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Kollen Park

Holland, MI 49423

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Scavenger Hunt throughout Downtown Holland:

Registration: 12:00 Noon - 1:00

Scavenger Hunt 1:00-4:00

After party and prizes 4:00-6:00.

Starting and Ending at Kollen Park.

Teams of up to 5 (at least one 18 and over) - $125 per team (Early bird registration $100) No refunds


What is this about? How does it work?

The Scavenger Hunt is a fundraiser for Nestlings to help bring awareness to diaper need. Gather a team of up to 5 people (at least one person must be 18 or older). Have a great time figuring out clues to get to specific locations. When there, receive a ticket, for your success and an opportunity to earn more tickets by completing a challenge task or puzzle. Turn all tickets in by the 4 p.m. deadline (the latest). The team with the most tickets will win $1,000 in Meijer gift cards! The hunt is open to Nestlings current volunteers, board members and Scavenger Hunt planning committee members or members of their immediate families, however, they are not eligible to win the first place prize. To learn more about Nestlings, visit www.nestlings.org.

Where are clues found? Where does a team look for answers?

A clue sheet will be given to each team at the registration check in. The hunt is meant to be walked (although driving safely is allowed). All clues are located within the “hunt zone”. This is Kollen Park to 16th street to Columbia Ave. to Window on the Waterfront (north side of 6th street).

Must a team walk or is driving allowed?

Walking is encouraged, but there are no rules against driving. Keep in mind that any illegal activity disqualifies a team from the hunt and winning. If any member of a team gets a ticket for speeding, breaks any laws, rules or other violations, that member and its team will be disqualified. Additionally, the entire team needs to check in at each clue location stop, so parking safely and legally will be necessary. Please be safe and remember there will be children competing and pedestrians around.

What should I bring?

Be prepared for the weather. The hunt will take place rain or shine and will not be cancelled, unless extreme weather or lightning is in the forecast. If such weather occurs, all cancellations will be posted on the Nestlings Facebook Page. Some items to consider bringing are an umbrella, raingear, sun hat, sunscreen, water bottle and snacks, good walking shoes, a fully charged phone or smart device to assist during the hunt. A smart device is not necessary or required to perform the hunt. Most important is a good attitude. Be prepared for fun while supporting a good cause.

How many stops are on the Hunt?

There are up to 30 potential clue stop locations. However, teams do not have to visit all of the clue locations. In fact, it is expected to be difficult to reach all 30 clue locations in order within the allotted time.

What happens if the team does not reach all of the clue stops?

That is OK ! The event was planned expecting many teams will not reach all of the stops. The only time limit for the event is all tickets must be turned in by 4 p.m. Teams that don’t turn in tickets by the 4 p.m. deadline will not be eligible to win (but can still play, have fun and attend the after party).

What skills are needed?

Each team will be given a sheet with up to 30 clues. Each clue will take the team to a specific location within the hunt zone. Teams will need to go to the clue locations in the order presented on the clue sheet. Teams will need to be able to follow directions, work together on puzzles, task, or answer questions while having patience and fun. At each location, there will be a task to complete (some mental, some physical). Tasks do not have to be completed, but each task is an opportunity to earn more tickets.

What if I don’t have five people for a team?

Teams with any number up to five people maximum are welcome to participate. A smaller team is fine but at least one team member must be 18 or older. Any team member younger than 18 years of age must have a parent/guardian sign a participation waiver.

What if the team isn’t good at puzzles and can’t figure out the clues?

An answer key is available for $50. The answer key will reveal all the locations and will be in a sealed envelope. If a team chooses to use it, just open it and go for it. The complete team will still need to visit each location in order to collect all arrival tickets. If a team wants an answer key as a precaution and DOES NOT OPEN the envelope, that team will receive an extra 50 bonus tickets for turning it in by the 4 p.m. deadline unopened and still sealed. The answer key will not contain answers to the activities at each location that can earn extra tickets. Teams will still have to perform the challenge task to receive extra tickets.

What if there is a tie?

There will be a tiebreaker activity. The winner of the tiebreaker activity will be declared the final winner.

What if there is a dispute?

A panel of three, independent judges will hear all disputes and will make the final decision.

Do I need a printed ticket?

Please bring a hard copy of your registration receipt or be prepared to show it on your mobile device.

What happens if the weather is bad?

The hunt will go rain or shine. However if there is a severe storm or lightning in the area, we might need to cancel. That decision will be made the day of the event with the assistance of public safety. Due to the nature of the event, it cannot be rescheduled. Registration fees are non- refundable.

If there are questions, email diapers@nestlings.org, or message Nestlings on FB, Instagram, or call 616-298-1009.

Date and Time


Kollen Park

Holland, MI 49423

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