Off the Plantation: The Emancipation

Off the Plantation: The Emancipation

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    Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art

    1520 South Tryon Street

    Charlotte, NC 28203

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    Part two of the groundbreaking experience designed by six visionary Charlotte artists who buck the system and challenge art world norms.

    About this event

    Hosted by Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art, Off the Plantation features work by the creators and curators: Carla Aaron-Lopez (aka kingcarla), Dammit Wesley, Fart.PDF, Kiana Mui, Kyle Mosher and Sir Will.

    Part 2 - The Emancipation | Saturday, May 1, 12 - 5pm

    American plantations did not simply die and become ghosts of the south on January 13, 1865. The plantation has disguised itself under the hood of American capitalism, and the cruelty of plantation culture has served as capitalism’s NOS-filled engine firmly rooting itself into the DNA of America.

    On the plantation, capitalism grew into a unique economy where white is right and the dollar rules everything around me. A powerful system that was created to support institutional racism that exploits those who conform to whiteness and punishes those who do not. No institution has been spared.

    In the art world, the heartless capitalistic message is transmitted by unspoken musts, where success is celebrated in hushed spaces of refinement – by educational pedigree – with high society endorsements. To be included is rare. To be accepted can mean conformity.

    This is a show about emancipation from the capitalistic values that deliver a message of exclusion. This show marks the revolution of the artist. We are working our way #offtheplantation.

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