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Navigating International Cultures - Webinar

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This webinar will provide a brief overview of the cultural dimensions commonly used by interculturalists to define culture. Jackie will introduce key aspects of culture which are important to you as professional travellers: cultural values, attitudes, beliefs and customs.

You will then have an opportunity to explore your own cultural assumptions, compare the differences in cultural values between your home country and others and consequently, take away tips on how to develop intercultural awareness and become more competent living and working in an international environment.

Topics covered:

What do we mean by ‘culture’. Identifying the different elements of culture.

The importance of communication: an awareness of subtle cultural differences in the way we communicate. Understand how your own style may be perceived by other cultures and get practical clues as to when, how and why you may want to adjust your communication style.

Non-verbal communication: body language, personal space etc.

Doing business across cultures: adapting to differences in management and working styles, business communications and negotiation styles, hierarchy and status, team-building, running a meeting, the perception of time.

Cultural values and attitudes in the workplace: women in business, dress code, etc.

Socialising and building relationships: social customs and etiquette for dining out, entertaining, giving of gifts.

As a result of this webinar you will:

  • Appreciate how the underlying values of other cultures influence behaviour and attitudes at home and work

  • Understand the cultural orientation of international colleagues and partners; what makes them ‘tick’.

  • Be able to apply newly acquired cultural knowledge to minimise potential conflict and work confidently with people from other cultures.

  • Recognize the impact of cultural difference on relationships and find ways to build successful international relationships.

  • Navigate your way safely through the challenges of international cultures with a new, culturally intelligent mindset which will enable you to take full advantage of new experiences.

French-Cuban writer Anais Nin: We don’t see things as they are: we see them as we are. Learn to take off our cultural lens and look at things as others see them

Jackie Black, director and founder of Digital Business Communication, shares her expertise on communicating successfully within multiple cultures and countries to broaden your comfort zone when it comes to international business.

This webinar is will benefit both male and female business travellers.

This is part of the "Your Best Travel Self" 2018 webinar series. Other webinars in this series include: Travel Wellbeing; Dealing with Travel Related Stress, and Beating Jet Lag.

About Jackie Black

Jackie Black is an experienced business trainer with a background in communication, interpersonal and intercultural skills. Over the years, she has worked extensively with global organisations in Europe and further afield in Africa, delivering language and communication workshops for trade unions, government ministries, financial and academic institutions.

With the increasing need for people to be able to work effectively across different time zones and cultures, communication training has changed significantly. Using her insight into the challenges faced by virtual teams, Jackie designs custom training courses to help project teams adapt to this new business environment and establish best practices to ensure a strong team identity, clear communication and well-defined processes resulting in improved performance. Jackie regularly attends webinars, online presentations and video conferences to keep updates with the challenges of virtual communication. Jackie also specialises in courses for communicating via platforms such as Skype for Business and provides tips for engaging online audiences.

Jackie's passion for training stems from a love of meeting diverse groups of people from CEOs of international organisations, to scientists developing new products, from engineers and geologists working in the Norwegian oil fields, to IT experts. She takes away something valuable from every interaction whether it be professional, personal or something cultural.

As an advocate of positive and clear communication, Jackie believes it’s key to the success of all businesses; large or small, local or global and she receives great satisfaction from seeing how the participants of her courses embrace the challenges of virtual communication. Enlightening others on how their own communication style can impact others and what they need to do to be more aligned with the team can make a significant difference to the lives of those Jackie trains.

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