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New York In-Person Family Constellation Workshop

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$120 – $150

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New York - Manhattan

62 Orchard St. Suite 2

Lower East Side

NEW YORK, NY 10002

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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The Family Constellation (“FC”) Intensive Workshop by Patricia Belda is divided into two parts - an in-person, full-day meeting, and weekly 20-minute online sessions. It is up to each participant to determine their degree of engagement and length of participation in the program. The more you are exposed "to the field" and the experiences, the more you will benefit from this practice. This is a self-exploration workshop and not a substitute for any traditional medical treatment or therapy. The client takes full responsibility for their experiences and well-being during this event.

Patricia Belda, our guest facilitator, has restarted in-person constellations which she feels is a necessary and an integral component to the success of this practice. Strict Covid-19 precautions and protocols will be followed including the use of face masks, a limited number of participants, social distancing in a well-ventilated room. Face shields, shoe coverings, and hand sanitizer will be provided.

IN-PERSON PHASE: full-day meeting

Date: Saturday, February 27, 2021

Hours: 8:30am to 6:00pm.

Address: 62 Orchard St. Suite 2 - Lower East Side- Manhattan, 10002

Fee: US$150.00 that includes:

*All clients will be invited to address issues in the in-person meeting. These may be personal, family-related, or professional concerns. Alternatively, they may participate in the dynamics and exercises or aid as a representative.

*Participation in weekly online 20-minute meditation and reflection sessions.

*Individually wrapped snacks and soft drinks. Feel free to bring a light lunch or snack of your choice.

*Fee and/or donations also go towards covering the cost of those who are unable to afford the full-price of the FC workshop.

Important COVID 19 Protocols: The face-to-face meeting will follow appropriate safeguards including non-contact, social distancing, use of face mask and shield, disposable shoe covers, and will be held in a small group setting in a ventilated room.

Age: There is no minimum age whoever, under 18-year-olds must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian.

Privacy: This workshop will preserve the identities of all participants. Photos and videotaping are not allowed under any circumstance. Names will not be disclosed by the organization at any time, on any social media, guaranteeing the privacy of all participants.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations for any reason 7 days before the event will be refunded minus a $30 processing fee. Alternatively, it will be possible to keep the credit to participate in future a FC workshop upon new attendance confirmation.

Cell Phones: Must be turned off in the room at all times. Cell phones are not allowed in the circle.

Breaks: Intervals will happen according to the group's energy level.

ONLINE SESSIONS: Every THURSDAY from 7:00-7:20 pm we meet for 20-minute meditation and philosophical stories on Zoom. The meeting link with ID and Password will be sent after registration.

Do not expect miracles from attending a Family Constellation. An FC does not replace other forms of therapy, nor traditional medicine. It is a new form of knowledge and a path to other levels of consciousness, which can only be received through an in-person, group experience. Patricia Belda’s meetings are welcoming, respectful, centering, and non-judgmental. The confidentiality of participants is of utmost importance.

The door is open. Welcome!


What is Family Constellation (FC)

Systemic or Family Constellation is a therapeutic, practical, and philosophical path applied to life that was discovered and developed by the pedagogue, psychotherapist, former priest, and German philosopher Bert Hellinger, whose approach involves phenomenology. Hellinger developed Family Constellation (Familienstellen) from empirical observations, based on various forms of family psychotherapy, on patterns of behavior that are repeated in families’ groups over generations. Through group experiences, he discovered the existence of consciousness, a memory that acts in the families and aims at the perpetuation of the group. And this memory is “ruled” by three laws that work in the family systems, also called Orders of Love. Through Family Constellations experience it is possible to bring out the hidden dynamics of the family, thus identifying the laws that have been transgressed. The work enables the participant to bring to consciousness a “new view” of the issue and a new path to the resolution of imprisonment and suffering. This work is not linked to any religion, although it is based on spirituality and energy.

What is a Family Constellation (FC) Workshop?

An FC Workshop is an in-person, group experience, different from a long-term, theoretical training course, lecture, or presentation. The workshop leader acts as a facilitator between the client and “the field”, which brings to light what is in the unconscious and in the family’s collective memory. Neutral people (without any connection or relation to the client) are used to represent the participant’s family members. All participants take part in the dynamics, regardless of whether they are an "issue holder", "observer", or “representative” in a constellation. Everyone benefits from this practice equally and unconditionally. The practice is not judgmental, there is no figure pointing, wrongdoers, intentions, or analysis. This practice does not involve religious beliefs, values nor dogma. It is related to phenomenology. FC is not therapy.

