Neoillusion Tea Ceremony
Neoillusion Tea Ceremony

Neoillusion Tea Ceremony

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63 North 3rd Street #304

Brooklyn, NY 11249

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COME - to Drink Health & Peace

The Spa for your Body, Soul, and Spirit

Regarded for thousands of years in the East as a key to good health, happiness and wisdom, Tea has caught the attention of researchers in the West who are discovering the many health benefits of different types of Teas.

Studies have found that Tea helps with cancer, heart disease, and diabetes; encourages weight loss, lowers cholesterol and brings about mental alertness. Tea also appears to have antimicrobial qualities, antioxidants; it protects your bones, improves muscle endurance, boosts the immune system and much more.
There are thousands of studies and articles regarding the health of tea.

Indeed In Eastern culture, especially China, Japan and Korea, Tea has been a fundamental method for physical health, as well as self cultivation, self discipline and spiritual practice for thousands years; so that we say Tea is Life.

Here in New York, we are all busy in the business of living and don't give enough time to nourish our heart and spirit.
However, the best Wealth is Health of the Body, Heart, and Spirit.

Neoillusion Tea Ceremony provides the service to nourish your Body, Heart and Spirit.

We Provide Neoillusion Tea Ceremony TWICE a month
@ House of Neoillusion
63rd N 3rd # 304, Brooklyn, NY, 10249

Limited to 10 Guests

The Ceremony is the celebration of your outer and inner being.

The Ceremony is prepared in an artistic form and combines the cultures of East and West, blending Traditional and Contemporary elements.

It includes Tea Education, Art, Culture, History, Philosophy, Music, Poetry, Delights, Fashion, Design and Lifestyle.

The Ceremony serves to all of your senses - SEEING, SMELLING, TOUCHING, HEARING, TASTING, and FEELING- the joy and beauty of the moment.

Neoillusion Tea Ceremony Program:

1). Purification Ceremony 洗禮儀式:
* Hand washing - Means "Do No Evil" representing cleansing actions for our body, heart, and spirit. Letting go without any attachment to your day, any stress, sorrow, and any other negative energy.
* Frankincense* Smoke - Healing, Cleansing, Relieves depression and anxiety *Frankincense, The English word is derived from Old French "franc encens" (i.e., high quality incense)

2). The Art of Drinking 三道香茗:
* Tea - Three rare, High-end Handmade teas from Tea Master Red Square's (Guitian Li De Osu) Private collection will be served by Tea Master Red Square to satisfy the taste buds, stomach and enrich our experience of tea, as well as the knowledge, culture, and history of tea. Three is a sacred number, it represents the Creator of All. The power of three is universal and is the tripartite nature of the world as heaven, earth, and water. It is human as body, soul and spirit. (三生万物)
* Tea-Ware - Tea will be prepared in Limited Edition Handcrafted Contemplative Artistic Tea-Ware by Red Square Ceramics for contemplation and experience of the luxury of drinking.

3). Live Music

Oct. 21st: Balalaika and Ocarina by Artist Niilartey De Osu

Nov. 04th: Guqin by Master Shihua Ye

Nov. 19th: Mantra and Heart Sutra Chanting by Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Recording artist, Singer/Songwriter/Composer, and guitarist, Lakshmi Marfíl Delgado,

4). Tasting Tea Sweets 茶點:
During the Second Tea, we will taste special Delights freshly handmade from the House of Neoillusion Bakery.

5). Poetry Recitation 詩歌朗誦:
Chinese: Poet Red Square
English: Poet Ullie De Osu

6). Discussion 論壇、分享:
Spiritual Conversations around the tea table during the ceremony to cultivate relationship with tea, nature and one and another.

Discussion topic at each ceremony is different, and all topics are from 21 Maxims of Miyamoto Musashi

Oct 21st: Accept and Declaim your Position

Nov. 4th: Accet everything just the way it is

Nov. 19th: Nov Do not seek pleasure for its own sake

Dec. 3rd: Do not under any circumstances depend on a partial feeling

7). A Short Meditation 茶會閉幕:與樂禪坐
With live Zen Meditation Music, a short meditation will close the ceremony for the last cleansing process.

The ceremony will be performed with the Intention of Love, Compassion and Peace in each drop of tea, so that we can absorb the positive, loving energy to balance our Body, Heart, and Spirit.


- Please wear comfortable clothes, you will be invited to sit on the floor with a cushion.
- Your will be invited to take your shoes off.
- Please turn your phone to silent during the Tea Ceremony.
- We encourage you to participate in the discussions and poetry reading by sharing your thoughts or favorite poem.

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Please check out our Videos:

* Arne Glimcher (Top International Art Dealer, Founder of Pace Gallery, Film Director) at Neoillusion Tea Ceremony

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Date and Time


63 North 3rd Street #304

Brooklyn, NY 11249

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