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Natural Wellness Series - Essential Oils

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LaMantia Gallery

127 Main Street

Northport, NY 11768

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Refund Policy

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Brought to you by Northport Village Trustee Mercy Smith & James LaMantia of the LaMantia Gallery


A Natural Wellness Series

Instructor/Facilitator: Dr. Dawn Olsen Figlo

7 pm LaMantia Gallery, Northport NY

Participants may register for the entire series, several specific classes, or an individual class.


12 Session Series: $40 (plus applicable tax/fees) Includes Sample Essential Oil Kit/Handouts

Individual Session: $5 (plus applicable tax/fees) Includes Handouts, You may register for multiple sessions.

Session Descriptions:

1/17-Essential Oils: Nature’s Natural Healing Solution

Transform your health through essential oils! Learn how to effectively incorporate these ancient healing remedies into your daily routine. Come and smell the essence of a rose, feel the tingling sensation of peppermint and taste the refreshing flavor of wild orange while you learn their practical uses.

1/24-Positively Influencing Emotions through Aromatherapy and Mighty Mantras with author, coach, activist Donna Martini

Here is where Psychology meets Chemistry! If you are ready to feel good, join Dr. Dawn as she explains how the sense of smell can influence the limbic system of the brain and impact our emotions. Each participant will receive a color wheel that offers the perfect healing oil to match our full range of emotions. From love and acceptance all the way numbness, fear, and anger. Smell your way into a more beautiful day! Donna will help you transcend negative emotions and thoughts, old belief systems, and physical imbalances through a technique she calls, "Positive Manipulation".

1/31-Make Your Home Safe from Disease-Causing Environmental Toxins and protect your family from EMF's with guest Pediatrician Dr. Palevsky

What dangers lurk in your home that you are not aware of? Have toxins already affected you and your family? Dr. Dawn shares important data and information which identifies environmental toxins in your home and the symptoms and illnesses they might induce. Learn how you can replace household items with safe options, and how to enhance your body’s natural ability to rid itself of the toxins it has been exposed to. In addition, Dr. Palevsky a renowned Board Certified Pediatrician from Northport Wellness will discuss the dangers of Electro Magnetic Frequencies and the future health concerns of 5G to our families.

2/7-How Children Benefit from Essential Oils

Yes, essential oils are safe for your kids! Join Dr. Dawn as she explores the different childhood ailments and issues that can be helped through essential oils. With all the toxins in food and the environment, as well as the electromagnetic frequencies that surround our children’s bodies, the need to support them and their brains is crucial. Learn how these non-toxic and ancient healing remedies support us on a cellular level while they help to alleviate symptoms and promote health.

2/28-Natural Skincare Solutions: Glow from the Inside Out.

Want a refreshed healthy glow? Dr. Dawn says, “Who doesn’t!” Essential oils have been used in beauty regimens for thousands of years. Join her and discover ancient secrets for reducing unwanted lines, scars, dark spots, and wrinkles, as well as natural options for teens with blemishes. Make it easy to commit to fabulous chemical-free solutions for your skin!

3/14-Healing from the Foot Up: Reflexology, AromaTouch of the foot and Earthing

Eastern medical practitioners have known for thousands of years that the foot is the gateway to all the bodies’ organs and systems. The science of Reflexology identifies the foot as the first line of action for diagnosis and healing of ailments and disease. Reflexology and Essential oils can maximize our desired reparative responses. Come and spend time with Dr. Dawn, take off your shoes, and learn ways to help yourself and your family get the most out of your bodies’ most important source of internal wisdom.

3/28 AromaTouch: A Technique of Applying Essential Oils for Nervous System Balance

Join Dr. Dawn and be introduced to this clinical approach of stimulation and balancing of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body. She will teach and demonstrate how to apply eight specific essential oils along certain energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet that induce an uplifting sense of wellbeing.

4/4-Common Foot Problems: Why Ignore when we can Restore!

Your feet are your foundation! Do they hurt? Has your arch collapsed? Are bunions, warts, or athlete’s foot compromising your health and ability to enjoy a full life? Join Dr. Dawn and learn how to identify common foot issues and offer natural solutions and explain how the biomechanics of the foot relates to health and well-being "from the foot up".

4/11- Essential Oils of the Bible with Pastor Eric Olsen: How Our Earth’s Gifts Have Been Used for Centuries

Who says the newest wave of medicine can’t be generated from 460 BC ideology? Join Dr. Dawn and her brother Pastor Eric Olsen as they connect the wisdom of the past with the knowledge of the present through our most glorified book’s references to the healing and spiritual nature of essential oils.

5/2-Natural Remedies for Athletes and Enthusiasts

Performance and recovery are a concern of every team member, trainer, and coach. From yoga and bodybuilding to mountain climbing, swimming and skydiving, every person in motion need support to repair and rejuvenate from the taxing effects that exercise has on their body. Join Dr. Dawn as she details the six specific essential oils that help any active person remain their most active selves.

5/16-Life Stressors: Going from Survival to “Thrival” using Earth’s Natural Gifts

Dr. Dawn shares her stepwise, holistic approach for dissolving emotional conflict and anxiety caused by ordinary or extraordinary life circumstances that have assisted her patients over the past 20 years. She will explain how each step can be paired with a particular essential oil to enhance the process. Emotional blocks and triggers can be addressed and positive behavioral shifts can begin to evolve.

5/30-Your Wellness Journey: How to Walk Daily Towards Peace, Health and Happiness

Join Dr. Dawn as she offers a checklist of wellness habits each of us needs to incorporate into our daily lives for optimal health and wellness. Each participant, through her guidance, will create their own wellness plan of self-care. She will address healthy eating habits, exercise, rest and stress management, reducing toxin exposure and informed self-care with essential oils. Maximize your healing potential, decrease the risk of illness and disease, and limit exposure to environmental threats.

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LaMantia Gallery

127 Main Street

Northport, NY 11768

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Refunds up to 1 day before event

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