ONLINE: Advanced ECL (Part 2)

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ONLINE: Advanced ECL (Part 2)

ONLINE: Advanced ECL (Part 2) - Super files, Working with XML, and Free-form Text Parsing

By HPCC Systems

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Advanced Thor - Super files, Working with XML, and Free-form Text Parsing

This course explores the concept of Super Files in ECL and the techniques for working with XML data, getting it into your HPCC systems and defining it to work with other data elements. This flows naturally into the detailed ECL support of Natural Language Parsing – creating pattern-matching definitions and using the PARSE function to extract data from either XML or free-form text.

Class Prerequisites: Students must have completed the Introduction to ECL (Part 1) & (Part 2), and Advanced ECL (Part 1) either online, or in on-site classes. 

Topics include:

  • SuperFiles and SuperKeys
  • Simple XML Spray and Dataset Definition
  • Working with XML Data (simple, complex, and nested)
  • Complex XML Spraying and De-spraying
  • PARSE with XML Data
  • Spraying and defining free-form text data
  • PARSE with free-form text

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HPCC Systems is an open source, massive parallel-processing computing platform for big data processing and analytics.