What issues may be addressed in FC?

Any essential life or death topic such as:

• Relationships with parents, with natural or adoptive children, ex-spouses, couples,

• Separations such as divorce, early death, "empty nest”

• Mental illness

• Depression, emotional imbalances

• Suicide

• Chronic and autoimmune diseases, allergies

• Career, professional issues

• Chronic pain

• Eating disorders

• Abortions

• Adoption

• Immigration

• Incest and sexual abuse

• Crimes

• Addictions

Thanks to all member’s representation in the FC, the client can become aware of:

* where the entanglement is

* how such laws can be respected again

* the possibility of restoring order to their system

* the next step to be taken, that will lead them to resolve the issue(s) that imprisoned them

What are the Orders of Love?

Bert Hellinger discovered that there are three laws, orders, or principles that work in the family and other groups or systems, without our awareness.

BELONGING (right to belong in the family)

HIERARCHY (order of arrival)

BALANCE (between giving and taking / receiving)When these laws are violated, compensations or atonement affect other members of the same or later generations.

What is a System?

A system is a group of people who remain united or bound by an interest in forces that permeate them, whether or not they are aware of these forces. Ex; family, organizations, schools, religions, countries, etc.

Who is part of a person's Family System?

Parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and ancestors, uncles, first love, spouses, ex-spouses, children living or dead, children aborted, others excluded or forgotten and people harmed or murdered by a family member.

Is my privacy preserved?

All participants' identities are protected. Names are not disclosed and photos and videos are not allowed by the organization at any time. Nothing related to this practice will be posted on any social media, guaranteeing the confidentiality of all participants.

Should I participate with my family?

The work affects all members of the family (living and deceased) even if they are not present. They will be represented by other people in the group. You may participate with or without family members.

May I bring my wife, husband, boyfriend/girlfriend, siblings, father, mother, child?

Yes, although it is not mandatory.

I am a psychologist; may I bring taking my patient or client “to constellate”?

Yes, this is very common, as well as enlightening for both the psychologist and the patient.

Does FC work miracles?

No. Family Constellations does not replace nor is it a shortcut to therapy or traditional medicine. It is a new form of knowledge and path to other levels of consciousness, which can be accomplished through an in-person, group experience.

Who is Bert Hellinger? (official site source)

Biography of Bert Hellinger * 1925 † 2019. Bert Hellinger was born in Germany on December 16, 1925, and passed away on September 19, 2019. Bert Hellinger studied philosophy, theology, and education. He worked for 16 years as a missionary for a Catholic order among the Zulus in South Africa. There he was intensively engaged with the influence of group dynamics. Afterward, Bert Hellinger became a psychoanalyst and completed various training in Primary Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, and Neurolinguistic Programming. Over the years he finally developed his own method: Family Constellation (Familien-Stellen) according to Bert Hellinger was born. Today it is known worldwide and is used in many different areas. In psychotherapy, organizational and management consulting, education, medicine, justice, life, and educational counseling, and life assistance in the broadest sense. It is training for life.

Bert Hellinger researched further and further. New insights and discoveries, gained in practice during seminars, conversations, meditations, and many other life situations, were constantly incorporated into his method. Until it became clear that the "Original Family Constellation according to Hellinger" had grown beyond this level. Instead of a rigid technique that could be learned and a claim to help, a posture of a very special kind emerged, so to speak in the first place. A posture of "consenting to what is - exactly as it is". Through this approach, the scope and effectiveness of Original Hellinger® Family Constellation has been and continues to be expanded and enhanced. In the meantime, Original Hellinger® Family Constellation has found its way into the courts and the health care system.

Bert Hellinger has written over 110 books. These have been translated into 38 languages.

MORE INFORMATION AT BERT HELLINGER OFFICIAL SITE: https://www.hellinger.com/en/family-constellation/

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Date and Time


New York - Manhattan

62 Orchard St. Suite 2

Lower East Side

NEW YORK, NY 10002

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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