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Melbourne, WA 3000


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YOUR CAREER/BUSINESS STRATEGIST’S WARNING: Did you know that failing to negotiate your salary/fees could be costing you over $100,000 in income over your lifetime?

This experience is designed for smart, driven professionals and business owners who are ready to change their life and business through the art of negotiation and overcoming their money challenges. It will be an intimate experience with very limited spaces- just seven, as we are committed to providing the highest level of attention and results to each individual.


The Negotiation and Wealth Workshop is a unique, intensive and highly interactive experience that will serve as a catalyst for profound negotiation and wealth transformation in individuals looking to grow and level up. It is more than a training event, this workshop will challenge your existing paradigms. It is an invitation to take yourself on and truly take the right actions to gain massive results in your life and business. We know this is a bold statement, but we’ve watched it happen time after time, leader after leader and experienced the profound change in our own lives.


  • Uncover your money blocks that are holding you back from receiving and making more money

  • How to repattern your psychology to support your new income level

  • Rewire your brain with a million dollar mindset

  • How to become a conscious spender so that you can save more without a budget

  • Reveal 5 things everyone should know to negotiate better than 99% of people

  • How you can stop feeling undervalued, eliminate fear around asking for what you want & finally earn more money by applying the practices that we will walk you through step by step.

  • In fact, with this one essential life skill… you will create win/win situations where employers are excited about working with you AND you feel more valued and enthusiastic because you are getting paid what you are worth!

  • A truly memorable experience with other incredible leaders, an opportunity to build friendships, support and accountability


  • Ambitious professionals and business owners who want to stretch themselves, who take pride in what they do and want to give value

  • Leaders with growth mindsets, who seize opportunities and take action

  • Game changers who want to achieve grand visions for humanity and greater meaning for the work they are doing in the world


People who give up easy, fear change, waste their time, criticize, never set goals, secretly hope others fail, don’t know who they want to be, have a sense of entitlement, think, say and do negative things, hold a grudge, stop learning, try to bring others down to their level, think they know it all, act before they think, horde information and data, take the easy way out, get distracted everyday, blame others and are always angry on others.


We are keeping this training intimate, so we're only planning to have 7 spots available and there are a few people who have already indicated they would like to come along! This is your chance to finally gain the confidence to powerfully ask for what you want and get it, without the risk of making our mistakes. So here’s what you do- are you willing to invest in yourself to see results in your life and business? It took us thousands of hours and we’ve invested well over $100 000 in order to crack the code of negotiating value- so everyone wins!

It took us thousands of hours and we’ve invested well over $100 000 in order to crack the code of negotiating value- so everyone wins!

You don’t have to decide now.

If you want to do it, then register now to attend.


AUNDRIA KHINE is a Wealth Coach, NLP Practitioner , Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) and Entrepreneur with a comprehensive financial, accounting and tax back ground.

She has worked globally in the finance field for more than a decade.

She has helped global organisations such as BHP, Rio Tinto, Chevron, etc. to exceed their financial goals. She has also coached and helped many people to achieve their individual financial goals.

Her passion is to help women to overcome their money problems, manage their finances effectively, bring out their finance potential, and achieve financial freedom so that they can focus and do things that matter most to them.

She offers a powerful mixture of practical business requirements techniques with a new money mindset to break through all avoidable habits and money blocks. She goes through this step-by-step through her coaching programs, so that financial freedom is not just a dream.

THERESA LIEW is a Change & Leadership Coach specialising in salary & fee negotiation.

She is doing what she loves, traveling and being mentored by some of top people in the world in speaking and coaching. And importantly, working with hundreds of people in Australia to help them make more money, lead and inspire their teams and truly live their lives in alignment with their personal values and mission.

What does this have to do with having the courage and the confidence to negotiate and negotiate well? Well, this is one of the key skills that a leader, or anyone really, needs to develop in order to get paid what you deserve and make mutually beneficial deals. Theresa has personally negotiated a 30% increase in her salary and helped many others negotiate more on their salaries, packages and price points.

But you want to know something interesting?

Just a few short years ago…

She couldn’t negotiate to save her life!

It’s true.

At the time she had just started her first full-time job, using her University degree and she simply accepted the initial offer made by her employer because she didn’t want to seem greedy and she didn’t know how to position herself to ask for what she wanted. She was just grateful to have a job offer! Once she was in, she thought that if she worked hard and did her job well then her employers would recognize that and reward her accordingly. Instead any pay increases she received (or didn’t) depended on what the company decided and she felt completely powerless in the process.

That all changed when she started teaching herself how to negotiate effectively. In fact, with this secret…

Her employers actually valued her more and were willing to pay to keep her.

She almost couldn’t believe it. She went from taking what she could get and accepting the obligatory 2% yearly increase to making more money than she had ever made!

And it completely changed her mindset in driving her own career- instead of letting a boss determine her future for her.

Did you know a large salary increase is one of the quickest ways to earn significant amounts of money? In fact, a large salary increase in your 20s or 30s can drive over $100,000 of income over your lifetime, since a newly negotiated salary will now be a baseline benchmark to work up from.

Now she wants to help you create similar results in your life so you can have more joy, job satisfaction and money in your pocket. She is going to be giving you the best of what she’s learned and you’ll be getting this for a fraction of the price it cost her to develop these skills.


Imagine what would it mean for you if you had the confidence and the skills to negotiate and make the money you want…

Remember there are just 7 spots available and there are a few people who have already indicated they would like to come along! If you’re ready, then get your tickets now.

Date and Time


Melbourne, WA 3000


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