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A six day-long program where we will learn to forgive and let go, awaken to our own intuition, take better care of ourselves.

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2020 has been a DOOZIE! Whether we were financially, socially, emotionally, or physically affected by Covid, we were all affected in some way! As we bring in the new year, we could all use some help releasing the past and manifesting a newer, brighter future. We have brought in some of the world's leading experts in healing, creating, manifesting, self-care management, and listening to ourselves, others, and our animals to help us move forward.

In this six day-long program we will learn to forgive and let go, awaken to our own intuition, take better care of ourselves, create vision boards to manifest our dreams, see ourselves as the spiritual beings that we are, connect to our own intuition and learn to talk to animals and listen to that still small voice inside of ourselves. I believe that 2020 was a wake-up call to all of us. These experts will help us learn our lessons, evolve, get centered, and march forward into the future with hope, strength, and inspiration.

Six Days, Six Ways with Over Six Hours of Healing and Growth

  1. Connecting to intuition
  2. Energy Healing
  3. Self Care
  4. Theta Healing
  5. Animal Communications
  6. Vision Boarding

Schedule & Courses

Where: Virtual Meetup Live Online Over Zoom

Date: February 2nd - 5th @ 6PM PST, February 6th @11AM PST, February 7th @11AM PST

Length: 60-90min depending on class and engagement

Hosted By: Ellie Laks, Founder of The Gentle Barn

Ellie Laks, Founder of The Gentle Barn, animal communicator, animal healer, public speaker, and author of “My Gentle Barn, creating a sanctuary where animals heal and children learn to hope”.

Ellie will be hosting each session of the summit. She’ll be there to welcome you, introduce each speaker, and answer your questions at the end. She is extremely excited to go on this journey with you!

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Connecting to Intuition with Jeff Bomberger

Date: Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021 - 6PM PST

Jeff Bomberger’s path has led him into a variety of fields and disciplines ranging from child actor, to fitness professional, to filmmaker and political advisor. But his search for spiritual truth has remained a steady constant throughout his life. He’s been channeling inspiration and guidance from spirit since he was a teenager. Jeff is committed to helping people reconnect to their most fundamental spiritual selves through providing intuitive guidance, teaching others how to tap into their own intuition and facilitating workshops.

Workshop: Join Jeff for an introductory discussion about the intuitive senses and how you can use them to channel inner guidance in meditation. The short talk will be followed by an interactive guided meditation intended to connect you to your higher self, to receive inner guidance and empower you to live your truth on your spiritual journey.

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Energy Healing with Faith Streng

Date: Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021 - 6PM PST

Faith Streng is a third generation past life healer and Reiki Master. As a channel she uses the chakras as portals to heal past life trauma for both people and pets! She is a teacher/practitioner with Bene Mudra Wellness and leads classes on energy healing, archetypes, crystal healing, star seed races & elemental beings. Faith incorporates intuitive health & organ clearing in her sessions and has worked with clients around the globe. She is passionate about teaching self-care & self-healing, and how working in the Akasha can facilitate alignment to the best & brightest path!

Workshop: Join Animal Healer Faith Streng for 'Animals in the Akasha' as she discusses how an animal's karma can affect them today! In this 60 minute workshop we'll cover:

  • What the Akashic Records Are
  • The Difference Between the Souls of Animals and People
  • Which Animals are in a Karmic Cycle
  • How Past Life Trauma Affects Your Pet's Chakras
  • How Past Life Trauma Affects Your Pet's Physical Body
  • Live Reiki Meditation for Your Animals
  • Live Q&A

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Self Care with Kathleen Ayl

Date: Thursday, February 4th, 2021 - 6PM PST

Dr. Kathleen Ayl holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Certified Veterinary Support and Pet Loss Recovery Specialist, a Certified Trauma Support Specialist and a Certified Compassion Fatigue Recovery Specialist. She has dedicated her practice to Pet Loss Support and Compassion Fatigue Support. Dr Ayl is the author of “When Helping Hurts: Compassion Fatigue in the Veterinary Profession”, and “Coping With The Loss of Your Pet”.

