NIEM Technical Training - June 2023 (HYBRID)

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NIEM Technical Training - June 2023 (HYBRID)

NIEM Technical Training is a self-paced course designed for NIEM developers. Live Q&A from 3 PM-4 PM ET daily Mon-Fri.

By NIEM Management Office

When and where

Date and time

June 19 · 5am - June 23 · 1pm PDT



About this event

  • 4 days 8 hours
  • Mobile eTicket

Format: Hybrid + Chat via TEAMs

Based on feedback from the community, the NIEM Management Office is providing a new permanent hybrid technical training format. We have collected questions from prior training classes and incorporated them into a new professional pre-recorded curriculum that covers the NIEM technical training, supplemented with a LIVE trainer from 3 PM to 4 PM ET daily to answer your questions in real time via MS Teams chat.

Advantages to using the Hybrid format:

  • You can fit the NIEM training in with your work schedule
  • Hit pause and take important calls or answer urgent emails
  • Rewind and re-watch a topic to ensure comprehension of the materials
  • Access to an instructor to answer questions when you have them
  • Access to the materials after the recordings after the class
  • Keeps training costs down so that we can offer it to the community for FREE
  • Allows people from different time-zones to receive training at a time that is convenient for them

Trainees can communicate with the instructor by attending the Q&A session from 3 PM - 4 PM daily.

While users can really choose to go at their own pace; below is the recommended schedule along with topics covered:


Total Video Length: 97 minutes

Part 1

  • Logistics
  • Prerequisites
  • Asking Questions
  • Introduction to NIEM
  • What is NIEM?
  • Scope of NIEM
  • NIEM Harmonization and Organization

Part 2

  • IEPD Development
  • Overview
  • Process
  • Artifacts
  • Scenario Planning
  • Example MOUs and the Like
  • Catalog-Oriented Metadata
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Variety of Diagrams
  • UML Class Diagrams
  • Business Term Oriented
  • NIEM Oriented
  • Tools
  • Business Rules


Total Video Length: 110 minutes

Part 3

  • Intro to Mapping
  • Mapping Spreadsheets Options
  • Documenting Business Objects
  • Maintaining an Ongoing Sample Instance Skeleton
  • Basics of Searching NIEM

Part 4

  • Mapping to Existing Objects
  • What you are defines what you hold
  • Native Properties
  • Substitution Groups
  • Namespaces
  • Inherited Properties


Total Video Length: 85 minutes

Part 5

  • Mapping to Existing Objects (continued)
  • Linking Things Together
  • Associations
  • Roles

Part 6

  • Mapping to Existing Objects (continued)
  • Code Tables

Part 7

  • Mapping to Existing Objects (continued)
  • Metadata


Total Video Length: 117 minutes

Part 8

  • Mapping to Existing Objects (continued)
  • Combining Domains with Augmentations
  • External Standards

Part 9

  • Creating New Objects
  • Simple Data Elements
  • Complex Objects
  • Adding New Objects to the Exchange
  • Augmentations
  • Concrete Extension

Part 10

**Part 10 is a long video and can be split over two days.

  • Creating and Validating Schemas
  • How Schemas Fit Together
  • Schema Subsets
  • Wantlists
  • Extension and Exchange Schemas
  • Sample Instances
  • Tips and Tricks


Total Video Length: 87 minutes

Part 10 (continued)

  • Creating and Validating Schemas
  • How Schemas Fit Together
  • Schema Subsets
  • Wantlists
  • Extension and Exchange Schemas
  • Sample Instances
  • Tips and Tricks

Part 11

  • Assembly
  • MEP Builder
  • Assembling Artifacts by Hand
  • Publishing
  • Existing Registry/Repositories
  • New Registry/Repositories
  • Restricted
  • Unrestricted
  • Implementation
  • Outside the Scope of this Session
  • It's just XML (or JSON)
  • Next Steps

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