New autism therapy shows powerful results in clinical trials - Chicago

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Traditional Learning Academy at Hawthorne Square

5741 176 St.

Surrey, British Columbia V3S 4C9


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Free presentation from the creator of Sensory Enrichment Therapy.

Claudie will be presenting the results of the latest study conducted on 1,002 individuals who implemented Sensory Enrichment Therapy and do some training about attention span and speech development.

This marks the 3rd independent evaluation of the therapy. The first randomized controlled trial included about 30 children with autism. The second included about 50. Now we have data over a thousand boys and girls from age 1 to 18, and over a wider range of symptoms and disorders, including ADHD and Down syndrome. We also have data from many adults who improved significantly.

Sensory Enrichment Therapy is a new sensory modality that uses a comfortable and easy-to-do multi-sensory approach that targets the mechanisms of brain plasticity to improve brain functioning.

The program is a branch of the field of neuroscience called environmental enrichment that shows that modifying the kind of sensory experiences you have has an impact on the way your brain works and the way it develops.

The clinical data showed:
- 6x more effective than standard care alone
- 21% fell below ADOS cutoff for autism after 6 months
- Higher I.Q.
- Decreased sensory sensitivities
- Improved speech

Progress was consistent across all age groups (1 to 18), genders, and a wide range of symptoms.

Sensory enrichment improvements in cognitive function

Change in IQ score (Leiter)

After six months, the children in the sensory enrichment group showed greater gains ?in their I.Q. scores (+8.4 points), compared to the gains showed by children in standard care alone (+1.5 points) after six months, as assessed by the Leiter-R test.

21 percent of Sensory Enrichment Therapy children fell below the autism cutoff score after 6 months

21% of Sensorimotor-Enriched children and 0% of Standard-Care children fell below the autism cutoff score after 6 months

Remarkably, 21% of the children in the sensory enrichment group who initially had been classified as having classic autism using the Autism ?Diagnostic Observation Schedule improved to a level below the autism classification cut-off. ?None of the children in the control group improved to that extent.

Attention and Learning

This presentation will also include specific training on how Sensory Enrichment Therapy can be applied to attention span and learning.

Free therapy for learning disabilitiesDuring this session, we will teach you:

  • The brain chemistry of learning and of focusing
  • The research that shows the impact of sensory experiences on the brain’s chemistry
  • The roles of Serotonin and dopamine in learning and attention span

We will also demonstrate a simple sensory routine that will promote increased attention and increased capacity to learn. This technique can be used at home and at school by teachers or aides as well.

Speech Development

Free speech therapy for autism and neurological disorders

During this session, we will teach you:

  • The process of language in the brain
  • The developmental steps of language
  • How most children actually learn to talk

We will also demonstrate one of our most powerful protocols to promote the development of natural speech in individuals with speech delays.


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You can contact Kim ( for additional questions about the presentation and about the possibility to book an assessment with the creator of the therapy during that weekend.

Can I bring my child to the event?

There is no age-restriction for attending the event, but the presentation is geared toward adults. Children may not be interested in sitting still for an hour or so.

Will I be able to ask questions during the presentation?

Yes, there will be a question and answer period.

Will there be anything to buy at the event?

The training is completely free and there is no requirement to purchase anything. If interested, there will be an opportunity to learn more about the full therapy program and also about the opportunity to work directly with the creator of the therapy. Members of the TLA school network may be eligible for a portion of the therapy and assessment to be reimbursed. Please enquire for details.

Date and Time


Traditional Learning Academy at Hawthorne Square

5741 176 St.

Surrey, British Columbia V3S 4C9


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