Nordic Energy Research Forum 2019

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Nordic co-operation – the key to energy and climate leadership – in the most cost-effective way

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Vision and mission for the Nordic Energy Research Forum 2019

The Nordic Energy Research Forum 2019 is the only annual High-level energy conference presenting state-of-the-art joint Nordic energy research and how far we are in relation to reaching the ambitious Nordic energy- and climate objectives. In this year’s Forum we will identify possibilities for Nordic co-operation and discuss the pathway from the local/national level to the regional/Nordic level covering all our member countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). We should go where we can create greater value by conducting the research Nordic in relation to national bets. And we should analyse the most cost effective ways and means to achieve the ambitious goals.

Against this background, we would like to invite you to the Nordic Energy Research Forum 2019, to be held 12.–13. November at Nordatlantens Brygge, Strandgade 91 Copenhagen. We will use this occasion to mark the conclusion of the Nordic flagship projects, to present results from these projects, have a look at Nordic Energy Research’s 2019 Tracking Nordic Clean Energy Progress report and have joint discussions on where we in particular need to put emphasis on the way forward. How can Nordic energy research and analysis activities strengthen the Nordic energy and climate leadership in achieving ambitious targets in the most cost-effective way?

About Nordic Energy Research

Nordic Energy Research (NER) is the Nordic intergovernmental platform for cooperative energy research and analysis, creating knowledge basis for policy development. NER is the only organisation under the Nordic Council of Ministers (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) dealing exclusively with energy and the green transition.

NER has a unique strength in that our governance structure is closely connected to both the national political systems of the five Nordic countries as well as the intergovernmental Nordic system. Our Board and other committees and project steering groups consist not only of representatives from national funding agencies, but also from national energy authorities, ministries and the Secretariat of the Nordic Council of Ministers. This creates a profound interaction between research strategies, results and key issues on the political agenda. We manage several joint research projects and facilitate Ministerial working groups that provide input to energy technology policymaking in the Nordic region.

Nordic Flagship projects

During the last four years NOK 100 million has been devoted to three large Nordic flagship projects dealing with the Nordic perspectives of green transition in three of the most important fields: the transport sector, the enabling of the renewable transition and the needed negative CO2 emissions. 2019 is the year when SHIFT (transport), Flex4RES (renewables) and Negative CO2 are coming to completion with high quality results. These we will make available to decision makers in politics, business and other stakeholders during this year’s Nordic Energy Research Forum. All three projects are aiming at defining the most cost-effective ways to achieve the ambitious climate- and energy- targets in the Nordic countries.

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