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One Spirit Medicine - A Journey to Detox the Body, Mind & Spirit

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St Matthew's Community Centre

Le Guet



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Healing Hands would like to welcome you to a 4 week programme in January where we will work together in ceremony to heal the body, mind & spirit as a whole.

To balance the body, mind and spirit, we need to focus on the body and what it needs to have a positive influence on our state of being. My goals for your body are:

  • Remove toxins from your body and your environment

  • Promote free flowing energy throughout your body

  • Follow your body’s natural rhythms & listening to your inner voice to empower you moving forward

Each session will be held each week on Sunday 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th January 2 - 6pm @ Cobo Community Centre

What is included for each of you:

* Full Written Plant Based Detox Plan & Recipes for Each Week

* Detox Formula Kit which includes: Alka Greens, Pro-biotics, Colex & Detox Support Formula & body brush

* Cacao Ceremony Each Week Focusing on:

1) Forgiveness/Letting Go

2) Compassion for Self & Others

3) Loving Yourself & Others/Balance Give & Receiving

4) Empowering Yourself to be your Authentic Self

* Support Group Set up via Facebook Private Groups - so everyone in the group can help lift & support oneanother with the detox

* Lucia's unlimited wisdom & support throughout these weeks

*Everything provided is an invitation. No one in the group will be forced to follow the Detox Plan or use Detox Formula Kit*

Universal Law of the Body: Return your body to its natural state

The body has an important purpose in the body, mind and soul equation.The body was created as a vehicle for the soul to achieve growth and enlightenment in the physical world. Every-body’s purpose is different, therefore each body is designed to fulfil a specific purpose. We have different genetic traits, environmental influences and physical inclinations that together make our bodies and our physical experiences unique. If our bodies are not functioning properly, it is a sign that there is disharmony in our body, mind and soul.

The way in which you treat your body can have a profound impact on your body, mind and soul balance. The body has its own natural rhythms that are designed to uphold its state of balance. My job is to help you get back to that natural state of balance within these 4 weeks.

The Cacao Ceremonies are a vital part of this 4 week programme to help you open & heal any wounds in and around your hearts so you can move forward to becoming who you truly are. Doing a Shamanic dose of Cacao weekly for 4 weeks will be an intense process for some, but it will help set you up for a more positive and focused 2018!

Whether you are looking for help shifting an emotional blockage, needing to let go of a past experience, dissolve negative energy or you simply want to lift your spirits, these ceremonies can provide the focus you need to re-align with who you really are, and get back on track.

- Please make me aware if you are on ANY medication at all & those who are on any SSRI'S, Anti-Depressents, Anxieties, Sleepers etc. If you are pregnant. Or if you have any issues with your liver or adrenals, as you will not be allowed a full Shamanic dose.

- Strictly No Coffee or Caffeine based drinks or drugs for the whole day (if you do you'll get the migraine from hell) - No Food, Drinks, Drugs or Alcohol for at least 2 hours prior to the Cacao, the less you stomach has in it, the better the Cacao can work.

- You will all need to bring a pillow, blanket, yoga mat, water drinking bottle & very importantly a journal to write your journeys & experiences down in during the ceremony. Comfort is essential as you will be taken on a near 2 hour journey with Cacao!

- If you say you are attending, then you attend. I do not want to be mixing up the Cacao brew, putting the intentions & Icaros into the Cacao & someone decide an hour before they cannot come, Cacao does not work in that way & it will disrupt the entire process. Same goes with leaving early, you have to stay for the entire ceremony & cannot leave early as we must close the circle together.

I know it sounds very strict., but it needs to be for the respect of the Cacao, myself & others participating in the ceremony.

Just remember - The best investment you will ever make in life will be on yourself!

I look forward to spending these special 4 weeks with those who are meant to be...Lucia x

For more info or testimonials on Cacao, Healing Hands or Lucia visit www.healinghands.gg or email me at info@healinghands.gg

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St Matthew's Community Centre

Le Guet



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