Northampton Poultry Project

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Northampton Poultry Project

The Northampton Poultry Show will have three workshops that will conclude with a show in Jackson at the Christmas Parade on Dec 10th

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9495 NC-305 9495 North Carolina 305 Jackson, NC 27845

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The poultry project teaches fundamental production methods of the poultry industry. The poultry project allows youth to explore the areas of animal husbandry, livestock selection and evaluation, health management and meat science. If you want chicks we need to know by September 9th so please register as soon as possible. Workshops will be held at the Jackson Extension office at 6PM on September 22, October 20, and November 10. The show will take place in Jackson at the Farmers Market on December 10.


Division 01: Layers

- Barred rock, Rhode island red, Ameraucanas, Wyandotte, Brahma, Orpingtons, Marans

Division 02: Pullet

- Participant can sign up to receive female chicks of egg-laying breeds. You will get your Chicks from the Extension office.

- Under 1 year old bird

Division 03: Roosters

Division 04: Ornamentals

- Polish, silkies, Frizzles, Houdans, Turken, Cochin

Division 05: Bantams

- Cochin, Buff Brahma; Mille Fleur; Black, Buff, Blue, and White Silkies; and Porcelain.

Division 06: Waterfowl

- duck, geese

Division 07: Game birds

- pheasants, dove, quail

Division 08: Turkeys

Division 09:Eggs

-eggs must be in egg carton

Division 10: Rookie- This division is for youth with an interest in the project, but are unable to house birds on their own

Division 11: Showmanship All must participate