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Nerd Comic Beauty Fest

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Vision Studios

3875 Green Industrial Way

Atlanta, GA 30341

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NERD® Pop Up & Shop Up is a one-day Art, beauty fashion experience with a lineup of vendors, fashion showcase, seminars, makeup and more!

About this Event

NERD® Pop Up & Shop Up at Nerd Comic Beauty Fest in Atlanta, Georgia is a one-day for all my smokers, the ones who loves art, stays with the latest beauty fashion tends this event is for you! With a a lineup of (2) fashion & panel showcases, (1 hour)branding & trademark seminars, makeup artists, hair stylists, nail technicians, cosplay vendors, the the list goes on giving the public an inside look at the beauty, art, and fashion industry and the brands that are surging ahead.

NERD® Pop Up & Shop Up brings NEW lines directly to the VIP fans and the influencers, bloggers, photographers, and video-graphers attending along with members of the media. Have a day to social media network and connect with other "nerdy" people and exchange Instagram and connect instantly. Why do we do this.. Its simple.

What is a Nerd ? Well, we are all not always the stereotype of a nerd. Nerds own businesses, nerds really take over the world, Nerds have personality, Nerds are really cool makeup artists, Nerds are doctors too, Nerds owns restaurants, Nerds work for tech companies. But more importantly Nerds are fun too! This is the perfect event for the quirky, shy, highly intellectual, and if you are introverted or lacking social skill this is one of the most laid back cool environments you will enjoy. Trust us we love being a nerd! Its just in us all somewhere. lol! We have completely taken over the Word and gave it new meaning in the millennial world we live in today.

A nerd is a person seen as overly intellectual, obsessive, introverted or lacking social skills. Such a person may spend inordinate amounts of time on unpopular, little known, or non-mainstream activities, which are generally either highly technical, abstract, or relating to topics of science fiction or fantasy, to the exclusion of more mainstream activities. Additionally, many so-called nerds are described as being shy, quirky, pedantic, and unattractive.

Originally derogatory, the term "nerd" was a stereotype, but as with other pejoratives, it has been reclaimed and redefined by some as a term of pride and group identity. However, the augmentative terms, geek and dork, have not experienced a similar positive drift in meaning and usage

If you have a small business and would like to be a vendor we would love to have you.

To continuously engage and attract new customers, and to bring an added level of excitement leading up to our expos, we host special ‘Beauty Brain Business Seminars for 1 hour.

Face-to-face marketing, branding, and sampling opportunities.

• Interact with ALL TYPES OF Nerds and Professional in the Beauty and Tech Industry and their representatives in the planning stages of their beauty care and Tech Space.

• A 20 minute fashion show featuring the latest in Beauty, Makeup, Fashion, Health & Wellness vendors and more!

• A Social Media Pop up come meet up and exchange your Instagram with other guest !

• What did you think Nerds don't some? Who doesn't smoke now-a-days and if you don't you may be vaping or may eat a cookie or two! Yes, we have vendors selling CBD oil pens and cookies for the ones who love peace, need a spot to relax, hang out and enjoy good music.


With over $1,500 in cash prizes you will love to enter in to one of our fun events and maybe your ticket number will be called, or your nerdy fashion may just win you $100 bucks just by dressing up for the cause. Gifts bags to every guest who pays $10 for entry and $5 for Students. Please not this is an indoor and outdoor event full of laughing, smoking, dancing, entertainment, music playing, business vendors pop up and beauty!

•Enter to WIN $100 Cash and Prizes for the First place, Second place, and Third place winners of our contest below taking place every hour! Register to preform only $25 per person to enter in a chance to win BIG!!! If you decide to enter the contest and it involves a model you must pay for their entry fee to the festival only not for contest. If you are entering for yourself you pay one time $25.

Nerd Comic Beauty Fest Showcase and Contest presents : WINNER!!!!

1). Best NCBF Fashion Designer $100.00

2). Best NCBF Vendor Gift bags to All Vendors who a table ($50 value)

3). Best NCBF Makeup Artist Contest $100 (Bring your model)

4). Best NCBF Hair Stylist Contest $100

5). Best NCBF Nails Art Design (ALL TEN) $100

6). Best NCBF NERD or GEEK (2) Winners a male and female $100

7). Best NCBF Fashion Designer $100

You must have a ticket for entry and or purchase ticket at the door.

To request Vendor Information Contact 678-334-6142 or email: NerdComicBeautyFest@gmail.com Thank you.

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Date and Time


Vision Studios

3875 Green Industrial Way

Atlanta, GA 30341

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