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Offical Cuddle Party with Monique Darling & Peter Petersen

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Chicago, IL

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Official Cuddle Party with Monique Darling and Peter Petersen.

Cuddle Party (Plus bonus QiGong) is a 3 hour workshop experience where participants engage in communication exercises, explore touch in a non-sexual space, experience personal exploration and intimacy and have fun with like-minded friends from the community.Nurturing and consensual loving touch is good for maintaining healthy blood pressure, a strong nervous system and a balanced emotional health.

One’s ability to connect with and develop greater trust in others is emphasized during the group exchanges during Cuddle Party’s. Self-care is a cornerstone of Cuddle Party experience.As seen on CBS’s the DR’S - http://thedoctorstv.com/videolib/init/6154Cuddle Party is a formal, non-sexual event that offers participants an opportunity to explore intimacy with like-minded beings in a relaxed environment that upholds personal boundaries. Cuddle Party maintains a professional atmosphere, at all times.

One is encouraged to engage in communication and touch, in a non-threatening, share-affirming environment.Cuddle Party is a holistic, social environment, that attracts fascinating people from all walks of life. It provides a special and unique opportunity for connection, learning and growth. Come cuddle with us!So, if you like to cuddle, come be the first in Miami to see Monique Darling's first published book, "Beyond Cuddle Party: How Pajamas, Human Connection, and 11 Rules Can Change Your Life"

Come celebrate the launch of her baby and find out how 11 rules CAN absolutely transform YOUR life! You can get your own signed copy, and then experience an Official Cuddle Party as only Monique can lead it. (This will be over 500 Cuddle Parties that she has lead!)

About Cuddle Party from Monique:"I have facilitated 100′s of Cuddle Parties. I am as passionate about the Cuddle Party experience today, as I was the first one, over five years ago. YES! It helped me reclaim my voice and I am passionate about helping others do the same."

"Cuddle Party experiences teach participants, they alone create their own safety container. How did it change my life? When I was growing up and received a NO, it felt like I was being rejected. The result was my emphasis on being nice, being lovable and being unconditionally available. The profound learning came when I realized my unyielding YES’s became a subconscious inability to trust another person’s YES, without their own personally vocalized NO!""I am very appreciative and honored by the courage shown by those who have clear boundaries, and an ability to voice their YES and NO decisions without guilt, shame or fear. It gives me the confidence to ask for what my own heart desires, instead of censoring myself, knowing the receiver of my request has the voice and courage to embrace or withdraw, based on their own perimeters.

“Thank you for taking care of your self”

Peter will be offering QiGong to open our Cuddle Party space.Peter brings his love of a moving meditation from China called Qigong.

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Monique Darling, Author of 'Beyond Cuddle Party' and workshop facilitator extraordinaire has led over 1500 workshops in the past 8 years. She is the founder of Juicy Enlightenment an organization dedicated to empowering people who are questioning the assumptions of how their life should be and to offering tools for self expression that create trust, inner knowing and wisdom to enjoy the life they have. Monique has taught at colleges across the US including Yale. She has been featured on TLC and The Dr’s as well as various radio shows, podcasts and magazines across the globe. She specializes in helping others reclaim their power and natural sensuality by transmuting fear and repression into courage, self-love and freedom. Her primary purpose is helping folks bring out their vulnerability, energetic embodiment and fearless relating. Learn more about Monique by going to www.juicyenlightenment.com or track her whereabouts at www.whereintheworldismoniquedarling.com

Peter Petersen has been teaching Qigong for 14 years and has been a certified massage therapist for the last 10. Peter has been teaching in health clubs, hospitals, retirement villas, and several different wellness/spa resorts in Mexico and the United States, such as Rancho La Puerta, Mayacamas Ranch, and Present Moment Retreat. Peter is also a personal wellness coach. This Qigong practice helps people ground themselves into their “now” to increase their present moment awareness of their behaviors, and find simple solutions to problematic habits such as: eating, moving, negative thinking, and sleeping. The result of this tool box of healthy information is that clients become their own health advocate and regain a sense of stability, peace, and well-being into their everyday lives
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Chicago, IL

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