NEDO SV Foresight Seminars: Inventing the Future: Session 6

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NEDO SV Foresight Seminars: Inventing the Future: Session 6

NEDO Silicon Valley Foresight Seminars: Inventing the Future ~ Innovation in Energy Storage/Batteries ~

By NEDO Representative Office in Silicon Valley

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Tuesday, June 20 · 5:30 - 7:30pm PDT


Plug and Play Tech Center 440 North Wolfe Road Sunnyvale, CA 94085

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  • 2 hours
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NEDO Silicon Valley Foresight Seminars: Inventing the Future

You are cordially invited to an in-person seminar exploring Innovation in Energy Storage and Batteries. This is the sixth session of NEDO Silicon Valley Foresight Four Seminar Series featuring solutions to advance the goal of a sustainable future with Net Zero emissions by 2050.

Innovation in Energy Storage and Batteries

As climate impacts become more severe in the race to reach Net Zero by 2050, our energy systems will have to transition away from fossil energy to electrification using clean renewable energy and better design for stationary and mobile applications. This drives the necessity of upgrading the electric grid and creating resilient, distributed systems. Energy storage and batteries are key to the success of this transition.

Foresight Seminar VI will explore in-depth the technical challenges of energy storage to enable a Net Zero energy future. Learn about innovations that are emerging in energy storage that will allow renewable energy to power our buildings, communities, transportation systems and electrical infrastructure.

During this interactive event, you’ll learn:

● What are some leading energy storage and battery technology innovations

● Who is innovating in this area and how their technology works

● What are the opportunities and future visions for transforming how electricity is stored and dispatched to enable dynamic, distributed smart grids and transportation.

Also, you will have an opportunity to network in person to share your thoughts and experiences with peers and to speak in-depth with each of the panelists after the formal presentation, while enjoying refreshments.

Date: Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Time: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (Registration and networking begin at 5:00PM)

Location: Plug and Play Tech Center, 440 N Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Cost: Free but registration is required


5:00 - 5:30 PM -Registration, Networking

5:30 - 7:00 PM -Panel Presentations, Q&A

7:00 - 7:30 PM -Networking


Ben Kaun, CMBlu Energy, Inc. -President, General Manager, U.S. Subsidiary

Dr. Shantanu Mitra, Farad Power, Inc. -Founder and CEO

Dr. Theis Skafte, Noon Energy -Principal Scientist and Development Lead

Marianna Grossman (Moderator), USAsia Venture Partners -Sr. Consultant

Panelists and Moderator Bios:

Ben Kaun serves as the President of CMBlu Energy Inc, the North American division of CMBlu Energy AG. CMBlu develops and commercializes proprietary redox flow battery technology, which utilizes organic electrolytes for high performance and low cost. Prior to CMBlu, Ben spent 12 years at the not-for-profit Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), where he had several responsibilities, including manager of the Energy Storage and Distributed Generation research program for 5 years. During his time at EPRI, Ben led initiatives in energy storage techno-economic modeling and software, technology testing and demonstration, safety, and he guided the industry-collaborative Energy Storage Integration Council (ESIC). He also served two terms as board director for the Energy Storage Association (now merged with American Clean Power Association). Prior to EPRI, Ben was involved with development and commercialization of new technologies and products with multiple startup companies in lithium ion batteries and electric vehicles. Ben earned a BS in General Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and MS in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford.

CMBlu Energy, Inc., Headquartered in Alzenau, Germany. Their nature-inspired techology imitates carbon-based molecules from the citric acid cycle in our bodies. They developed high-performance energy storage molecules that are entirely organic. The result is simply revolutionary: a green battery that enables large-scale, affordable, and customizable energy storage. Organic SolidFlow energy storage enables bulk energy storage for multiple applications and industries, from transportation to renewable energy storage.

Dr. Shantanu Mitra is a materials scientist by training, with expertise in process development, materials synthesis, and characterization techniques. Throughout his career, Dr. Mitra has performed various roles, including business development, marketing, and sales, in addition to his scientific pursuits. As a co-founder and CEO of Farad Power, Inc. he has successfully merged his scientific expertise with his entrepreneurial skills to drive the company's growth and technological advancements in the field of energy storage.

Farad Power, Inc. Based in Silicon Valley, Farad Power Inc. was founded to develop a new class of advanced carbon composite materials for energy storage devices with considerable functional improvements over the current generation of commercially available electrode materials for batteries and supercapacitors. The range of materials that have been synthesized using this technology include plain low surface-area hard carbons, carbon-silicon composites, pre-lithiated and pre-sodiated carbon-sulfur composites and plain and doped high surface area activated carbons. The company's products are well positioned at the intersection of nanotechnology and clean-technology. Advancing Innovation by creating a platform technology for carbon and carbon composites. Farad uses liquid carbon precursors extracted from agricultural waste to synthesize electrode materials for next-generation LIBs, NIBs, Li-S batteries and Supercapacitor/EDLCs.

Dr. Theis Skafte is a Principal Scientist and the Development Lead at Noon Energy Inc., where his expertise in energy storage and conversion technologies is key to driving innovative solutions. He received a Ph.D. in Electrochemistry from the Technical University of Denmark and was a postdoc at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Dr. Skafte was instrumental in developing groundbreaking materials that enable Noon Energy’s pioneering battery technology. He has made key developments in extending device lifetimes, engineering cost-efficient designs, and rapidly iterating on prototypes - contributing to commercial viability and market readiness. Dr. Skafte’s technical acumen and strategic foresight makes him a driving force in bringing Noon Energy’s novel energy storage solution to market.

Noon Energy has developed a breakthrough ultra-low-cost battery technology that provides high energy density long-duration storage with the unique fundamental properties needed to enable 100% renewable energy. It makes intermittent solar and wind power available 24/7 year-round at a lower cost than conventional fossil fuel generation. Noon's battery provides long-duration stationary storage at a 10x lower storage cost than lithium-ion batteries, enabled by its earth-abundant materials and simple reaction chemistry. Applicable to both grid-scale and smaller applications, Noon gives solar-plus-storage days to weeks of reliable storage capacity, increasing critical grid and site resilience. Additionally, its high energy density (double lithium-ion at full system level) will enable longer-range electric ships, trucks, and other vehicles.


Marianna Grossman is Senior Consultant & Advisor on Sustainability, USAsia Venture Partners and Managing Partner of Minerva Ventures, investing and advising on solutions for a resilient future – bringing people and institutions together across sectors to collaborate, invent, fund and implement solutions that enhance sustainability and reverse climate change. Marianna led Sustainable Silicon Valley for seven years, after roles in the automotive, computer, and semiconductor industries. Recent publication: Sustainable Electricity II: A Conversation on Tradeoffs, Chapter on Silicon Valley Corporate Case Studies on Clean Energy Innovation. Service includes: California’s Climate Adaptation Action Plan Technical Advisory Group 2016; Sustainable and Resilient Resources Roundtable; the international Balaton Group; Board President, Transportation Choices for Sustainable Communities; Environmental Entrepreneurs; and, climate action councils for Palo Alto and Mountain View. Degrees: BA in Policy Studies, Dartmouth College and an MBA from Yale School of Management.

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