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North Dakota Family Based Services 2019 Conference: Together Inspire Hope

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Holiday Inn Fargo

3803 13th Avenue South

Fargo, ND 58103

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Together Inspire Hope

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Conference Registration Packet

Join us for the 31st annual North Dakota Family Based Services Conference: Together Inspire Hope. This year we highlight and promote family based services in North Dakota with those who share in our objective to maintain, strengthen, and empower families. The North Dakota Family Based Services Association along with our volunteer Board of Directors and committees have a longstanding commitment to revitalize North Dakota’s diverse audience of social workers, counselors, addiction counselors, therapists, educators, family advocates, youth leaders, foster parents, adoptive parents and supervisors through education and professional development. Attend the four day conference designed to inspire hope as part of our commitment to serving children and families of North Dakota.

View the Conference Registration Packet above for complete details about the agenda. Overview below:

Tuesday March 26, 2019

Pre-Conference sponsored by Youthworks: Serving Victims of Human Trafficking in North Dakota

Amy Jacobson, LSW; Melissa Williams, LSW; Anne Lafrinier-Ritchie; Christina Sambor, J.D.

This session will assist attendees in understanding the coordinated response system that exists in North Dakota for responding to victims of human trafficking. The presenters will provide insight from their work with survivors and will highlight emerging best practice in the field.

Wednesday March 27, 2019

Keynote: The Art and Science of Helping Children Thrive

Dr. David Walsh, Ph.D.; Erin Walsh: Mind Positive Parenting Speakers

Recent discoveries in brain science are revolutionizing many fields, including our understanding of child development. In this presentation, D. Dave Walsh and Erin Walsh will translate the latest discoveries in brain science into practical strategies that anyone concerned about kids can put to use immediately.

1st Breakout Sessions

A- 1: It's Complicated: Adolescents, Social Media, and Mental Health

Erin Walsh

Young people today spend an average of 53 hours a week watching TV, browsing their phones, playing video games, and using the computer. Yet while media headlines suggest that digital technologies are either good or bad for youth-- evidence suggests that they are powerful. The good or bad depends upon how we use them. In this interactive and engaging presentation, Erin Walsh will discuss how social media impacts adolescent development.

A- 2: Grit: What It Is, Why Kids Need It and How To Get It

Dr. David Walsh, Ph.D

"Grit", technically called "executive function", is critical for school and life success. It determines how we learn as opposed to what we learn and includes the ability to concentrate, manage impulses and behavior, passion, perseverance, resilience, focus, and motivation. Dr. Dave Walsh will explain why it is so important and will describe the six toxic threats that undermine it: toxic stress, sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep, a culture of "more, fast, easy, and fun", misuse and overuse of technology, and disappearance of free play.

A- 3: Naturally Helping Children's Mental Health

Valerie Meyers, MS, LPCC-S

Join us to learn ways to naturally help mental health symptoms. We will walk through the steps to allow the body to function at its highest potential. Genetics, diet, and supplements are reviewed to allow you to begin taking steps for your patient's health.

A- 4: Pharmacists and Opioids in Their Community- A New Way to Look at a Long-Term Problem Sponsored by ONE Rx

Amy Werremeyer, PharmD, BCPP

The opioids misuses crisis has swept across the U.S. and our communities in the past decade. As many as one in four individuals receiving long-term opioid therapy struggles with opioid addiction. The ONE Rx program, developed by the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Public Health at North Dakota State University is equipping pharmacists with tools to screen their patients for opioid use risks including misuse and accidental overdose. Come learn how pharmacists are offering a solution as part of the team in the wraparound approach to the opioids crisis for North Dakota's children and families.

2nd Breakout Sessions

A-5: The Addicted Brain: The Neuroscience of Addiction and the Implications of Recovery

Dr. David Walsh, Ph.D.

How is addiction connected to the brain's primary mission of keeping us alive? How does addiction "hijack" the brain? Why do addicts continue to seek the drug even as the rewards diminish? How can knowledge of the brain help recovery? Dr. Dave Walsh will explore these questions and more as he connects the dots between cutting edge neuroscience and chemical dependency treatment.

