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St Alphonsus Church

1429 West Wellington Avenue

Chicago, IL 60657

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Sessions are 6pm to 9pm daily Friday and Saturday Only.

Cost: $50 for 20 samples. Cost includes a souvenir tasting glass, pretzel necklace and admission into the festival grounds.

This is a hardy, fun and great social gathering. There is a spirit of hapinesses throughout the beer hall.

One of America 's most popular celebrations of fall and all things Bavarian, Oktoberfest Chicago at St. Alphonsus returns for its 18th year of seasonal revelry! The event takes place both in and outside the iconic church located in Chicago's active West Lakeview neighborhood.

The Craft Beer tasting sessions will be held in a spirited German beer hall within St. Alphonsus church. The event is limited to 650 attendees per night who will choose from over 40 samples of craft options featuring American seasonal craft and Eurpoean speciality beers while enjoying the larger festival atmosphere and multiple musical options!

The selection of beer is intended to highlight both German-style beers as well as favorite fall seasonal selections.

If the event is not sold out, tickets may be purchased on-site the evening of the event but there are no guarantees. Tickets Purchased in advance include admission to the festival for the purchased date.

*All ticket sales are final--NO REFUNDS. The Beer Tasting Event is held compltely indoors so inclement weather does not effect the Tasting Event.

*Must be 21 years of age or older with valid ID to participate in this event.

TIPS for Tasting

Drink different kinds of beer. As with anything else, it may be that there’s another sort of beer out there that you’d like better.

Switch to a different strength. If you find one beer to be overpowering, transition to a lighter style. These tend to be less fermented, which means they won’t be quite as bitter. On the flipside, people who are dissatisfied with weak, watery beers can try brews with more intense flavors, like porters and stouts.

Sample the range of brewing styles. Beers are classified by their brewing styles, the amount of time they're allowed to ferment and the ingredients used to give them their distinctive flavors. The more styles of beer you try, the more likely you are to find one that's pleasing to you.

  • Try lagers, which are cool and refreshing ales, which go down smoothly and have a mild nutty or spicy aftertaste.
  • Go for a sweet malt beer that boasts notes of rich caramel and toffee.
  • When it's hot out, try Saisons, highly carbonated pale ales brewed with fruit, which makes them light and crisp.
  • Lambics ferment with wild yeast, and are often sour and cidery.
  • Dark beers like porters and stouts are full-bodied and have a strong, bitter flavor not unlike coffee.

Try beers from other countries. In addition to what’s known as “domestic” beers, there are countless foreign varieties readily available from places all over the globe. You can find beers from Europe, Asia, South America and even Australia with little difficulty. These beers often use different ingredients or brewing techniques which can result in wildly unique flavors.

Learn to detect complex flavors. There’s a lot to take in with a single sip of beer. Rather than immediately coming to a decision about whether or not you like a particular style, try to pick up on the small nuances the beer possesses. Is the bitterness properly offset by sweetness or acidity? Are there subtle nutty or floral notes? Relating the overall taste of the beer to individual flavors that you do like can help you get more out of it. Take a couple whiffs of the beer and swish it around in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing.


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Oktoberfest Chicago at St Alphonsus Church

1429 West Wellington Avenue, Chicago, IL 60657