October 23, 2019 1-Day New Certification - MOAB® Management of Aggressive B...

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Providence Auditorium

20 W 9th Ave

Spokane, WA 99202

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Management of Aggressive Behavior

What is MOAB®

MOAB® presents principles, techniques, and skills for recognizing, reducing, and managing violent and aggressive behavior. The program also provides humane and compassionate methods of dealing with aggressive people.

Have you ever...

  • Known someone who upsets others simply by their mere presence or body language?
  • Known someone who angers people by the way he or she speaks?
  • Been uncomfortable by someone's presence, attitude or agitation?
  • Been attacked verbally by someone who is yelling, swearing, and/or pointing fingers?
  • Been attacked physically?

If so, visualize possessing the skills to...

  • Calm people
  • Diffuse anxious or aggressive behavior
  • Avoid violence and injuries
  • Create confidence and the ability to improve any situation
  • Minimize or eliminate lawsuit

Regardless of your age, size or strength... can create a win-win situation in difficult confrontations and resolve conflicts decisively and diplomatically with:

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Personal defense and safety skills

Why MOAB®?

  • Every MOAB® technique - nonverbal, verbal, or physical - is based on a solid principle.
  • MOAB® goes beyond the strategies for preventing and diffusing a crisis. It addresses the multitude of crises and stages of conflict.
  • MOAB® is the most innovative, comprehensive, and effective course on managing aggressive behavior in the country today. MOAB® Training has developed an intense, fresh approach to dealing with people.

Course Outline


  • What is Management of Aggressive Behavior - MOAB®?
  • MOAB® Objectives
  • Statistics
    • o Violence in Society, Healthcare Facilities, Law Enforcement, and Security

Strategies for Preventing and Diffusing Aggressive Behavior

  • Behavior and Intervention
  • Plan Identify and Act
  • Mental Conditioning
    • o Purpose
    • o Rehearsal
    • o Exercise
  • Methods of Communication
    • o Nonverbal Communications
    • o Three Categories of Nonverbal Communications
    • o Personal Space Chart
    • o Personal Space Factors
    • o Reactionary Distance
    • o Eye Communications
    • o Observing Eye Communications
    • o Proper Use of Eye Communications
    • o Interpreting Eye Communications
    • o Gestures, Postures and Facial Expressions\
    • o Signals To Look For and Understand

Stages of Conflict and Management

  • Stage I – Anxiety
    • o Recognizing Anxiety
    • o Anxiety Triggers
    • o Managing the Aggressor's Anxiety
    • o Listening
    • o Five Levels of Listening
    • o Empathic Listening
    • o Eliminating External and Internal Distractions
    • o Supportive Verbal Communication Skills
    • o Understanding Your Fear and Panic
    • o Fear and Panic Create Dysfunction
    • o Mind and Body Stress Feedback Loop
    • o How to Break the Stress Feedback Loop
  • Stage II - Verbal Aggression
    • o Recognizing Verbal Aggression
    • o Managing Verbal Aggression
  • Stage III - Physical Aggression
    • o Recognizing Physical Aggression
    • o Managing Physical Aggression
  • Diversions
    • o Diversions That Can Be Used
    • o Submission
    • o Redirect Activity
    • o Approaching
  • Cornering
    • o Three Options
    • o Five Common Mistakes
  • Multiple Aggressors
    • o Positioning
  • Review

About Your Instructors

Brian Goodwin, Security Supervisor

Brian has been with Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center for 27 years and has been teaching MOAB since 2000 certifying nearly 4,000 employees in the Management of Aggressive Behavior. Brian currently serves as the Security Training Coordinator and Support Services Supervisor for Providence Security Services in Spokane, WA.

Jerry Yamada, Security Supervisor

Jerry has been with Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center for 31 years and has been teaching MOAB since 2002 certifying over 2,500 employees in the Management of Aggressive Behavior. Jerry currently serves as the day shift Security Supervisor at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center.

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Date and Time


Providence Auditorium

20 W 9th Ave

Spokane, WA 99202

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