Online English Conversation for English Leaners

Online English Conversation for English Leaners

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This is for English learners to practice speaking. Let's practice together and meet people. Any English leaners and teachers are welcome.

About this event

This event was originally for English learners in Japan and still the majority of participants are Japanese, but any English learner and teacher is always welcome.


(1) Greeting, brief explanation

(2) Split into rooms (each room for 3-5 people)

(3) Self-introduction by rotation

・ Recent interesting things / sad things / fun things / addictive things

・ Questions to other people, etc.

* Please feel free to ask questions and liven up the conversation.

* Please make sure that everyone in the same room can speak.

(4) Free talk (Please prepare the theme you want to hear.)

(5) 1 on 1 talk for about 10 minutes

(6) Return the main room and finish

About leveling

We split into beginner and intermediate level. At the beginning of the meeting, those who wish to join beginners room are asked to express their intentions using Zoom's "raise hand" function.

For late comers

If you join late, there may be no one in the main room. As soon as we notice it, we will assign you to the room, so please wait for a while.

Turn on camera

Please show your face. (There is no problem with temporarily turning off the camera due to network problems.)

Focus on conversation

Please participate in an environment where you can concentrate on the conversation. If you are participating from a public place, please mute yourself when you are not speaking, as the surrounding sounds will be heard more than you think.

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