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3rd Floor, Suit 302

433 Natoma Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

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We are happy to announce our nTech Workshop in San Francisco, July 16th, 2019.

About this Event

Jesu Noh, who has given a spiritual insight, is willing to answer all the questions you have!

【Discussion Topics】

① How could we solve the problems of the disparity between the people in Useful (privileged) Class and those in Useless Class in the coming AI era?

② What is the fundamental significance of the human existence in the coming AI era?

③ How can you explain the relationship between the absolute and relative worlds?

④ What is the mechanism of how time is born?

⑤ How can you explain the relations between the four conceptions, the mind, the energy, the power, and the matter?

⑥ What is the essential principle of mathematics?

⑦ What is the meaning of the equation, 0=∞=1?

⑧ What is the secret of Zero?

◆What is nTech?

nTech, or Ninshiki (perceptual) Technology, is a uniquely systematized body of education developed in Japan since 1996. This new form of technology guides us to the deep learning of humans in this AI era through cultivating the world of meta-perception symbolized by nTech’s formula “0=∞=1.”

By understanding a simple monistic mechanism working at the root of the universe, which the human brain cannot perceive, you can possibly reach the final answer where the essence of science from the West and spiritual enlightenment form the East are perfectly merged.

In addition, “0=∞=1,” the simple monistic mechanism, enables you to grasp the cores of anything and everything in this phenomenal world, from physical elements like objects, power, and energy, to some elusive concepts like mind and love.

We are thrilled to share what nTech is all about and to introduce you to the secrets to leading a better life, building wonderful relationships with your true self and others, maximizing creativity in work place and organizational development, and what’s more, to creating our bright future together.

If you are interested in any of the following, you’re more than welcome to join us!

・The essential root of the “problems of perspective,” which is the ultimate key to mental performance and improving relationships

・How to create the “Higher Ground” for evolving a team and an organization

・Ninshiki (perception in Japanese) OS, which complements and evolves the limitations of human brain’s OS

・The final answer symbolized by “0=∞=1,” which merges the core elements of science and spirituality

・The origin of mindfulness and nine levels of Zen enlightenment (the nine jhanas)

・Relational mindfulness, which makes the most of Japanese spiritual culture and Samurai spirit

・Universal Dignity Leadership based on “0=∞=1,” the operating principle working at the core of the universe

【Profile of Facilitator】

Jesu Noh

Jesu Noh is a Reiwa philosopher who has succeeded in expressing “Ma” by the equation of 0=∞=1.

(“Reiwa” is Imperial era name in Japan and means beautiful harmony.)

23 years ago, he succeeded in observing mind as a source material and has called it as a new semiconductor of mind with “One Source, Infinity Use”. The development of a new semiconductor of mind enables us to create the era of Personal Universe which means that every person has his/her own universe.

He is the founder of nTech (Ninshiki Technology) which complements the limitations of technology. He says that those limitations are caused by the way of thinking with the fixed perception and the fixed dimension.

He is also Homo futurus who has suggested a new happy and successful lifestyle and work style. He says that our life is not one 100-year life but is composed of lots of 0.001-second life which is the metaphor of “here and now”.

In addition, he has been both delivering a message with the key word “Human Dignity” for creating a world with absolute dignity and implementing a model for building Dignity Teal organizations.

CEO of NR Group

CEO of Peace Production Ltd.

South Korean Representative of the Japan-South Korea Vision Alliance

Founder of nTech

【Workshop Details】


July 16 (Tue)

18:00pm – 20:30pm ( Door opens at 17:45pm ) 

※We plan to have dinner together after the workshop at a restaurant near the venue. You are more than welcome to join us if you have time. We will be happy to talk with you.


Address: 433 Natoma Street, San Francisco, CA 94104

Floor: 3rd Floor, Suit 302


You can use Bart as the means of public transportation besides a car.

It’s a 9-minute walk to the venue from Bart’s Powell station.

◉Participation fees


◉ Number of Attendees

Maximum of 16 people

◉Contact Information

If you have any questions, please feel free to send an Email to


◉Other information

・This workshop is held in English, Japanese and Korean.

・Please feel free to bring in your own drink to the workshop.






日本で間の悟りを得たnTech創始者のNoh Jesuがあなたの質問になんでもお答えします!


① AIの時代における特権階級と無用者階級の格差を解決するにはどうしたらいいのか?

② AI時代における人間の存在意義とは?

③ 絶対世界と相対世界の関係性とは?

④ 時間が生まれる仕組みとは?

⑤ 心とエネルギーと力、物質の関係性とは?

⑥ 数学の悟りの世界とは?

⑦ 数学の悟りのシンボル”0=∞=1”の数式が表すその意味とは?

⑧ 0の秘密とは?


nTech(Ninshiki Technology)・認識技術は、1993年に日本で開発された教育技術です。nTechは、「0=∞=1」という数式に象徴される人間のメタ認識の世界を開発し、AI時代の人間のDeep Learningを案内して行きます。






・チームや組織を進化させるHigher groundの作り方


・ScienceとSpiritualityの本質を融合させる「0=∞=1」のFinal Answer


・日本の精神文化や侍の心を生かすRelational Mindfulness

・世界の根源・0=∞=1の仕組みを応用したUniversal Dignity Leadership




23年前に心を素材化することに成功し、One Source Infinity Use(汎用性が無限大)を可能にする「心の半導体」の開発によるPersonal Universe時代を開いている心工学者。


また、人間の尊厳が開花する世界の創建に向けて、23年前より、「尊厳」と言うキーワードを発信し、Dignity Teal 組織の構築に向けて実践し続けている。

現在、NRグループ会長、ピースプロダクション株式会社 代表取締役、日韓VISION同盟 韓国代表、nTech創始者などを務める。

◆Noh Jesuオフィシャルブログ


◆NRグループ ウェブサイト








住所:433 Natoma Street, San Francisco, CA 94104

階:3rd Floor, Suit 302

















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3rd Floor, Suit 302

433 Natoma Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

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