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Join the New York Action Alliance and the Chicago 400 in New York City on January 25th, 2019!

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The New York Action Alliance and The Chicago 400 are co-hosting a “Next Steps” Mixer on Saturday January 25, 2019 following The Drawing Center event: "Our Fellow Americans: A Symposium on Public Conviction Registries.

The mixer brings together professionals, advocates, those directly impacted, and/or anyone else interested in helping New York and other states become leaders in reimagining public conviction registry laws.

Please join us on January 25th, from 6:00-8:00pm for a mixer following the symposium at the Drawing Center.

We will meet at a restaurant within walking distance of the Drawing Center for a light buffet style meal. Details will be provided prior to the symposium.

At the time of the event, we will ask for a small donation per attendee (~$20) to help cover the cost of the buffet. The NYAA and other generous donors will cover the cost for those directly impacted by registries if they are unable to pay.

About New York Action Alliance:

In New York State, SORA remains our almost exclusive criminal justice response to prevention, despite ample evidence that it makes our communities less safe. Our current policies force people into homelessness, strip them or their support systems, create barriers to employment, and stigmatize them for life.

NYAA supports policies and laws that hold people accountable for harm, and that help people who have been held accountable to live successful and law-abiding lives. To the extent that someone who has committed a crime succeeds after they have been held accountable, we all succeed.

We also support policies that meaningfully invest our resources into practices such as survivor services and primary prevention, which will actually produce public safety, as opposed to creating a false sense of security.

Our aim is to work with policy makers, professionals, educators, and the public to effect change. And, when civil liberties and constitutional rights are infringed upon, our organization will seek to take action through litigation.

Simply stated, our laws and policies in this domain are a failure. They perpetuate harm, are proven to be ineffective, and do not address the actual problems we all desperately need to solve.

We hope to see you Saturday January 25th in NYC!

This event is sponsored in part by the New York SO Working Group and the New York Action Alliance.

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