A-6: Moments of Impact Sponsored by ND Department of Transportation

Taylor Berhow

A series of poor, yet seemingly small decision starting in middle school all added up to Taylor hitting rock bottom on October 29, 2011. That was the night Taylor killed three of his best friends. During his recovery process, Taylor approached the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (DOCR) stating that when he would be released, he'd like to share his story with others to prevent hem from making decisions like he made. The DOCR said there was no reason to wait until he was released and that he could begin speaking to groups around the state, including high schools students, about everything he's facing and the decision that led him to this point, hoping to deter as many people as possible from making the same bad choices he did.

A- 7: Clinical Supervision

Dean Beck, MSW

Review of different forms of clinical supervision, the purpose of clinical supervision, looking at the difference in conducting clinical supervision with a new practitioner vs. someone that has been working in the field. How to deal with conflicts and ethical struggles in clinical supervision.

A-8: North Dakota Dual Status Youth Initiative Sponsored by ND Department of Human Services, Division of Juvenile Services, ND Supreme Court, and ND Juvenile Justice State Advisory Group

Nicole Leitner

This session is an overview and training of the North Dakota Dual Status Initiative. In Spring 2017, North Dakota Supreme Court, North Dakota Department of Human Services, North Dakota Division of Juvenile Services, and North Dakota Juvenile Justice State Advisory Group collaborated and coordinated with the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation to identify dual status youth and families in ND. Join us to learn how to engage identified dual status youth. Dual status youth are children and adolescents who come into contact with both the child welfare and juvenile justice (delinquency) systems. Child welfare and delinquency systems across the country have begun to collaborate to coordinate their responses to dual status youth and families and, in doing so, to improve the services and supports available to children, youth, families, and the child welfare and delinquency professionals who serve them.

Thursday March 28, 2019

Keynote: Creating Connections that Count

Ty Sells

Adults must first establish a connection with their young people before knowledge can be shared. Making a connection, letting a young person know you care, is the quickest way to get them "ready". Once they are "ready", there is no limit to what they can accomplish. In an interactive and exciting way, participants will learn practical and proven ways to engage and connect with youth.

Plenary Session: The Family First Prevention Services Act Sponsored by Casey Family Programs

Kristi Craig

This session will describe the Family First Prevention Services Act (P.L. 115-123) and the implication for children and families.

1st Breakout Sessions

B- 1: It's Not What You Say, but How Youth Say It

Ty Sells

This workshop will focus on effective ways to promote positive behaviors to young people, and how to communicate with youth to get results. It will include effective prevention strategies and assessing whether your messages are "primed". Learn how to share message with young people that are Practical, Receivable, Interesting, Memorable, and Engaging!

B-2: Could it be Dyslexia? Sponsored by Haley's Hope

Kari Bucholz

You may be asking yourself, "Could it be dyslexia?" Or maybe you just found out that it is dyslexia. Know the best way to help children. Learning about this learning difference that affects one in five people in our nation. Three areas covered. 1) Scientific definition of dyslexia. 2) Warning signs of dyslexia. 3) Simulations of dyslexia- what does it feel like to have a learning disability.

B-3: Pediatric Partners Sponsored by Pediatric Partners

Justin Boseck, Ph.D, L.P., ABPdN, C.B.I.S.; Danielle Olson, MS, CC-SLP; Allison Moum

Pediatric Partners presentation session description to be announced.

2nd Breakout Sessions

B-4: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Brenda Jacobson

Raising children comes with challenges and in today's world, grandparents raising grandchildren may be surrounded by its own set of unique obstacles. Grandparents may grapple with their own guilt, grief, trauma, family mental health issues, and/or family drug addictions. Now they are raising children who have survived a world of disruption, chaos, and loss. This presentation will provide resources, practical applications, and an overall better understanding of this issue rising in North Dakota.

