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On Studio Days, regional teams will co-plan, co-teach and co-debrief a lesson. Teachers hosting a studio day will receive additional targeted one-on-one coaching to prepare for the upcoming studio day.

Studio Day Sequence

Phase 1. The host teacher will introduce the lesson plan. Together with our content expert, we will unpack the science content that the lesson intends to target. Collaboratively, we will identify three levels of possible explanations that students could have about the science content: What (lowest level), How (medium level) and Why (highest level).

Phase 2. We will visit the host teacher’s classroom to observe the students during 1 period. Using the RSST and other tools, we will collect data about student learning and understanding throughout the lesson.

Phase 3. We will collaboratively analyze student work and data collected to identify what levels of explanation students are at—What, How, or Why. We will then discuss what instructional strategies might help students move across the categories to develop deeper levels of science explanations. We can suggest a few targeted changes to the lesson before returning to the classroom.

Phase 4. The host teacher re-teaches (possibly co-teaches) the lesson incorporating the instructional changes. Using the RSST and other tools, we will collect data about how these instructional changes are supporting students.

Phase 5. We will reflect on student work and collected data and collaboratively discuss what impact instruction and instructional changes had on student learning. These data and discussions will inform what we decide to collaboratively focus on during upcoming weeks of instruction.

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