On-Demand Film Screening: FROM SEED TO SEED

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On-Demand Film Screening: FROM SEED TO SEED

An on-demand screening of FROM SEED TO SEED, a film by Katharina Stieffenhofer. Proceeds to support global reforestation projects.

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This is an On-Demand screening. Registrants may stream this 87-minute film multiple times during a 60-hour availability window starting 12noon Friday November 4th through midnight Sunday November 6th (Eastern Time US).

FROM SEED TO SEED follows a small-scale organic farming family, as well as a diverse group of Canadian farmers, for a season of challenges and rewards. Terry and Monique pursue their true passion of ecologically sustainable farming practices, and their story of community and resilience takes center stage in this film.

Scientists are working with these farmers using a blend of ancient traditions and cutting edge science to develop improved methods for growing food ecologically and in a changing climate.

This hopeful and award-winning story from Katharina Stieffenhofer provides one perspective on a global social movement towards healthy and regenerative farming practices.

This is a very well done movie and we here at ForestPlanet are sure that you will enjoy it!

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How it Works:

After registering, a confirmation email is sent out right way from Eventbrite. *Please make sure that you receive this email*, i.e. check your various filters. We will send viewing instructions later on via Eventbrite, so want to make sure that you receive this important information.

A unique event URL and password will be sent out on Friday November 4th at 12noon Eastern US Time, so please watch for this email. We will resend the event and URL password multiple times during the 60-hour availability window, just to make sure that you have received the viewing instructions.

Your registration allows multiple viewings of the film during the 60-hour availability window - enjoy! Please do not share or otherwise publish the event URL and password.

If there are questions and issues please reach out to us via Eventbrite as well, and we'll do our best to respond right away.

About ForestPlanet:

ForestPlanet plants trees where they will have the greatest benefit to the soil, local habitat, the environment, and communities in peril. We hope this event will raise enough funds to plant tens of thousands of trees around the world, which will quickly:

  • Stabilize soils
  • Help the land retain rainwater
  • Provide income and food security to local populations
  • Provide habitat for the region's wildlife

The photos below , taken three years apart in Tanzania, illustrate the amazing transformation power of a properly executed reforestation project.

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Trees hold water and stimulate microbial activity in the soil, and food crops help protect soils from direct sun and also retain rainwater. Working together, the trees and the ground crops can quickly restore degraded lands to abundant fertility.

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