lot more benefits that you have never imagined and we can not xhaustively discuss them on this webpage. SEE YOU ON THE 25th of November among the great men and women that have created their financial empire with thesame secrets that you will be shown.


Number to call: 07053097001


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Date and Time



Kabir Gymnasium Conference Hall, Opposite Asa Pyramid Hotel, Off Independence Way, Kaduna

Kaduna, KD 800221

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