Office Hours: Data Science for Academic Researchers (Phone Call)

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Free 30-min One-On-One data science office hours for researchers over the phone.

The adoptation and utilization of modern data analytic and programming tools can help increase the productivity and quality of your team's research. We provide data science consulting and hands-on training for Academic Research.

Benefits of adopting Data Science methodologies:

While Academics are always at the frontiers of their research fields, many researchers analyze their data using softwares such as Mathematica, Matlab, Excel, SaS and SPSS. These tools work well when the data is small and pre-processed. As the data grows and becomes more unstructured, working with these softwares gets slow and cumbersome. Tech firms have embraced open source tools, such as R and Python, early on and have seen the benefits as it allows for companies to build model prototypes quickly, scale their business efficiently and remain competitive in the field. Modern day research labs are moving into implementing these tools have seen great improvements in reproducible research (reproducible code), superior algorithms to choose from (machine learning libraries are open source and continuously evolving), and remote collaboration between peers becomes smoother (Git).

We offer a series of consultation combined with hands on workshops for Researchers in R:

Academic researchers would benefit from from of the following hands-on workshops:

  • Data Exploratory Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Management
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Reproducible Research
  • Remote Collaborations

Workshops will be custom tailored to yoour team's needs and research goals.

Follow up
We find that it is important to schedule follow-ups after the program to ensure the modern workflow is running smoothly. During the follow up visits, we ensure that the team is comfortable with the new tools and address any received feedback.

Self Sufficiency

While we love working with our clients in helping them achieve their long-term goals, the aim of these programs is to make your team self-sufficient at delivering high-quality solutions. This elevates your company to a new level in efficiency and speed, and keeps it agile in the long run.

Note: The calls will go on a first registered first called order, thus it may not be on the exact time slot. Please allow for flexibility.

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