B-5: Kissing the Past Goodbye

Shannon Huber, LAC

Kissing the Past Goodbye, living life without limits. This presentation will increase knowledge of the challenges for understanding addiction. Why do people get addicted in the first place? Why can't people just stop? Invaluable information regarding long term recovery to empower individuals and communities with resources necessary for remaining in long term recovery.

B-6: Decoding Mental Health Treatment for Trauma: What Children and Families May Need Sponsored by Red River Children's Advocacy Center

Dr. Nicola Herting, Ph.D.

The world of mental health can be very confusing for professionals and families alike. There are many types of mental health professionals and even more styles of therapy and model so treatment. It is difficult to know what children and families need when so often competing problems are present. This session will dive in to the world of mental health treatment by discussion the types of professionals, styles of therapy, and models of treatment that are commonly available for children and families. The presentation will then specifically examine different evidence-based and trauma-specific treatment available in the community and how they help children and families heal. Lastly, the presentation will review practical ways to support children currently in evidence-based trauma treatment.

Friday March 29, 2019

Breakout Sessions

C-1: Ethics and Professional Relationships

Dr. Jeremy Carney, MSW, Ph.D.

Most high-profile ethics cases involving helping professionals revolve around development of dual relationships with clients. What are the potential hazards of these relationships? How can rural practitioners avoid these pitfalls? Dr. Carney will explore these issues and the ethical implications involved. An engaging discussion of professional boundaries and an ethical framework for decision making will be the focus of this session. This presentation will use a number of case studies to illustrate these ethical dilemmas, so come prepared to participate!

C-2: Child Trauma and Eating Disorders: The Clinical and Scientific Impact and Practical Interventions

Dr. Nicola Herting, Ph.D. and Dr. Stephen Wonderlich, Ph.D.

Research demonstrates a high prevalence of child maltreatment in patients with eating disorders (Molendijk, Hoek, Brewerton, Elzinga, 2017). This presentation will discuss the primary forms of child maltreatment and explore the relationship between childhood trauma and eating disorder psychopathology. The difference and use of child trauma screening and assessment and the vital importance of trauma screening and assessment in child serving systems will be examined. Evidence-based and trauma-specific treatment that help children and families recover from traumatic events and how to find appropriate providers trained in these models will be reviewed.

Plenary Session: North Dakota Youth Leadership Board Panel and Presentation

North Dakota Youth Leadership Board, Jose Saez, B.S., and Liz Kemp

Panel presentation will highlight some of the Youth Board experiences during their time in care and their ongoing transition to independence. Focus on keys to create healthy relationships between foster parents and children. Highlight the benefits of the 18 plus continued care program and Educational Training Voucher from those that have been involved in the foster care system.

Lodging: Holiday Inn, Fargo, ND

Please book hotel room reservations directly with Holiday Inn Sales Support Manager, Desirae Quesada, available business days 8:30am-5:00pm at 701-277-7306. After business hours, please call 701-282-2700.

A block of single rooms and double rooms have been set aside at the Holiday Inn for conference attendees under ND Family Based Services Association. The Conference Rate is $114.00 for a standard room. Blocked rooms will be held at conference rates until February 26, 2019.

For a State Rate room, when you book the reservation, you will initially get the block conference rate. Upon check-in, you must provide a State ID Card to get the state rate of $84.60 for a single occupant.


After March 12, 2019 (3/12/19), a refund, minus $25 admin fee will be issued via initial registration payment (card or check). All requests must be submitted in writing via Eventbrite or email to ndfamilybasedservices@gmail.com

Potential for up to 24 CEUs for North Dakota social work, counseling, addiction counseling.

If you would like to submit a paper registration, please complete the NDFBSA registration packet and mail the registration form and payment to North Dakota Family Based Services Association- PO Box 9114- Fargo, ND 58106

Please click here to nominate a deserving individual or program for a North Dakota Family Based Services award.

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Holiday Inn Fargo

3803 13th Avenue South

Fargo, ND 58103

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