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The Hague

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The Hague


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Special Intelligence Training 30 Day Immersion Program in Advanced Negotiation & Conflict Practice [1- 30 June 2020]

About this Event

As a manager or business executive, your ability to negotiate and manage conflicts should be a #1 priority because it is the thing that determines the success, productivity and growth of any business. Not a vision, not general management ... but how you negotiate and manage conflict - these are the real game changers for any business.

In fact, research has shown that conflict on the job was cited as the reason people leave their jobs in 50% of cases. And, studies have revealed that the average U.S. employee spends 2.8 hours a week dealing with conflict. Between those two factors, that is a huge loss of revenue and potential growth.

Now are you managing negotiations and conflict as well as you could be? Are you a master or are you struggling, drowning in a sea of confusion and chaos?

Is it possible to go from a Nervous Nellie to a Godfather in conflict & negotiations?

How to go from being just another clueless bystander to an all-powerful master of conflict & negotiations in just 30 days ... without 20 years experience in practice, a brain transplant, a team of lawyers or a gang of mobsters

You Are a Busy Professional

You manage high-stakes deal-making & disputes and it's IMPERATIVE YOU manage things smoothly…

You don't have time to learn 100+ different theories on the psychology of negotiation & conflict ... you just want ONE complete end-to-end system that will explain EVERYTHING & return real results …

You Have Tried It All

You've had enough experience with complaint procedures, disciplinary action, litigation etc ...

You've hired a team of lawyers ... that said you needed legal advice for $20,000 before you could do anything ... before you know it you're heading to trial and fighting a losing battle ...

You've tried re-shuffling your organisation, new policies and re-drafting contracts to avoid another disaster ...

You've tried reasoning with unreasonable people ...

And You Still Fail

You fail miserably, publicly, shamefully ...

You Don’t Need to Do This Anymore


The never-ending soap dramas of dealing with unreasonable people ...

The shifting goalposts and mind games that people use to win in negotiations & disputes ...

The need to become a quack or the next Freud before you figure out what the fork is really going on in negotiations & conflict ...

Dispute Intelligence² (DQ²) is an invitation-only executive training program for high-stakes deal-making and disputes - and the only program of its kind to deliver special intelligence training to individuals in negotiation & conflict practice. This is the training ground where individuals go from being just another piece in a game of chess to the creator of the game itself.

What is Involved?

The Program comprises a 30 day immersion program to the study Stage 1 of our signature DQ² Special Intelligence Toolkit. Lessons comprise a combination of condensed lectures and coffee break lessons (5-15 minute chunks) in videos and blueprints, scripts and that are designed for busy people to follow with ease. This chunked down, off-the-shelf approach is proven to produce a better training experience and delivers real, long-lasting results rather than one-off lessons that are difficult to apply in practice.

Who Is it For?

The Program is designed for professionals (executives & entrepreneurs, 7+ years experience in generalist management, future-focused lawyers), with assumed knowledge in business and a fair working knowledge on human psychology, who are involved in high-stakes deal-making and disputes and are ready to fine-tune their skills of reasoning and persuasion to leverage better deals and break down the toughest disputes in practice.

Why This Program

Using our DQ² signature brand of intelligence, you will:

  • go from negotiation novice to expert - be the one creating the negotiation game rather than the unsuspecting player with limited options and power – this is out-of-the-box but an undeniable game-changer
  • gain insight into the most important lessons that will make or break your moves every step of the way, up every rung of the ladder, and in the battles that await you in business, politics & law
  • learn key success strategies directly from the authority on special intelligence in negotiation and conflict practice, without the boring academic fluff or politically-correct rhetoric.

MORE INFO HERE. Join our Facebook Page HERE.


DISCLAIMER: The DQ² training regime is not for everyone. It is not textbook. It is not politically correct. And it is not like any other negotiation course on the planet. Period. If any of that makes you uncomfortable, then the Program is not for you. What DQ² is though, is based on special intelligence that will put you ahead of the pack in reality.


  1. Our 100% money-back risk-free refund policy applies. You have 10 days to try the program out risk-free. Because at the end of the day we don't want to shortchange clients, we want to establish the leading negotiation & conflict resolution program on the planet, period.
  2. Qualified candidates agree not to resell or distribute the DQ² intelligence delivered inside the Program before they are allowed entry.

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Date and Time


The Hague

Private Conference Address

The Hague


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