Next Gen Revolution Summit: Online & Miami

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400 NW 26th St

Miami, FL 33127

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Sales Have Ended

Ticket sales have ended
Sorry you missed us! Our next event will be listed here:
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So, what's NextGenRev all about?



At its core, entrepreneurship is a complex set of skills – a way of thinking and acting. It is about imagining new ways to solve problems and create value. Passion, business, novelty, and creativity come together to solve real-world problems.



A science of everything that we do seems almost impossible. However, behavior analysis provides a framework for understanding why we do what we do, with diverse applications from education, technology, instructional design, training, systems analysis and policy design, performance improvement, and more.



We have all experienced the exponential rate of technology - for better or worse it's here, and it's evolving quickly. Technology includes the gadgets and devices that we use day-to-day, but it also includes the process or "how to." Data collection & design, virtual reality, instructional design, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are all up our alley,



At the end of the day there's a consumer facing an issue, whether it be behavioral, mental, or social. Our goal is to provide a framework of the first three areas that allows you to immediately provide more value in your personal professional situation. After all, that's why we all got into this field, right?

Next Gen Revolution Summit: Online & Miami

Summit Date

Saturday, November 11th, 2017

Event Location

The LAB, Miami, FL

400 NW 26th St.

Miami, FL 33127


Street parking (~$1.50/hr) $10/day

Hotel Accommodations

Hotel: Hampton Inn and Suites Miami Midtown


Group Name: Next Generation Revolution Summit
Arrival Date: 10-Nov-2017
Departure Date: 12-Nov-2017

Event Details

Friday, November 10th, 2017

Optional Meet 'n' Greet for all registered attendees

Location To Be Announced

Saturday, November 11th, 2017

8am-6pm - Official Revolution Summit Event for all registered attendees (~2hr lunch)

Saturday, November 11th, 2017

6pm - 10pm Wynwood Artwalk and Social open to the public. The Artwalk is for all generations and backgrounds, and just so happens to occur right after our event! Learn more here.

Details will be sent out to all in-person attendees prior to the event.

Upon registration, you select if you would like to attend in-person or via Livestream the day of the event.

Talk to an organizer same day schedule here in ~30 sec:
You can also email or call 775.639.8436

Sponsorship Options - Located Here

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Next Gen Revolution Summit | Behavior Analysis

Video Promo 2

REALM OF POSIBILITY | Next Gen Revolution Summit | Behavior Analysis


Schedule of Events


Doors Open, Meet 'n' Greet & Social Media

What to Expect: Get in, get situated, and get ready for a jam-packed day. We’ll make sure the environment is comfortable and slowly set the stage for what’s to come. Presenters and organizers will be roaming about, hyping the event, and plenty of social media will be going on! (Be ready to seize the opportunity to show your excitement for our social media channels and video blog - if you so choose that is!)


Introductory Remarks

What to Expect: Representatives that put this event together will take turns chatting about why they put so much work into the day and set expectations for attendees (and maybe even set the mood a little bit!).


Melissa Engasser, MS, BCBA

Affiliation: The Bedrock Clinic & Research Center, Inc.

Tracks: Behavior Analysis & Entrepreneurship


Amy (McGinnis) Stango, MS, OTR/L, MS, BCBA

Affiliation: Amy McGinnis Behavioral Consulting

Tracks: Behavior Analysis & Entrepreneurship


Michael Morris, PhD

Affiliation: University of Florida, Warrington College of Business

Tracks: Entrepreneurship


Lunch will be on your own. We’ll make sure to provide you with a list of our favorite places (Watch our social media channels or check back on our website). Please return at least 10 minutes prior to 2pm so that we can begin the next scheduled talk on time.



Affiliation: BehaviorMe, Inc.

Tracks: Behavior Analysis, Technology & Entrepreneurship


Nick Green, MS, BCBA

Affiliation: BehaviorFit, LLC

Tracks: Behavior Analysis, Technology, & Entrepreneurship


Tom Buqo, BA

Affiliation: Hofstra University, Doctoral Candidate

Tracks: Behavior Analysis & Clinical Psychology


Eb Blakely, PhD, BCBA-D

Affiliation: Quest, Inc., Florida Institute of Technology

Tracks: Behavior Analysis & Technology


Fireside Chat

Host: Andres Chavez

Affiliation: BehaviorMe

Tracks: Entrepreneurship & Technology

Chatter: Adam Ventura, MS, BCBA

Affiliation: World Evolve, Florida International University

Tracks: Behavior Analysis & Entrepreneurship

Chatter: Ryan O’Donnell, MS, BCBA

Affiliation: RYANO, LLC

Tracks: Behavior Analysis & Entrepreneurship


Event Details and Continuing Education Units (Ethics, Supervision & Type 2)

  • 1 Interactive Day of Doing
  • 8 Presentation-Workshops
  • 7 BACB Continuing Education Units (1 Supervision, 1 Ethics & 5 Type-2)
  • AOTA Continuing Education Units will be announced soon.
  • 1 Livestream available for those who would prefer to join online or can't make the travel to the physical location. We know there are competing events in everyone's life. Additionally, it's quite impactful on the environment to travel and attend an event, especially one that revolves around the theme of "Saving the world." As such, we've made sure that you can log in online and watch the events as they occur throughout the day. Each participant will also receive a recording of the event to access at later times - perfect if you're already committed when we're holding the live event, but still, want to join the community and movement.Each presentation will also come along with materials that allow you to immediately use the skills and create your personal action plan for bringing behavior analysis to novel or non-traditional areas. *
  • 1 Community - You know that conference high that you get after an amazing series of events that makes you feel like you can conquer any obstacle that you're running into in practice? We want to continue that through a number of ways (visit the site to learn how).

*The Bedrcok Clinic and Research Center, Inc. is an Approved Continuing Education (ACE) provider and the BACB does not endorse this event.

Contact Us or call us at 775.639.8436

*Streaming is best with a dedicated direct line. Although the event can be streamed through 4G and LTE and wireless connections, it's recommended that you plan to attend with a direct ethernet connection with at least 5Mb/s connection. We're glad to answer any questions about this at the contact information above. All attendees will receive a recording of the event as a part of registration. Data usages may apply and are your sole responsibility.

* All sales are final. If you cannot make the event in-person or online the day of the event, then the on-deman option is still available.

*All participants will receive the recordings for 30 days after they are processed and hosted online. Email notification will occur along with reminders to your remaining access duration.

*Any photos or videography taken at the conference by Next Gen Revolution Summit (or member of Next Gen Revolution Summit) may be used in future conference collateral, appearing either in printed documents, video productions, or on the Next Gen Revolution Summit website and social media profiles. We appreciate your consent to use this media for the purpose of sharing and promoting the movement. Submission of your conference registration form to NextGenRevolutionSummit acknowledges acceptance of these terms and provisions of registration.

Date and Time


400 NW 26th St

Miami, FL 33127

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