Northern California TROMP @ Camp Herms | 12-5pm
Northern California TROMP @ Camp Herms | 12-5pm

Northern California TROMP @ Camp Herms | 12-5pm

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Camp Herms

1100 James Place

El Cerrito, CA

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Where: Camp Herms in El Cerrito (East Bay), CA

When: open 12-5pm

***Event open to outdoor industry employees and guests only ***

Join us for an afternoon of friends, food, and piles of gear to demo in real and simulated environments. Exclusive for employees in the Outdoor Industry and a guest.

Features GORE-TEX® Products from Adidas, Arcteryx, Asolo, Black Diamond, Brooks, La Sportiva, Lowa, Mammut, Marmot, Nikwax, Nite Ize, POW Gloves, Salomon, Smartwool, Stanley, The North Face and Vasque. For a complete list of products click here.

An RSVP is much loved but come anytime and leave anytime. Your RSVP will help us plan food accordingly.

Stair Stepper Challenge Course


What is TROMP?

TROMP is a different way to learn about the gear you sell. Rather than being lectured at, you get to create the knowledge of what each piece is for, who to sell it to, and how to sell it. You can compare 100s of different styles in a short amount of time so that when a customer asks you if you have tried it, you can say yes.

What is there to do at TROMP?

That’s a big question. You can:

  • Try on shoes, jackets and gloves from 18 different brands
  • Go outside and actually use the gear to get a feel for how it works.
  • Browse the GORE-TEX® Technology Labs and play with a series of experiments to learn about the GORE-TEX® Technology.
  • Test your meddle in one of our 5 challenge courses.
  • Test out the gear in our simulated environments: rain room, wind room, and river ramp.
  • Geek out with the reps of each brand.
  • Stuff your face with yummy food.
  • Hang out with your co-workers outside of work.

Seminar SeattleWhat is the schedule?
TROMP is a free form type event. But we do have some great 45 minute seminars that you are welcome to join:

  • 1:00 Footwear Fitting with Marshall and Asolo
  • 2:00 Running Footwear Mechanics and Fitting with Brooks
  • 3:00 Arcteryx with Roger Strong

How long should I plan to stay at TROMP?

Last year, the average length of time someone stayed at TROMP was 3 hours. Plan at least that much time. However, if you can only do 15 minutes, that works too. You can at least come and grab some food.

What brands are going to be at TROMP?

Not every brand is coming to every TROMP, but mostly they are. In alphabetical order: Adidas, Arcteryx, Asolo, Black Diamond, Brooks, La Sportiva, Lowa, Mammut, Marmot, Nikwax, Nite Ize, POW Gloves, Salomon, Smartwool, Stanley, The North Face and Vasque.La Sportiva shoes

I’ve gone before, why would I go again?

Here are the top reasons to come again:

  • New GORE-TEX® technologies: Thermium, PBS (code named ROFO), and Surround 2.0.
  • New Fringe Products from the brands: We’ve asked our partners to bring a bunch of fun styles that our TROMP community has never had before and they are delivering.
  • New mainstream products: assortments have changed and what we have at TROMP reflects that.
  • New simulated environments.
  • GORE® C-KNIT Technology what?
  • You probably have a bunch of new questions about product you may have seen last year.
  • We feed you.
  • We will miss you if you don’t come.

eatingI can’t make it to TROMP but want to learn about the gear anyway. What should I do?

Glad you asked. We have a closed Facebook group specifically for TROMP. We will be updating this group with TROMP relevant information like Seller Reviews, Brand Webinars, Event Photos, Event interviews, New Product sneak peeks and information, and anything else you want us to put on there.

If you really can't come, go to this page and let us know why. You will still be eligible for the the RSVP rafffle.

Will I be walking home with armloads of schwag?

We have giveaways but we want TROMP to be about learning about the gear and not necessarily a schwag fest. That said, we recognize that you like some cool stuff so we have some. We will make sure we enough on hand but you need to do your part and RSVP so we can have enough.

Welcome to TROMPLogisitcs

What are the hours of the event?

Depending on your market, TROMP is generally held over a 4-5 hour period giving you the luxury of coming when you can and leaving when you want.

Do I need to print out and bring a ticket to get in?

You don’t need a paper ticket to come. If you RSVP we will have you on our check-in iPad.

Do I have to RSVP? What if I didn’t and still want to come?

You don not have to RSVP but it really helps us to get the right amount of food and giveaways. We won’t turn anyone away at the door but our worst nightmare is to run out of food. O.K., our worst nightmare is to be eaten by a werewolf, but it is still useful for us if you were to RSVP 3 hours ahead of the event. But don’t delay. RSVP now! 

What happens if it rains?

This event is put on by GORE-TEX® Products. Do you think we care if it rains?

Kid with RampCan I bring a guest? Can Kids come?

Yes, kids and friends are welcome to come. We recommend 1 guest per attendee but if you have a couple of kids (or friends who act like kids) who want to come just email us and let us know.

Is there food? I love food! I only eat certain kinds of food.

Oh… is there food? We love to source good food for TROMP. We understand that a) food is a carrot to get you to come and b) no one can learn on an empty stomach. We try hard to accommodate any eating restriction you might have, however we don’t nail it 100% of the time. Seriously, if you see food labeled “for vegetarians only” and you aren't vegetarian, then please don’t eat it. It will leave your vegetarian friends hungry.

What should I wear to TROMP?

Most likely you will be changing in and out of shoes, boots, and outerwear throughout the day so bring clothes that make it easy to do that in. Smartwool provides a pair of socks for everyone who comes but wear shoes that are easy to get in and out of… or not. We don’t care.


Who puts on TROMP?Pails over heads

TROMP is put on by WL Gore and Associates in cooperation with the brands that participate.

Who is TROMP for?

TROMP is designed to be relevant for retail shop employees. We work to have experiences that are specific to helping people who are selling the gear.

When did TROMP start?

TROMP began in its current form in 2007 in Seattle. We wanted to figure out a better way to bring you product knowledge than the traditional clinic. Knowing that you learn best from experience we came up with the idea to minimize talking and maximize the touching and feeling. In it’s first year, TROMP was only footwear focussed and had just 5 brands. It was cute.

What does TROMP stand for?

TROMP stands for Try On My Products. The word TROMP means ’to walk heavily as if on an excursion.’ The idea is to learn about the gear by trying it on and condensing a full day’s experience into a series of short TROMPs.misting challenge

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Date and Time

Camp Herms

1100 James Place

El Cerrito, CA

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