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NLP MASTER PRACTITIONER TRAINING with Beryl Comar in November 2017

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Dubai, Dubai

United Arab Emirates

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We are delighted to announce an amazing training for professionals like you.

Please find below the details about *NLP Master Practitioner Training* in Dubai with Beryl Comar. This is one of the last few trainings that Beryl will deliver in Dubai.

Dates: Nov 15th, 16th and 17th

Fee: Dh 5.500 / Early bid: Dh.4.500 paid in full with 10 days prior to the course

Location: Dubai

Registration at hypnoberyl@gmail.com and +971527696761


· A Basic NLP Practitioner certification through NFNLP or another recognized certifying agency

The NLP Master Practitioner Training is about mastery -- the mastery of your current NLP skills, and mastery of a whole new level of powerful techniques. At NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training, you will learn how to:

· Negotiate with Elegance: Master the practical negotiation process of using values elicitation and chunking together.

· Expand Your Thinking 4 Ways: SubModalities are the building blocks of thoughts. Learn the intricacies of human thought, how to optimize and change your own thinking patterns, and how to enhance your impact on others' thinking patterns. Practitioner level material is expanded to new realms of usefulness.

· Learn the Secret Process that Dominates Everyone's Behaviors: Values & Meta Programs are a practical analysis and description of the processes that dominate everyone's behaviors. They provide systematic exploration of how to motivate, encourage and communicate with wide varieties of behaviors and belief systems. Some of the most useful information in NLP!

· Learn the Secret Behind the Secret: Modeling is the advanced material that introduces you to the very processes that created NLP. Watch Your Language & Master Success: Even more of the most effective and practically useful ways of communicating and persuading. Mastery of language patterns creates ensured success in all aspects of your life.

· And More: As you will find at every level of knowledge, just learning how to get results isn't always enough to actually get them. Much, much more ... and all at an advanced level! Topics such as the Quantum Linguistics, Hierarchy of Ideas, Sleight of Mouth, Platform Skills, Prime Concerns, Suggestibility, Advanced Healing, and Allergy Intervention are just the tip of the iceberg of what we have in store for you when you join us for the NLP Master Practitioner Certification® Training.

You will learn:

· Meta Model Introductions

· Success Track

· Lie-Truth Submodalities

· Auto Pilot To Success

· Magic Charismatic Builder

· Sliding Anchors

· Zip Or Zap Technique

· Compulsion Blow Out

· Drop Down Through Technique

· Healing States Of The Masters

· Logical Levels

· Hammer Exercise

· Belief Systems

· Accelerated Learning

· Meta Programs

· Virginia Satir Patterns

· The More the More Pattern

· By Pass Words: Waking Hypnosis Words, Awareness Pattern, Temporal Pattern, Spatial Pattern, Cause & Effect Pattern, Commands, Quotes, Personal Trance Words, Words To Avoid

· Language Patterns

You will discover:

· Rapid Strategy Elicitation for Effective Modeling

· Meta Program Elicitation and Utilization Mastery

· Nested Loops: Formation and Implementation

· Propulsion Systems: Superpower Brain Techniques

· Advanced Modeling Skills for Success in Business

· Linguistic Installation Patterns

· Time Tracking for Change

· Instant Trance Induction

· Advanced Submodality Distinctions and Shifts

· Future Pacing for Long TermSuccess in Life

· Power of Abstraction to Overcome Illness

· Mapping the Mind Holographically

· Accelerating Learning and Memory Enhancement

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Date and Time



Dubai, Dubai

United Arab Emirates

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