Occult Tarot Livestream

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Occult Tarot Livestream

Tarot livestream on YouTube discussing spirituality, magick, and the occult. Come get your cards read, and engage in exciting conversations.

By Avery (Seldom Dreams)

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Starts on Wednesday, February 1 · 6pm PST



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Put your faith in the darkness beyond the stars.

Seldom Dreams is a community based around tarot, magick, and the occult. We believe that receiving prolific insights from the divine is assisted by cultivating an environment to help the individual create their own direct transmission with the universe and spirit.

Magick is obtainable, demonstrable, and incredibly useful . Tarot studied at the occult level changes observations of the moving world, and summons an awakening within the soul. The spirit's Will becomes a force that creates tangible change, and may build reality to one's liking.

We will be live on YouTube Mondays at pm EST for personal readings and discussion in the magickal practice:


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