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Of Course! A Gala Benefit Party for CCAE

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Cambridge Center for Adult Education

42 Brattle Street

Cambridge, MA 02138

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Welcome to Of Course!, Cambridge Center for Adult Education’s Gala Benefit Party

Of Course! is a celebration of all that is best about CCAE, featuring irresistible mini-classes at CCAE on topics that have caught the fancy or passion of our best CCAE instructors, followed by a brass band parade to The Charles Hotel. There, we enjoy small bites from the best restaurants in the city, cocktails, wine, and beer, and best of all, the spirited conversation and sense of convivial community that CCAE is famous for, all while celebrating CCAE’s 80th birthday!


4 - 6:30 pm
"A Menu of Classes at CCAE"
42 & 56 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA

Choose your Learning Adventure! Enjoy interactive mini-classes on everything from card trick magic to Spanish tapas, as well as conversations on food, art, and literature with special guests and CCAE faculty.

7 - 9 pm
"A Taste of CCAE"
The Charles Hotel Ballroom

Individual Tickets - $275

"Tastes" Provided By:

Visit ccae.org/ofcourse2019 for more information.

Mini-Classes for Of Course!


Chocolate and Wine Pairing with Victoria Kichuk
Join us for this extravaganza exploring the history of romance and chocolate and why this decadent treat makes your heart flutter and your spirits fly. Learn how to match your favorite chocolates with the correct varietals and sample some delicious wine and chocolate pairings from around the world. Sessions 1 & 2.

Spanish Tapas with Luis de Haro
Friends, family, and food are a way of life in Spain and nothing signifies that better than classic tapas—little bites with big flavor! Learn how to make regional tapas. We’ll pair them with authentic homemade Sangria. Sessions 1 & 2.

Cocktails Demo with Brendan O'Toole
Let's brighten up your evening with some cocktails. Learn how to mix and make tasty cocktails with Brendan. We will make both large batch and individual serving cocktails. Sessions 1 & 2.


Fun with French Pronunciation Practice with Siham Elaidi
Who said the French pronunciation is difficult? In this enjoyable class, we will go over the letters that are hard to pronounce such as the consonant "R" and the vowel "U" digging for words that combine both. We will distinguish between the "E" and the "EU", and practice with other combinations of vowels and consonants. Everyone is welcome! Sessions 1 & 2.

Group Vocal with Robin Romine
Join us for an introduction to voice! Learn the fundamentals of singing and improve your tone and pitch. Just bring yourself and a great attitude! Sessions 1 & 2.

Operas As Mass Market Music with Michael Frank
Though opera is often thought of as among the most difficult, obscure, inaccessible, and refined of art forms, historically this was far from true. For a good part of its history opera was seen very much as a mass market, popular genre, often looked at superciliously by those of "refined" musical taste. This talk, focusing on Mascagni's Cavalleria Rusticana will explore both why this was once the case and—perhaps more important—why it is so far from being the case today. Sessions 1 & 2.

Line Dancing 101 with Aly Madan
In line dancing class, you'll learn choreographed patterns of steps to popular songs. You'll feel comfortable on the dance floor, even without a partner! Line dancing is a great way to burn calories, gain confidence, and most importantly, have fun! Sessions 1 & 2.


Card Magic with John Bach
Have you ever seen amazing card tricks on YouTube and TV talent shows and wondered how they are done? Wonder no more! Professional magician John Bach will teach you some spectacular card tricks to amaze family and friends that are easy to do and require no sleight of hand. Learn how to be the hit at your next party! Sessions 1 & 2.

Hands Together Palm Reading with Sally Cragin
Learn about your character and your potential, and those of others, through palm reading. Entertaining and instructive. Sessions 1 & 2.

Computer Security for Home Users with Vadim Droznin
Join us and learn about past and current computer and network threats. You will learn how to defend and protect your home computers, networks, mobile devices against cyber threats. We will discuss how to create complex passwords and protect their personal Wi-Fi and important data. Sessions 1 & 2.