Workshop: In any of the animal-care or care-giving professions in general, it is vital for caregivers to care for themselves on a proactive basis. We will start our session by explaining what compassion fatigue is and how to recognize it. We will discuss what it looks like when it first starts, how to cope with it, and how to prevent it. You will be offered a compassion fatigue self-assessment and will learn what the most common symptoms are. Together we will create a self-care plan specific to you in order that you can continue to do the work that you love, the work that gives meaning to your life, or the work that you know you were intended to do. We will end the session with a self-care meditation.

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Theta Healing with Lara Arguijo

Date: Friday, February 5th, 2021 - 6PM PST

Lara Arguijo is a Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner/Instructor, Sound Healer and Reiki Practitioner. Throughout her own healing journey she experienced such deep immediate changes after using ThetaHealing techniques that she decided to share it with her community. Lara is a ThetaHealing Instructor and hosts individual and group sessions and certifies other awakened masters to become ThetaHealers themselves. Lara is a manifestation expert and helps others manifest their dreams. She believes strongly that when we heal ourselves, we can heal those around us, including the planet. She is excited to walk with you on this healing path!

Workshop: Heal from the past and learn a powerful manifestation technique through ThetaHealing®. After a brief explanation using the theta brainwave to heal, we will discuss ways to clear your energetic field, body and home. This will create space to allow more abundance, joy and love into your life. You will be guided through 2 meditations: one for practicing forgiveness and another to manifest your future bringing it into the NOW. Lastly, as a group we will send healing, loving energy to the planet, humanity and the animals at The Gentle Barn knowing we are creating a better future for all of us.

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Animal Communications with Joan Ranquet

Date: Saturday, February 6th, 2021 - 11AM PST

Joan Ranquet is an animal communicator, TEDx speaker, Hay House author, educator, and animal parent. Joan has connected with animals professionally for over twenty-five years. Her calling has led her to work with hundreds of thousands of pet owners, trainers, barn managers, and vets – teaching animal communication through workshops, wildlife retreats, and private sessions. Joan shares her expertise and experience all over the country speaking on animal communication, human/animal relationships, energy healing, and marine wildlife. Joan is the Founder of Communication with all life university where she traches people all over the world how to communicate with animals and practice energy healing for animals.

Workshop: Using games and exercises, students learn how to use telepathy (the sending and receiving of pictures, words and feelings) to enhance their human/animal relationships. They learn to “re-frame” the picture in order to address any behavioral and health challenges they may be experiencing. Participants are asked to bring a picture of their animal companion for the group. This is a very fun and enlightening class!

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Vision Boarding with Val Smith

Date: Sunday, February 7th, 2021 - 11AM PST

Val Smith has a passion for visuals and seeing the things hidden just below the surface. As an artist, she prides herself on her ability to see patterns and messages in visual interpretations of the world we live in. She enjoys deciphering, analyzing, and interpreting art, handwriting, photos, literature, movies, and anything that is manifested from someone's perspective of life. Oftentimes, our guides use visual codes to convey their messages, which is why she has been drawn to tarot card readings. Through her spiritual journey, she has come to understand the language of the cards and has collected several tarot and oracle decks. It is her pleasure to do tarot card readings to give people hope, inspiration, clarity, and guidance.

Workshop: Vision boarding is an important part of manifesting what we want in our life. We are, in a sense, programming our brain with visual cues that remind us that our goals are achievable as well as requesting signs that we're on the right track.

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This is a non-profit fundraising event. All proceeds go to helping The Gentle Barn and its mission of "Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet".

The ticket price is 100% tax deductible and is non-refundable. If there is a cancelation or change to the course schedule a reschedule date and/or recoding of course will be provided.

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