Mindful Consumption with Billie Jo Joy
Self-care is the FIRST step of primary care in a sane healthcare system. When you take good care of yourself, you are automatically taking good care of your family, community, and society. Raising your consciousness around your habits of consuming is a very profound way for you to contribute to a better world. In this class you will: become more aware of your habits of consumption in four main areas of life: food, body, technology, and sleep. Sessions 1 & 2.


Constitutionally Speaking with Brian Bixby
It’s not just a document. The Constitution determines how we elect Presidents and why you can’t be ordered to put up soldiers in your bedroom. This class will examine several episodes in which the Constitution influenced the course of American history. Sessions 1 & 2.

Civil War Incident
Sessions 1 & 2.


Jewelry with Laurie Savage
Try your hand at jewelry making in a fun and inspired workshop. Join us to create a sterling silver pendant or pair of earrings using surface textures. Basic metalsmithing skills will be covered, including: hammering, drilling and plier work. Sessions 1 & 2.

Watercolor with Bryan Ramey
Whimsical, immediate, and highly expressive, watercolor is a vibrant medium used by master and novice alike to put life in even the most mundane image. In this sampler class, we will take a note from masters of old and working from life, give expression to a rustic country picnic, while learning some basics and advanced skills of this marvelous medium. Sessions 1 & 2.

Portrait Drawing with Jeremy Durling & Brett Gamache
Enjoy a drawing lesson in portraiture from Studio School Instructors Jeremy Durling & Brett Gamache. Working from two live models, we will analyze the face and its relationship to the entire head. By simplifying the human head down to basic planes, shapes, and lines, we will learn how to achieve a "likeness" of the sitter. Sessions 1 & 2.

Printmaking with Kelly Slater
Learn to make accordion-fold artist's books using the versatile trace monotype technique — a printmaking method favored by Paul Gauguin and easy to do on any flat surface! Sessions 1 & 2.


Tickets are on sale before the event or at Of Course! $20 per ticket, six for $100.

A Night on the Town: Nab the toughest reservation in town at Pammy's Restaurant, named Best Restaurant by the Boston Globe. Owners Pam (on our committee!) and Chef Chris Willis will oversee your experience - dinner for six with wine pairings. Not only do you have a reservation, but you have it for 7:30 pm on a Saturday night this spring!

A Weekend in Town: Come to Harvard Square for the weekend, with a two night stay at The Charles Hotel, breakfast at Henrietta’s Table, Sunday brunch at Alden & Harlow, and chef's tasting menu for two at Parsnip Restaurant.

Mallet, Anyone?: Enjoy an afternoon of backyard croquet in Longfellow Park for six people with Reid Fleming, 7-time National USCA Croquet Champion and his wife and CCAE's Director of Development, Mary-Catherine Deibel, followed by a tea party with cucumber sandwiches, restorative iced tea, and, of course!, Pimm's Cup !

Hidden MIT: You are invited to take a 2 1/2 hour tour to uncover the hidden parts of MIT: the second cyclotron ever built, unusual art, underground tunnels and more. See the parts of MIT even students don't know about. This is a walking adventure, with plenty of stops, for up to 10 people. Led by Dr. Peter Fisher, Head of the Physics Department. Possible dates are May 4, 5, 25, or 26.

Cuisine Chez Nous: You've always wanted to--now you can! Arrange for you and 9 friends to take a cooking class in CCAE's cheerful teaching kitchen with our charismatic and accomplished chef and culinary program director Ploy Khunisorn. She will customize a class to your liking: Asian street food? Dumplings? Knife Skills? Vegetarian/Vegan? Your choice!

Combing Cambridge for Art with Jason Weeks: Experience and appreciate the array of art in our fair city with a Cambridge Arts Council Public Art Tour. Take a tour that features highlights of Cambridge’s impressive collection of public art with Cambridge Art Council's Executive Director, Jason Weeks, and meet one of the artists who created one of the works of art. Tour can include up to 15 of your nearest and dearest friends, or use this as a team-building exercise for your business!

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Cambridge Center for Adult Education

42 Brattle Street

Cambridge, MA 02138

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